Classic Truck Performance

Volume 3, Issue 17 - January 2022

Classic Truck Performance is dedicated to '40s-'90s American-made haulers. CTP features include the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products and special features.

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still hammerin+ibk-editor+ibk-s letter

So, the somewhat age-old saying “Been there, done that” only half applies to my reporting on the 2021 SEMA Show as promised last month. Yes, I’ve been there, but by no means have I done that in the manner in which SEMA ultimately went down, after all the speculation and whatnot. Was it what I had expected? No. In the overall spectrum, about the only thing evident that I’d anticipated was the lack of certain exhibitors—otherwise, the show was nothing like I’d imagined … and that’s a good thing. For starters, that void created by those aforementioned non-participating exhibitors was filled quite cleverly by SEMA with areas in which the participating exhibitors and attendees could sit down, take a load off, and have a bite to eat! Furthermore, that void also created…

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parts department

1. ADVANCE DESIGN CUSTOM BILLET ALUMINUM GRILLE Are you in the market to stand out from the thousands of ’47-53 Chevy trucks you see at shows across the United States? Chevs of the 40’s has just what you need: a polished aluminum billet grille made in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Owner Ron Wade wanted to have something unique and set himself apart from the crowd while building a Chevy Suburban and came up with the idea of a custom billet grille. With the help of a local fab shop his vision became a reality. Topping it off, the grille lettering mounts in several locations to give your truck that perfect, custom look. If you want to have one of the baddest-looking Advance Design haulers at the show, give Chevs…

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1955 chevy second series cameo

Bob Garwood’s Cutting-Edge Cameo For 20-plus years Texan Bob Garwood spent much of his behind-the-wheel time piloting a Super Late Model race car. However, by 2006, for “therapy and cost savings,” he opted to devote that seat time behind the wheel to hot rods, and has done so ever since. Bob began his “off-track” adventure with a ’65 Buick Riviera he’d commissioned Mike Goldman Customs (Mike, Sherry, and Talbert Goldman) in Meridian, Mississippi, to build for him. It was because of the high level of craftsmanship and performance achieved that when it came time to embark on his ’55 Cameo project he’d acquired in 2012, well, the decision was already made as far as who would be responsible. The first thing Mike Goldman Customs did back in 2018 was to order up a…

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1967 f+ac0-100 overdrive swap

If the sacrilegious marrying of the GM 200-4R behind the 360 FE in our ’67 F-100 last month didn’t scare (piss) you off, welcome back for the install wrapup! We left a couple important items unattended to, namely the manner in which to operate the freshly implanted overdrive transmission, but also the manner in which to accommodate said OD’s kickdown (TV cable) in relation to the throttle actuation. While a brand-new automatic shifter–equipped column for the ’67-and-up F-100s is in the works at Classic Performance Products (CPP), we wanted to utilize the existing manual trans column using CPP’s “universal” automatic shift linkage arm kit so that we could enjoy the fruit of the overdrive labor in the meantime. The slight downside to this method of making do is not having the…

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1956 ford f+ac0-100

Ten years ago, maybe more, you couldn’t name a cable TV show related to cars or motorcycles that I wasn’t familiar with. Today, well, it’s pretty much the opposite. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not because there isn’t anything good on cable TV these days … there’s just a lot of garbage to sort through in the current lineup of programs, so I typically don’t bother. That said, one show currently being filmed/televised that is worthy of viewing amongst all the aforementioned waste of airtime is Martin Bros. Customs’ Iron Resurrection, which is now in its fifth season airing on the MotorTrend network. Now based out of the Austin, Texas, area (Johnson City to be exact), the Martin Bros. were an established name long before they were “discovered” on TV…

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solace for wiring woes

Wiring a classic truck can be a daunting undertaking at first blush, but it doesn’t have to be. Anyone with a bit of common sense when it comes to automotive electrical systems can successfully run a bit of cable and get that hauler fired up properly. With a wiring harness kit like American Autowire’s Power Plus 20 on hand, a bit of careful study of the various included diagrams, and further inspection of the actual harness can provide a lot of insight to even the biggest luddite when it comes to the routing and wiring of a basic automotive system. Equipped with a cheap crimper and a set of wire cutters, a guy can be pretty well on his way to providing power to the various accessories, but there are a…