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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics November 2017

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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what goes around, comes around…

It is strange when the rolling time-scale of classics move forward. When I first happened upon CMM, it was around 2005. I was 34 and I think I recall a Kawasaki Z650 on the cover. Even just a year later, CMM had a FireBlade on the cover, which at the time was just 14 years old. That was 2006 and yet when my predecessor, Ben Wilkins, called me he asked me to do something on the Blade in 2011 as a freelancer, it was still just shy of 20 years of age. Many asked if the FireBlade was ready to be called a classic. Now the FireBlade or Fireblade, from 2004 on) is 25 years old. That’s significant. Those 1990s machines are deserving of the title of classics. Like the Yamaha YZF750R I…

2 min.
ángel nieto 1947-2017

Ángel Nieto Roldán was one of the greatest ever motorcycle racers and sadly died following an accident while riding his quad bike near his home in Ibiza in August. Famed for his skills on the tricky and finicky smaller capacity race machines, Nieto took a total of 90 Grand Prix wins and the superstitious Spaniard famously said that the number of his world titles wasn’t 13 but ‘12+1’. All told, he took six 50cc title wins and seven 125cc titles, including a championship ‘double’ in 1972. His career spanned more than two decades, from 1964 to 1986. At the start Nieto’s successes made him the darling of the fascist Franco government. Legend has it that Nieto once shocked the Franco regime into paying him a subsidy to race abroad when he made…

3 min.
bursting bubble?

I’m often asked what is driving prices at the moment and it tends to be demographics, the cost of restoration and availability. There are other pressures, but for now let’s just focus on these ones, for the sake of clarity. We all remember, in the not too distant past at all, when Ducati 916/996 SPs and Honda CBX1000s in immaculate condition could be picked up for around £5000. Oh for a time machine. But why are these prices rising so rapidly and will they continue to do so? Quite simply it’s about the huge number of people desiring such machines and so few of them available. In the UK alone during the 1970s we were selling about 350,000 new motorcycles a year until 1983. What is clear is that there are…

3 min.
the next ‘big thing’?

We’d all like to know what the next big thing is within the classic motorcycle marketplace; with so many sectors having sailed into the sunset regarding prices, I want to sniff out what the next boat is before we miss it. So what about the 1990s 750? It was the backbone of every manufacturer’s range, it was also the capacity for top-level production racing such as World Superbike. Only Suzuki stayed loyal to the 750 class though. Thirty years after they tooled up to create the GSX-R750F you can still buy a new GSX-R750 if you want, but one by one the other Japanese firms have given up on the three-quarter litre sporty option. Prices for certain 1990s 750s have already received a shot in the arm: the Yamaha YZF750 leads the…

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HONDA RETRO CLOTHING Everyone is fully on board the retro bandwagon so it’s good to see Honda playing on their rich history with their current range of retro clothing. From T-shirts to hoodies, each carries the classic Honda wing logo or harks back to the days (and bikes) of yore. Typical prices are £19.99 for a T-Shirt and £49.99 for a branded hoodie. www.honda.co.uk NITRILE GLOVES A staple of any workshop, garage or shed, a box of disposable work gloves is invaluable. These man-made synthetic rubber gloves are robust and resistant to punctures, tears and chemicals. They are a snug fit, but come in medium and large sizes and are latex and powder free! www.oxfordproducts.com BRIDGESTONE BT-45 Bridgestone’s most excellent BT-45 is a fantastic tyre for your modern classic. Available in a wide variety of…

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SHARK S700-S This Johann Zarco replica thermoplastic helmet has just been retired by me after five years of good service. As my day-to-day lid for most of that time there have been many features I’ve loved including the overall comfort, the integral sun-visor and the look of the lid. Negative points are the seat-belt/ ratchet fastening (I just prefer the security of the double-D ring) and a propensity for the visor to rise when doing a shoulder-check/life-saver. I asked Shark and they said it could be me not fitting the visor properly, but in five years of use and much visor-swapping the issue remained. Not a major annoyance, so I will give the lid 6.7 out of 10. Now discontinued, the lid was a fairly budget item priced at £160, but now…