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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics February 2020

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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the cult of elsie!

You can’t help but notice that we have a certain theme running through parts of this issue. If you’re of a certain age, ride bikes (we guess you do) and went through puberty in the late 1970s, you’ll recognise our cover star as up there with Debbie Harry in the lust-worthy stakes. Yamaha’s RD350LC and subsequent models/ family members really did change the face of motorcycling forever. It’s why we’ve got a road test of Niall Mackenzie’s Elsie, a feature on the Pro-Am race series, news on the marketplace for LCs, a refreshed version of our most popular Retro Reboot, part five of Jeff Ware’s RZV500R resto, and the introduction of the most racy ‘LC’ ever – Yamaha’s YZR500 grand prix bike. Yes, Niall’s 1991 racer will be restored to its former…

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special bru!

This month we celebrate the Yamaha RD-LC series and a number of its family members, and over the last 40 years we’ve seen that all models are simply a blank canvas for talented specials builders. This one in shot is one of our favourites. It was created by CMM reader Brian Thomson and was inspired by the legendary 7Up-decorated RD350LC created by Nick Daniels back in the 1990s. Being a good Scotsman, for Brian it had to be IRN-BRU – even if he did dally with the idea of doing a Vimto tribute bike… Brian bought this bike for £870 as a non-runner around a decade or so ago and it was pretty much a ‘work in progress’ for more than five years after purchase (we featured it in our March 2017…

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elsie for a tanner?

Now I don’t want to get all ‘jumpers for goal posts’ about these two-stroke Yams, but they’re extremely nostalgic machines for us over 50 years of age. For our younger readers let me explain. When us oldies were growing up we could ride a 250cc motorcycle on L plates, without training, that could pretty much do 100mph from the crate. Then we took one test and could ride any size motorcycle we wanted to on the same day we passed our test. It was bliss! So, you can’t talk about the RD350LC without talking about the RD250LC first. In 1980, Yamaha delivered the RD250LC and a month after its introduction, the RD350LC was a little later down the birth canal due to technical difficulties. I clearly remember buying a motorcycle magazine with…

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book corner

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VHT EPOXY PAINT If you want to get that period OEM Japanese chassis black finish, then this is the business. Degrease and clean the steel then simply spray on – no primer needed, allow to cure overnight, job done! It dries to a gloss black finish that’s not over the top and blends in well with the paints used on many a steel chassis. Chemical, rust and corrosion resistant for our bikes. Even better, the spray nozzle is an anti-clog design, meaning no faffing around with blockages the next time you want to use the paint. Steve Cooper Price £9.99: www.frost.co.uk/ vht-epoxy-allweather-paint-aerosol-312g/ CARBURETTOR JET CLEANERS Folk say you should never poke anything down a carb jet, but I’m guessing they’ve never worked on old bikes! This brush and needle set has proved its worth…