Cross Stitch Gold Issue 122

Cross Stitch Gold is the ultimate collection of cross stitch designs for experienced stitchers. With eight inspirational projects from the world’s best designers in every issue, you’ll be spoiled for choice of glorious gifts for friends and family.

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eastern charm

Meet the designer Lesley Teare Lesley is an experienced and talented cross stitch designer who lives and works in Suffolk Oriental-style designs are always popular with cross stitchers, and I loved creating this one for Cross Stitch Gold . It can be difficult to work on dark fabrics like the black evenweave I’ve chosen here, but the results really speak for themselves. The thread colours stand out beautifully from the background, especially the lavish gold metallic threads, which are typical of Eastern designs. I’ve used metallic thread to work the golden pagoda in cross stitch, as well as for some of the backstitch and French knots. Metallics are a little more difficult to work with than stranded cotton threads, so this project offers a wonderful challenge, even for the most seasoned stitchers among…

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lesley teare’s designer secrets

Top tips When you’re stitching on dark fabrics, it pays to get all the advice you can, to make the process more enjoyable. My best tips are to work with a light-coloured pillowcase on your lap, to help you see the holes in the fabric more easily, and to stitch in natural light wherever possible. You’ll find yet more helpful ideas at Pure paradise Doing the research for this design was such an enjoyable process. Poring over books on Japanese architecture and history is my idea of heaven – I could never get bored of creating designs inspired by The Orient!…

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have your say

Top stitching tips In a previous issue, a new stitcher asked your experts about using a working copy of the chart. She was told to use a pen to cross out the stitches as completed. I’d also like to offer additional advice. I always use a water-soluble pen, as at some point you will drop it on your fabric! A highlighter or other clear pen is ideal, so that if you have to unpick and stitch again, you can still see the symbols. I also use a light colour such as yellow or pink, then use a slightly darker colour when re-stitching that area. Thanks again for the excellent magazine. Donna Voyce, California Sarah: Thanks, Donna, for your excellent stitching tips! Bon voyage I’d been looking for something special to stitch for my granddaughter, Lara,…

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man’s best friend

Meet the designer Jenny Barton Jenny studied graphic design at university before becoming a needlework designer for DMC, and later a freelance designer The golden retriever is gentle with a friendly temperament, playful yet easy to train – just some of the many reasons they make such popular pets. Chances are you or a loved one owns one of these gorgeous dogs, or perhaps you just admire them when you see them out and about. Whatever your reason for stitching, I’m sure you’ll enjoy bringing this one to life in whole cross stitches and backstitch only. How could you say no to him? I’ve worked my portrait on 28-count evenweave as the texture is quite similar to that of a canvas – aida just wouldn’t look right. I’m so happy with the finished…

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jenny barton’s designer secrets

Blank canvas I love presenting cross stitched projects on canvas. It works well with bold designs like this, and also goes with any style of décor. Plus it takes the challenge out of choosing the right frame! Light and shade Creating this portrait was a real labour of love. It took such a long time to get the shading of the fur just right, as well as the dog’s features – especially those pleading eyes. It was well worth it though, as the design looks so realistic – as anyone who has been ‘convinced’ to walk the dog (by the dog) will testify!…

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shopper’s guide

A taste of the East Feast your eyes on these oriental-inspired kits, designed by Lesley Teare for DMC, with a bold palette and a beautiful sense of calm. We love the flowing curls of Lesley’s Geisha (BK1564, £20.99) and the close-up blooms in her Oriental Landscape (BK1562, £28.49), while Peacocks (BK1565, £28.99) and Oriental Birdcage (BK1563, £26.99) depict some of the prettiest birds. Each design is stitched on 14-count white aida using DMC stranded cottons, plus DMC Light Effects threads for a touch of Eastern splendour. Visit call 0116 2754000 to find your nearest stockist Cool for cats Celebrate the warm weather with this adorable new design by Vanessa Wells, featuring two cute felines with their own take on summer refreshments! Mice Creams (CL155) is stitched on 14-count ice blue aida and is…