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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics March 2018

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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3 min.
are you a mad mod?

Well, we’re not asking if you’re a scooterist or a Quadrophenia fan – we’re more asking if you like your bikes with a bit of modification bolted on to them. It seems to be a theme this month. First we get news that Harris pipes (well, the Harris Works Collection) are coming back and will be available to bolt onto your 80s-90s bike now. It made me go all nostalgic about 70s and 80s bikes with loud pipes with the Harris Performance logo on them… Then – of course – we also have our classic ride, where Steve Cooper rode a stock Z1A and a modded Z1B and we couldn’t stop him gabbling about it. When I think of all the bikes I’ve had, when I was younger I’d have different exhausts…

2 min.
bruce brown: 1937-2017

Bruce Brown – who died aged 80 at the end of 2017 – created, shot, directed and narrated the best motorcycle film ever made – ‘On Any Sunday.’ Bruce Brown was born in San Francisco, California in 1937 and grew up on the beaches, becoming a keen surfer. With an interest in still and motion photography, he made his name in the 1960s with a series of surfing films, the most popular being the 1964 flick ‘The Endless Summer,’ a documentary released in 1966 that followed a group of surfers chasing the best waves in California. It was on a visit to Ascot Park that he first saw motorcycle racing and was immediately in awe of these riders and decided to make a documentary about them. During 1970, Bruce shot more than…

3 min.
rich man, poor man

There are many classic motorcycles in the market for £20,000, but considering where best to place a one-off sum like this opens up a world of choices. The machines I’m going to talk about are either fully restored, or unrestored and in stunning condition and investment grade. I am not talking about machines which are ‘bitsas’ or need work, no matter how pretty they look. Kawasaki Z1 900 As and Bs fit the bill, BUT if you think you’ll get a proper ’72/’73 Z1 for that money you’ve missed the boat. They are out there, but they certainly are not investment grade and that is what will count when they hit six figures and beyond and are heading to China. Honda CB750 K1 onwards are available, but again due diligence is everything,…

3 min.
the new ‘bottom line?’

It wasn’t too long ago that you could find a decent motorcycle that could give you a classic bike fix for a paltry sum: no longer! I'm talking about a roadworthy machine upon which you could jump and ride: a Honda CBR600, Suzuki Bandit and the like. A good solid bike for £1000. Watching eBay for a month revealed that those bikes are still out there in reasonable numbers on the used bike market, but their worth is increasing. Why? New bikes get more expensive year-on-year and the initial response is a slow-down in new bike sales, this then creates a knock on effect further down the chain. Looking at the best sellers from the last 20-odd years allows us to see how prices for older bikes have now started to bounce back. The…

3 min.
the latest riding kit, top tools, tyres, retro clothing and more!

OFFICIAL SUZUKI DIE-CAST MODELS We like these miniature die-cast works of two-wheeled art. First up is our fave: Suzuki’s GSX1100S Katana (part number 99000-79N12-KTN) which is a faithful reproduction of a Suzuki performance legend, perfect in every detail, and this is an OFFICIAL bit of Suzuki merchandise. Also, if you like more modern tackle then how about the die-cast smaller version of the new GSX-R1000RAL7 (part number 99000-79N12-R10)? Simply find the Suzuki GB store on eBay (link below) and type in ‘die-cast’ in the search box. www.stores.ebay.co.uk/Suzuki-Bikes-UK-Official RATCHET CRIMPING TOOL This ratchet crimping tool (part number 7002) from Laser Tools and the Assorted Automotive Electric Supaseal Connector kit from Connect Consumables (part number 37225) is right up our alley! The tool is designed specifically for the Supaseal type connectors; it is supplied with two…

3 min.
riding kit worn, tools twirled & tyres turned

RST PARAGON II SUIT Used in 2010 and every year since, this RST Paragon II suit has been brilliant. It has a waterproof, breathable membrane and detachable ‘Contour’ plus CE-approved armour and a back protector. The thermal lining in both trousers and jacket are zip-outable and there’s also a face-mask which can be zipped off the collar of the jacket. A storm flap and waterproof zip keeps the rain at bay: in summer I’ve found the zip intake and exhaust vents work well. For a big chap who yo-yos weight-wise depending on gym/McDonalds visits, the adjustable waistband is good, as are the torso adjusters to stop you flapping around at speed. You’ve also got plenty of pockets. You’ll see in the action shot that I wear different (but also RST) trousers. The…