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Cross Stitch Gold February 2016

Cross Stitch Gold is the ultimate collection of cross stitch designs for experienced stitchers. With eight inspirational projects from the world’s best designers in every issue, you’ll be spoiled for choice of glorious gifts for friends and family.

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“This will be a lovely design to hang in the bedroom and wake up to each morning, bringing a welcome burst of sunshine!”Sarah Trevor, Editor Meet the designer Durene Jones Durene lives in Durham and is a regular contributor to Cross Stitch Gold and our sister magazines. She loves to design in shades of green and purple There’s nothing like a cheery springtime project to put you in a happy mood. This season is a time of renewal and optimism, and has inspired many a poem or work of art. This lively springtime hanging is just the way to lift your mood and give your home a new lease of life. I’ve chosen a canvas of sky blue linen, which provides an instant background. It’s also easier to work neat fractional stitches on evenweave,…

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Photo stitch I started cross stitching over 22 years ago and at the time, I really couldn’t tell one end of a needle from the other! Since then I have made many pictures and cards, and developed my amateur love of photography to create my own large projects. I love cross stitching – I don’t know what I’d do without it! Here is a piece I finished recently. The image was taken at Crowhurst in East Sussex, when surprisingly it snowed one April and, as the sun set, the snow turned a gorgeous warm pink. Rachel Gallehawk, Basildon S Sarah: You’ve been able to combine your hobbies beautifully here, Rachel. What a stunning way to capture the English countryside in winter. Feathered friend I thought I would share my recently completed robin scene, which is…

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tea on the terrace

Meet the designer Faye Whittaker Faye was brought up in the coastal town of Southport, whose Edwardian character was to prove a lasting influence on her work as an artist I love to let my mind wander as I’m painting, and I certainly did with this piece of two Edwardian ladies enjoying afternoon tea – imagining myself nibbling away on miniature sandwiches and artisan cakes, and delighting in chit chat! My design is quite complex, with a large palette, a range of stitches and different numbers of strands, so even experienced stitchers will need to keep their wits about them. The fabric is completely covered, too, so try to keep your work neat at the back, to avoid the tangles that can often occur with densely stitched designs. Find out more about me and…

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faye whittaker’s designer secrets

Mark and go With a complex design like this it can be hard to keep your place on the chart. Use every tool at your disposal – magnetic chart markers and Post-it notes as chart markers can help. Alternatively, try shading a photocopied chart with markers as you stitch, or sewing a 10x10 square red grid on your fabric before stitching. Real-world thinking I daydreamed a lot while creating this project for you. If you do the same while stitching it, be sure to take regular breaks from your imaginings to ensure you’re using the right thread shade (there are lots of colour changes required), as well as to check that you’re working the right stitch and using the correct number of strands!…

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shopper’s guide

Mum in a million Show how much you care on Mother’s Day and beyond, with these charming ribbons featuring a range of sentiments! Choose from ‘Hope you like it’, ‘For your special day’, and ‘Mum in a million’, each measuring 1.5cm (½in) wide and available in various colours. The design is soft and simple, so they’ll tie in with most projects – try adding a personal touch to stitched greeting cards, or making a loop for a hanging ornament. Priced at 70p per metre, these pretty ribbons are available from all good craft shops. Call 01453 883581 or visit www.berisfords-ribbons.co.ukfor stockists Just for you Gift this sweet and simple design to a special friend, and they’ll always thank you for it! The warm thread colours are a perfect match for the kind sentiment, while…

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the lion’s share

About the design What a sight to behold – a lion and his cub resting on the rolling sub-Saharan grasslands, conserving energy for their nighttime prowl. The sky is alive with colour as the hot African sun sinks towards the horizon, striking a sharp contrast against the shaded mane of the lion. Meanwhile, the giraffes in the background are feasting on the uppermost leaves of the trees, a safe enough distance from the lions who will soon venture further afield, looking for food. This striking design is brought to you exclusively by Anchor, and is heavily stitched in a vast palette – burnt oranges and rust reds for the sky, grey and stone for the shadowy lions, chestnut browns and straw for the grassy foreground. You’ll use a variety of stitches…