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Issue 28

Australia's number 1 publisher of Art magazines has created the best Art magazine. This magazine brings the best of all types of art and explores the whole of the art world. Meet inspiring artists using all forms of mediums including drawing. Also each issue we will meet an amazing photographer who will provide a workshop so you can take great photos to enhance your art work. With regular features on how to set up the perfect studio and road test products. We will also visit galleries from all over the world and local exhibitions and art fairs.

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7 min.
a busy life

From a space in her home overlooking a significant wetland system filled with waterbirds, at the headwaters of the Coldstream River, NSW, artist Kathleen photographs, paints, illustrates and writes. She has built up a catalogue of completed works and reference material from her current home, her travels and from previous places she has lived and worked, as she studies the environment around her. Kathleen first exhibited some of her artwork at agricultural shows while still in primary school. In later years her illustrations, paintings, photographs and writing have found homes in many public and government publications, park signs, private collections and more. “I’ve always painted, collected specimens to study, and written about these things. Photography followed soon after and with digital cameras that has become even easier. “I’ve worked with NSW National Parks…

3 min.
spectacular summer sunrise

MATERIALS • Clean lint-free cloth • Primed stretched canvas • Paints – Prussian Blue – Carmine – Titanium White – Cadmium Yellow Light Hue – Vermillion – Lemon Yellow – Black – Cadmium Orange • Brushes – 000 – No 4 – No 10 Step One Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular expressions of nature, but they can disappear so quickly. So, to capture them in all their glory I wait and watch with my trusty DSLR Nikons on hand to capture the changing spectacle, whether frosty morning or smoky, heat hazed evening. Taking care not to aim straight into a bright sun, I use both the telephoto and the wide angle to capture particular images to choose from. The telephoto allows me to get up closer to cloud structures, particular places in the landscape etc. It also changes the finished photo as more light is let in,…

4 min.
maitland regional art gallery

Steeped in history, the Federation Gothic building housing Maitland Regional Art Gallery (MRAG) in the lower Hunter Valley of NSW is an awe-inspiring example of early 1900s architecture. Officially opened in 1910, it was constructed to house the Maitland Technical College, which it continued to do until 1987. Technical education experienced many changes during this life of the building, and only two years later the building behind the Gallery was added to provide more class space. If you look closely at the brickwork of the two buildings, it is clear that they were to be eventually joined by a walkway. The main building at the front of the site which now houses the Gallery is not only vitally important because of its role in technical education; architecturally, it is one of…

4 min.
the wildlife realist

I began my journey to painting in 1987 at a Council of Adult Education watercolour course. At that stage I had no idea what I wanted to paint, but felt that being able to create a painting would be a great creative outlet. I had this misguided idea that watercolour would be easy. Wrong! While on the course, I also learnt about gouache, or opaque watercolour, as opposed to transparent watercolour. That was a medium that I had never heard of. I tried various subjects, mainly landscapes, but eventually settled on wildlife, as I have always loved birds and animals and felt I could be more passionate about these subjects. Wildlife presented a problem in that you have to seek it out. Unlike a landscape, which sits and waits for…

7 min.
the red capped robin

Materials List • Paper: – Fabriano 600gm hot press paper – White Saral Transfer paper – Black carbon paper • Brushes: – NAM 12 Red Filbert – 70mm hake (Francheville #6) – Holbein two inch and one inch goat’s hair hakes – Windsor and Newton Series 7 #2 brush – Roymac 3550 Golden Sable 00 brush • Holbein Watercolour Paints: – Neutral Tint and Sepia • Art Spectrum Gouache: – White – Black – Vermillion – Burnt Umber – Burnt Sienna – Primrose Yellow – Middle Green – Naples Yellow – Sky Blue Before any painting is commenced, a number of decisions have to be made. The first for me is the subject. I have thousands of photographs of wildlife (mostly but not exclusively birds) and a decision needs to be made on what species of animal, insect, or bird will be the subject of my new painting. The second decision will be…

6 min.
some form of addiction . . .

I first began painting in the early 1970s – a great time for emerging artists. I had just returned to Australia after spending 10 years of my youth in England with my mother and stepfather. I had a baby and young child, and was looking for some form of work that could be done from home. So when I was reunited with my natural father after my 10 year absence it was fascinating to find that he had become a professional artist and was making a good living out of his art. He was very well known in the ‘70s – ‘80s, and living a rather exotic lifestyle on his boat, moored in Sydney harbour. Coincidentally, at around the same time, I met a young woman who was also painting and…