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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics May 2020

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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please, stay safe, above all…

It’s amazing what can happen in just four, short weeks… The last time I sat here and chatted about the joys of the smaller motorcycle, I couldn’t have envisaged that I would sit here now and see us all confined to barracks for the foreseeable. But this is what we must do. Thankfully, we at CMM are ahead of the game and have plenty of tests from 2019’s ‘short’ summer lined up, including this issue’s ride of Niall Mackenzie’s Yamaha RD400. We hope you enjoy it. Of course, we in this hobby/passion also spend some time ‘alone’ so to speak,in our workshops, sheds and garages. So, as well as eye protection and all else, we would suggest you make sure those hands are cleaned regularly! Personally, I buy lots of magazines over the various…

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tony rutter 1941-2020

Tony Rutter, who passed away on March 24, was more than just a seven-time Isle of Man TT winner. The man’s breadth of career – 30 years – and the many different bikes he raced (two-strokes, four-strokes of all capacities) and won on, perhaps makes Tony one of the most underrated riders of his generation. Born in the West Midlands, Tony started racing aged just 20 and was soon heading to the Isle of Man TT in 1965 for the first time. The Island was to be the home of some of his biggest successes, the first coming with a podium alongside Giacomo Agostini in 1972 in the Junior TT. He would snatch his first win on the course a year later in the same class with an average speed of 101.99mph.…

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First introduced in Europe in 1976, Yamaha offered budget transport that was fast for the commuter. These bikes were not the biggest seller in the UK, but its 250cc little brother was a runaway success for learner riders. Back in those heady pre-1983 days anyone aged 17 could ride a 250cc motorcycle on L-plates, but could not carry a passenger. The 250 would gasp to reach 90mph, but the 400 could easily break the 100mph mark. Many youths transferred the 400 motor into the 250 frame and could reach top speeds of over the ton. This upgrade was very cheap and a lot less hassle than fitting K&N filters, ditching the air-box and fitting a set of spannies while throwing in the biggest jets you could ram in your carbs. The…

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cmm stuff

PREMIER HYPER HELMET This is the range-topping Hyper helmet from Premier. Its outer shell is made from an advanced tri-composite fibre and comes in two external sizes for the smallest, lightest possible helmet in each fitment range. Comfort is enhanced with an advanced padding system kit, which allows the wearer to customise the fit to suit their individual head shape, which is nice. The visor is wider than before, Pinlock ready and quick-release. You even get a dark visor when you buy the lid. The Hyper is Bluetooth compatible and has a good ventilation system. The Premier Hyper retails at £269.95 for mono colours, £299.95 for graphics, and the full carbon version is priced at £389.95. www.thekeycollection.co.uk KAWASAKI Z1 T-SHIRT Wear this and people know what bike you like. This Z1 UNIVERSITY OF SPEED est.…

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book corner

TRIUMPH: PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE GREAT BRITISH MARQUE One of the most enduring names in motorcycling, Triumph has, for the most part of its 100-plus years, been a world-class winner. Author James Robinson delves into the recesses of the Mortons photographic archive to find rare images of beautiful Triumph machines from every era of the company’s history right up to the present day. www.mortonsbooks.co.uk COLIN SEELEY: THE MACHINES, THE MAGIC, THE MAN Colin packed so much into his life and this book charts his life in racing and his time as a team manager, manufacturer and charity fund raiser. In recent years, Colin had been a popular figure at classic events for Bonhams. Always full of enthusiasm, he pretty much did it all. Written by James Robinson. www.mortonsbooks.co.uk…

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riding kit worn, tools twirled & tyres turned

SEALEY RECHARGEABLE FLOOR LIGHT This is Sealey’s rechargeable fluorescent floor light (ML18/36), which has 2 x 20W power from the tubes. Now, charging time is 20 hours, the battery is a 6V 4.5Ah unit, weight is just 1.92kg and the operating time: one tube is three hours, two tubes is half that. Overall, this rechargeable lighting unit is very handy for working on a motorcycle’s bits that aren’t in a place where they can get decent light. Totally portable with a pop-out stand at the base to set the light at a workable angle that’s spot on for under-lighting a lower fairing or engine, the unit also has a carry handle that doubles up as a hanging handle, too. Sealey says that you can get three hours on one tube light…