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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics December 2017

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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United Kingdom
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show time: it’s the people that make it…

If you missed the Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics show at Stafford, you missed a belter. Beautiful weather, gorgeous bikes and lots to see and do made it the highlight of my year. So many people behind the scenes make the event run as smoothly as it does, and they should be congratulated. But what really makes the show are the people who come to exhibit: all the clubs who turn up every year to show their amazing array of machines. Without them, we wouldn’t have a show. Suzuki GB need a big thank you here too. They spent a lot of money shipping over Barry Sheene’s 1976 and 1977 500cc championship-winning bikes and it was emotional to see and hear them before they return to the Sheene family home in…

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sheene machines

We should salute Suzuki GB for allowing us to see, hear (and smell) Barry Sheene’s legendary 1976 and 1977 500cc GP title winning machines. Suzuki’s Tim Davies and his team secured the bikes to be shipped over (at great expense) from the Sheene family home in Australia to celebrate the 40th anniversaries of Barry’s two world titles. Now – after a busy two show seasons – they will return to Australia. During their time in the UK, Suzuki got ex-Sheene mechanic Martyn Ogborne and legendary classic spanner-man Nigel Everett to restore the 1976 XR14 to working order. Following 600 hours of hard work the bike was ridden by Barry’s son Freddie at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough – scene to many of Sheene’s victories. The bikes have helped heap publicity on Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Programme,…

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bonhams’ barometer

The key advantage of auction sales as a barometer of changing values is the fact that they are public. Private sales are, of course, private, and the ‘how much?’ prices quoted in dealer advertisements are in many cases no guide to the actual selling price. So what did we learn from Bonhams’ October sale at Stafford? That provenance, originality, and condition remain as important as ever, and that interest in certain models and market sectors is growing faster than in others. The latter point is of particular interest to CMM readers, as it is bikes of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s that are showing some of the biggest price increases. And with the cycle of nostalgia getting ever shorter, there have been some significant movements in bikes from the 2000s too. The driving…

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must-have muscle

www.classicmechanics.com www.facebook.com/ClassicMechanics/ www.twitter.com/cmmmag If sit up and beg muscle bikes are your thing then you’ll know how practical a big naked Japanese four-potter can be. Back in the 90s many manufacturers started looking at their past, looking at bikes such as the Z1100R, CB900F and GSX1100 models. Each of the four manufacturers had a dabble at going back to the future and on the whole all of their efforts were decent. Skip forward to 2018 and those retro bikes from the 90s are now fast becoming emerging classics. Kawasaki was the first to see the gap and rustled up the Zephyr range. Hindsight reveals that they were a little too premature with their 550, 750 and 1100 air-cooled retros that were mostly created with parts by going through the skips around the back of the…

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SUZUKI RETRO CLOTHING Suzuki has a long and proud heritage on which to draw when it comes to its large retro clothing range. From T-shirts to jackets, each item focuses on either a classic Suzuki model or the legendary ‘S’ logo itself. Typical prices are £26 for the various T-shirts, £54 for an Isle of Man hoodie and £67 for a retro GSX-R jacket. Available in dealerships or online: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Suzuki-Bikes-UK-Official TW STEEL WATCHES ‘Live life at full throttle’ sayeth the advertising blurb for this watch company, alongside pictures of hipsters riding weird V-twin motorcycles on sand. They also do a Valentino Rossi ‘VR46’ range so they are aiming at we motorcyclists. Some of these watches are pricey but nicey and who doesn’t like a nice timepiece? Maverick pictured is £299 and the Adesso…

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ABBA SUPERBIKE STAND Yes, I know the bike seen in this ’ere picture is a modern bike – but don’t let that fool you, the Abba superbike stand is a very capable bike stand that can accommodate a wide-range of modern classic machines. In the five years I’ve had this one, it’s been the stand of choice for a range of bikes from an Aprilia RSV1000 Mille (1998) a 1996 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD, a Honda CBR900RR FireBlade (1997) a 1995 Yamaha YZF750R and an array of modern motorcycles too. The flexibility lies in the way the two halves of the stand slot into the swingarm pivot point. For around £15-£20 you simply purchase an adaptor kit for the bike you own, meaning that you don’t have to buy brand-new stands, like you often…