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Cross Stitch Gold August 2016

Cross Stitch Gold is the ultimate collection of cross stitch designs for experienced stitchers. With eight inspirational projects from the world’s best designers in every issue, you’ll be spoiled for choice of glorious gifts for friends and family.

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We’re gearing up for autumn here in the Cross Stitch Gold office! We love that time of year when the air is a little crisper, the fire starts to crackle with life and the leaves are satisfyingly crunchy! And we love the colours the changing seasons bring about too, so with this in mind, we have an issue packed with autumnal-rich shades for you this month. Over on page 38, we have a beautiful autumn sampler from The Historical Sample Company, Poppy Benner’s folk-inspired Home Sweet Home design (p20), and of course, if you head to page 44, we have our adorable cover star, Carol Thorton’s nut-foraging squirrel. He’s a cutie sure to warm any cold night! You can also recreate a chic French feel with Felicity Hall’s Paris Fashion sampler…

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ballroom sparkle

Meet the designer Lesley Teare Lesley lives and works in rural Suffolk. She designs for many of the best cross stitch magazines, as well as for cross stitch books For my latest Gold design, I have recreated a beautiful moment in the classic foxtrot – one of my favourite dances to watch. I love how gracefully a pair of professional dancers can glide across the ballroom floor, making it look so effortless, and I wanted to capture that elegance in stitches. There’s plenty of ballroom glitz and glamour in this scene, provided by metallic silver thread as well as pewter seed beads, which really come into their own on the silver flowers cascading down the side of the lady’s ballgown. Finish off your stitching with a mount and frame like we’ve done here…

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lesley teare’s designer secrets

Swish and sway The movement of the dancers is obviously one of the important things I wanted to convey in this design. The main area where I’ve done this is in the lady s dress, which uses a range of pretty coral shades and some careful backstitch to create the layered folds of her skirt. I’m really pleased with the effect – it looks as if shes about to be swept away! A bit of bling I’m a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing, and one of my favourite parts of the show is seeing the costumes and hairstyles. I really admire the costume designers and all the beadwork that goes into each dress, so I couldn’t resist introducing some bling of my own to this design. Pewter beads add sparkle to the…

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have your say

Love my cushion! I just wanted to say thank you to Cross Stitch Gold for this gorgeous ‘love’ design! It’s actually something you featured last year, but was my first project on evenweave – and it now takes pride of place in our bedroom! I spent a while looking for the right fabric to turn the project into a cushion, but it was worth the wait. I also made four heart-shaped pillows featured in the same issue, which I threaded together and hung above our bed. Together, they all make our bedroom really homely! Stephanie Allen, Bristol Zeena: Your cushion looks fantastic, Stephanie –you’ve done a brilliant job! You are gold! While recovering from an operation recently, I found myself getting increasingly bored. So my youngest son, who drops by for lunch every day,…

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gold star letter

Flower girl Today I finished my latest project – this sweet Maria Diaz design – and I’m so pleased! It was a lovely piece to stitch and the backstitch really helped to make it pop. I loved stitching it so much that it didn’t take long at all to do – I’d finished it in under a week! I will give it pride of place in my craft room to brighten the place up a bit. I think it would be great if Maria Diaz did a range of girls for each season. Maria is one of my favourite designers and I love stitching her designs. Emma Wright, Devon Zeena: It’s really pretty, Emma! And what a sweet idea – a series to suit each season. Maria, take note!…

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bold and beautiful

Meet the designer Rosiland Solomon Award-winning artist and illustrator Rosiland Solomon has spent most of her adult life as a commercial painter From cockerels to cardinals, I’ve painted so many different kinds of birds – I just love to capture their beauty, whether they’re in flight, on the water or seated on a fence post! The original painting on which this design is based, is one of four designs in my ‘Peacock Garden’ collection. There’s a great sense of depth to the painting and this has translated well into stitches. I love how half cross stitch and one-stranded cross stitch have been used in the background, bringing the rich detail of the foreground into focus. With his striking feathers of emerald and electric blue, I think the peacock himself will be the most…