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Classic Truck Performance Volume 2, Issue 3 March 2021

Classic Truck Performance is dedicated to '40s-'90s American-made haulers. CTP features include the latest in custom builds, technical articles, new products and special features.

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behind the scenes:premier street rod’s all-new, all-inclusive prototype 1967-1972 c10 cab!

Without a bed, a classic truck isn’t really much of a truck … but without a cab, a classic truck isn’t really much of anything! When it comes to both the Advance Design (1947-1953) and Task Force (1955 Second Series through 1959) Chevrolet 1/2-ton pickups, you can literally build one from scratch using all-new sheetmetal. In conjunction with LMC Truck, Premier Street Rod has done all the hard work already … including the licensing! Now, Premier’s in the process of adding the 1967-1972 C10 cab to their line of reproduction/restoration truck cabs. Once again brought to you by the fine folks at LMC Truck, Premier Street Rod will soon be offering the second-generation 1967-1972 Chevy/GMC cab in both big- and small-window variations, big- and low-hump, A/C and non-A/C—all custom built to order.…

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open container

Some kids never grow up. The ones who do are quite likely to outgrow their toys. As time ticks by, those grownups might forget about an old toy’s fun factor—and with that the need for such fun just diminishes. In Riverside, California, back in the middle of the ’70s, my own favorite uncle, Gary Bauman, began collecting 1956 F-100s. In those days, tired Effies were plentiful, and plenty affordable, too. To the best of my personal recollection, the first acquisition was a rolling hulk, less engine and trans but decent enough to build. As the collection of parts trucks grew, the best bits found their way to the project truck. Since Uncle Gary worked as the “hard parts” counterman at the old family business, Bauman’s Auto Wrecking, parts possibilities were pert near…

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homebuilt hauler

In the early days of hot rodding, if you wanted something new you had to build it yourself. Today, we have many vendors providing all manner of well-engineered products, and many shops specializing in builds to fit every budget. However, there will always be a place for good old-fashioned hot rodder ingenuity—especially for Sal Seeno. Working out of his small home shop in Castroville, California, Sal builds hot rods that win awards. During the week he can be found at his job as the equipment manager of a golf course in nearby Monterey. He and his wife, Susan, an office manager, have called Castroville, a small farm town known as the “Artichoke Center of the World,” home for many years. Sal had always wanted a 1947-1953 Chevy 3100 Series Advance Design pickup.…

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frontal rehab

When initially purchased, our 1969 C10 seemed, for all intents and purposes, as if all it needed to become roadworthy was tightening up a few nuts and bolts here and there. Well, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Upon attempting to tighten said nuts and bolts, we discovered a myriad (plethora, abundance, multitude—you pick your adjective!) of problematic issues: from severely compromised motor mounts (trimmed beyond reason for header clearance) to an airbag-equipped/hacked OE suspension that we’d planned on converting to a static-drop coilover configuration from the onset. While we’ve already addressed the rear accordingly with the Strange Engineering bolt-in 9-inch and Classic Performance Products (CPP) Totally Tubular trailing arm setup, the frontend had us puzzled, with the wheels being 2 inches further back in the wheelwell than they…

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non-ubiquitous unibody

For those who know, the infamous Unibody Ford F-100 is quite the hot commodity—equally as much for its unique integrated body styling as it is for its rare breed aspect. A unicorn of sorts, as owner and co-builder Michael Porter admits, when he first stumbled across his 1961 edition he was embarrassed to admit he had no idea what a Unibody was prior to that! After spotting this particular gem on Craigslist, and after some Internet research, Michael and his son, Riley, wasted no time acquiring their forthcoming father-and-son project. Together, the Porters embarked on their five-year project by completely tearing the truck down to its bare frame in preparation for a full suspension and drivetrain upgrade. First order of business was to swap out the twin I-beams and parallel leaves for…

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the ford gene

Though we all like to think we drum to our own beat, we normally do things based on family tradition. Growing up around certain lifestyles definitely has its influences on our lives. It’s funny that sometimes we try to break away but, in the end, we gravitate back to what we know. It gives us a sense of comfort to know that our parents would approve of our accomplishments. One of the biggest influences that shapes the way we do things is what our parents drove. For many of us, we grew up around family members who had grease under their fingernails and gasoline in their veins. Car culture is more than just the physical vehicles and the thousands of parts that they are made of. This movement is backed by…