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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics June 2020

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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let’s pull together…

We need to be positive here, don’t we? We know that there will be a time when we can get out and about on our motorcycles and I for one am looking forward to it. Meanwhile we’ve all been indoors doing what we love – fettling and fiddling with older motorcycles. We know this because speaking to those in the trade, sales of tools and parts are going through the roof as classic bikers knuckle down and get on with various projects. Our contributor Ralph Ferrand runs Biker’s Toolbox (www.bikerstoolbox.co.uk) and he says: “We have been uber-busy at Biker’s Toolbox because everyone is in lockdown and has nothing to do other than fettle their toys. We’ve been working stupid hours, seven days a week to complete orders!” If anything, these times show us…

2 min.
red star rising!

MV Agusta began life as an aircraft company when Count Giovanni Agusta commissioned his own aeroplane – the AG.1 – in 1907, four years after the Wright brothers’ first successful flight. From then until the end of the Second World War, Agusta – as the company was known – produced a number of aircraft designs. With restrictions on aircraft building in place at the end of the conflict, Giovanni’s son, Domenico, decided to divert the company’s energies into building motorcycles. In fact, during the war he had even been designing and building a simple motorcycle that was finally unveiled in October 1945 – tellingly it had the letters ‘MV’ on the tank standing for the name of the motorcycle business name of ‘Meccanica Verghera’. By the mid-1950s Agusta was making American Bell…

5 min.
coping with covid-19

The social and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will clearly be seen and felt for decades to come, but we at CMM wanted to get a snapshot of what effect it has had on our hobby and, for some, their livelihoods. At the centre of our industry is the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club. In the UK alone the VJMC (founded back in 1982) has more than 6000 members. With all the various VJMC events now on hold, what’s happened to membership? A spokesman said: “The VJMC has seen a definite and significant increase in membership applications, renewals and lapsed members during the lockdown.” Some positivity then – more members means more enthusiasts to spend money in the industry: but what of business at the core of our hobby? Wemoto are one of…

5 min.

SEALEY STACKABLE FUEL CANS/DRAIN PAN Each of these 3L JC3 Stackable Fuel Cans are fitted with a safety screw lock cap and flexible spout, and are colour-coded: the black for diesel, green for unleaded and red for lead replacement. For space saving, these new Fuel Cans have been designed to be stackable and cost around six quid a piece. Another new product from Sealey is their 12L Plastic Drain Pan (£16.58.) www.sealey.co.uk REX’S SPEED SHOP IGNITION KIT The TY175 Junior electronic ignition kit is a simplified, no-nonsense version of Rex’s Speed Shop’s Clubman and Pro TY 175 kit. The kit is made in the UK and features quality items such as an OEM standard HT coil and NGK plug cap. Set up is simple, too. You can either set the stator in central position…

3 min.

KEIS V106 HEATED VEST “Eeeee…won’t you get electrocuted when it rains?” No mum, I won’t. Mothers, bless ‘em. She still worries about me out there on two wheels, but I can safely say my winter rides were so much more comfortable with this Keis V106 Comfort Heated Vest and when you’re comfortable riding in the depths of winter, you’re safer, too. Although I have to say that Keis do tell you not to use the product if you’re wet… Don’t worry mum, I put it on UNDER my jacket. Now, the basic jacket itself comes with everything you need to run it from the bike’s on-board battery, but mine came with the optional HD controller (£35) and a battery pack (£49) as I didn’t see myself doing long journeys in winter. I found…

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winter raffle winners!

Time for some good news! We would heartily suggest you go in for the National Motorcycle Museum’s various raffles as you can win BIG! In the recent Winter Raffle to win a brand new Triumph Thruxton TFC Ltd Edition 1200cc motorcycle, due to the Covid-19 lockdown the raffle was drawn by racing superstar John ‘Mooneyes’ Cooper at his home at the end of April. The first prize was a new Triumph Thruxton TFC Ltd Edition 1200cc motorcycle won by Andrew Winscom, from Worcestershire. The second prize of a Sealey MC680E electro hydraulic motorcycle lift worth more than £1600 was won by Anne Alexander from Berwick. The third prize, a luxury hotel break and dinner for two at Marco Pierre White, Manor Hotel, Meriden, was won by Paul Thompson from Preston. So now it’s…