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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics December 2018

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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3 min.
two-stroke fever!

It’s funny how certain motorcycles really get under our skin. Or in the case of a two-stroke, under our skin, fingernails and into our lungs: if there’s a sweeter motorcycling smell than a freshly-warmed up two-stroke, I’ve yet to smell it. It’s as good as cut grass… My own two-stroke experiences were limited to a 125cc learner bike (ahhhh the KMX125…) and an RD350 F2, but they left their own indelible mark on me: I always have two fingers hovering over the clutch, for a start. I then got into four-strokes and never looked back, but perhaps I should. People like reader Tim Partington and our own Andy Bolas love their two-strokes. Andy has a large number in his collection and this month we see his rare-ish Yamaha R1-Z. Tim, meanwhile, tells us…

1 min.
grazzi, guzzi!

There is something so special about the Moto Guzzi marque. Founded in 1921 by a pilot and a mechanic from the nascent Italian air force, Moto Guzzi has become the oldest European motorcycle manufacturer in continuous production. Giovanni Ravelli was a friend of the founders who died in a plane crash in 1919 – Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi would remember him by incorporating the Italian Air Corps’ logo on the tank of their machines… Any machine bearing that logo just feels special – from an innovative race machine (thanks to their aeronautical background, they developed and used the first ever motorcycle wind tunnel) through a V8 and to their almost trademark longitudinal-crank, 90º V-twins… The brilliant bit about Guzzi is the wide-variety of machines produced over the (almost) 100 year period: cruisers,…

4 min.
super strokers!

It’s easy to see why there’s been such an explosion in prices within the 250cc two-stroke market; with so many different variations on the same theme there’s something to suit everyone and their budget. Prices have been hotting up recently across the sector but not all 250cc strokers are out of reach, well just not quite yet! The class boils down to those models that were official UK models and those that weren’t. Other than Honda the three main Japanese firms got very competitive, delivering ever more technical bikes to us here in the UK. The 1970s two-stroke two-fifties appeal to different types of owners, so I’m going to focus on the 80s and 90s specimens, like those seen in this ’ere issue of CMM. Entry level bikes start off at around £2000.…

2 min.
andy b’s hints and tips

To get a second opinion on the state of the 250cc market we spoke to our own stroker ace, Andy Bolas. With many 250s in his impressive collection he offers us some food for thought… What 250cc model is on the move? “NSR250 MC28 prices have gone through the roof! They’ve broken the £10,000 barrier. I have been looking for one on and off and the closest that I’ve come to finding a good one was a bike in the trade that I bid £8000 for. I would’ve gone higher but to be spot on it needed the stanchions re-chromed and the bodywork respraying!” Where have all the bargains gone? Are there any cheap options to 250cc stroker ownership? “For my money the R1-Z is the sleeping beauty (see page 38) they are quirky…

3 min.
the latest riding kit, top tools, tyres, retro clothing and more!

ARAI FREDDIE SPENCER REP Arai has just launched a couple of special versions of its RX-7X SP sports helmet – and they are dedicated to three-time world champion Freddie Spencer. There’s also the Arai RX-7X 40th Anniversary lid (in a couple of different colours), celebrating his first American national title back in 1978. They’re not cheap of course, but you’re getting a top quality, race-spec lid, kitted out with the colours of one of America’s most iconic motorcycle racers. www.whyarai.co.uk ALPINESTARS WARHORSE JACKET This is a nice-looking, urban sport riding jacket constructed from premium leather, not horse-hide! It has a removable thermal liner and CE-certified protection on the shoulder and elbows, plus the ability to upgrade with Alpinestars Nucleon chest and back inserts. www.alpinestars.com LASER SOCKET AND BITS SET You’ve got a small fastener that’s…

2 min.
riding kit worn, tools twirled & tyres turned

BELL MOTO-3 ACE CAFE GP 66 HELMET There’s no denying the Bell Moto-3 Ace Cafe GP 66 is a cool looking lid. It looks almost identical to the iconic helmets worn by 1970s scrambling stars – but don’t worry, it’s equipped with the latest and greatest modern materials and technology, to meet European and American safety standards and help keep your noggin safe out on the Tarmac (or dirt). It’s not packed with an abundance of features though – after all, it’s a fairly simple and straightforward design, that’s been tried and tested over the years. Why change a winning formula? The lid is made using a modern lightweight fibreglass composite shell – which comes in three different sizes, allowing you to get the perfect fit. Regarding the fit, I did find it…