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Cross Stitch Gold June 2016

Cross Stitch Gold is the ultimate collection of cross stitch designs for experienced stitchers. With eight inspirational projects from the world’s best designers in every issue, you’ll be spoiled for choice of glorious gifts for friends and family.

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We’re in a floral mood here in the Cross Stitch Gold office! We love celebrating this time of year when the garden is packed with life and colour, so this issue, we’re in full bloom with floral-rich designs to bring some sunshine to your stitching. We have Angela Poole’s sweet vase of sunflowers over on page 12, Kate Knight’s cute, flower-trimmed bird cushion on page 52, a picturesque garden scene in Joanne Aston’s country cottage design (p28) and of course, we have our beautiful cover star, Lesley Teare’s Victorian lady sporting a rose-laden hat (p4). She brings an elegant touch to any home, particularly framed and adorning a dresser. You can also recreate lovely seaside memories with Durene Jones’ beach sampler (p38) or perhaps stitch Lucie Heaton’s adorable dinosaur picture, perfect…

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victorian beauty

Meet the designer Lesley Teare Lesley is a respected and talented cross stitch designer who lives and works in Suffolk I love to imagine who this lady is, and what she might be thinking as she pauses to gently inhale the scent of a freshly picked rose. Well-to-do Victorian ladies would have had no real reason to dress so smartly, as this kind of formal attire was commonplace, although the exquisite hat does suggest more of a special occasion – a birthday garden party or a romantic stroll, perhaps. It was lovely to be able to incorporate so many flowers into this portrait. Pale pink roses always suggest grace and elegance, and were very popular with the Victorians, being used to decorate everything from greetings cards to wallpaper. They were the perfect choice…

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lesley teare’s designer secrets

Less is more I have been quite conservative with the backstitch in this design as I felt it didn’t need too much, especially the flowers. The lady needed some definition in her features, but the lace glove and bodice are where I used most of the backstitch. Remember to check the key carefully, as the white backstitch uses two strands for better coverage. Lady of leisure Unlike working-class women of the Victorian era, this lady would have enjoyed a very wealthy lifestyle, filled with traditional pastimes such as embroidery, reading, music and taking tea. Dressing the part was also very important – throughout the 19th century, clothing became more and more lavish until it was covered with lace and beading.…

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have your say

Fanciful flapper When I retired three years ago, I took up cross stitching, which I now absolutely love. I find it so relaxing. This is a photo of my latest project from issue 125 of Cross Stitch Gold – I’m really pleased with it! I am now planning to stitch the elegant geisha, also by Lesley Teare, from Cross Stitch Gold’ 128 issue. I can’t wait! love the fact that these designs fit a standard size frame, which I can purchase from a local store. Keep up the good work. Janet Wood, Poole, Dorset Zeena : This is fantastic, Janet –we love it! Please keep us updated with the geisha, which I’m sure will turn out beautifully. Going for Gold! I am an avid cross stitcher and when my youngest son moved into his…

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gold star letter

Feeling twitchy! I wanted to show you my latest project – the sweet little robin by Anchor from issue 123 of Gold. I wonder though, if my cat Marvin thinks he’s real! Whenever I try and find a home for my lovely project, he follows it everywhere! I have to stop him from sticking a paw on the stitching! It’s so cute to see, I had to share it with you. Marvin is such a character and can really make my day. I also wanted to say that as a keen bird watcher, I love that Cross Stitch Gold regularly features them as projects. Please include more! Annette Baker, London Zeena: We love birds too Annette, and have lots more coming up for you. Stay tuned!…

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summer in bloom

Meet the designer Angela Poole As well as designing in cross stitch, Angela is Commissioning Editor of Papercraft Inspirations magazine. She has a degree in Textiles and Surface Pattern Sunflowers are such striking and beautiful flowers, whether they’re blossoming in the garden or displayed in a vase. I remember having a lot of sunflower-growing competitions with my sisters as a child – and harvesting the seeds was almost as much fun as growing them! I wanted to design a picture that really captured the beauty of these flowers all year round, to bring some sunshine into your home. I love the colour combination of yellow and blue, so I’ve added a blue jug and I’ve also included delphiniums in the design. The large, bold sunflowers are a lovely contrast to the delicate delphiniums. You…