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Cross Stitch Gold March 2016

Cross Stitch Gold is the ultimate collection of cross stitch designs for experienced stitchers. With eight inspirational projects from the world’s best designers in every issue, you’ll be spoiled for choice of glorious gifts for friends and family.

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If you’re anything like me, nothing gives you more pleasure than giving your lovingly stitched pieces away to your nearest and dearest, and in this issue we have plenty of gorgeous gift ideas to inspire you this spring. Turn to page 20 now to find Nia Rhind’s stunning wedding sampler, guaranteed to delight a special couple, while the elegant lace cards with pretty roses and feminine accessories (p60) will be perfect to say thank you, happy birthday, or just to show you care. The honeysuckle cushion on page 12 will be a truly enthralling project to work your needle through, and if you’d like to brighten your home with more soft furnishings, you’ll find our favourite cushion kits reviewed on page 50. I love seeing all the beautiful things you’ve stitched from…

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eastern promise

Meet the designer Lesley Teare Lesley is an experienced and talented cross stitch designer who lives and works in Suffolk I’ve created many geisha designs throughout my career, but it’s a theme I never tire of, and there’s always another idea in my head that I just have to get down on paper! The central design is circular, and in Japanese design circular shapes are a symbol of intuition and inspiration, which are both important qualities to have as a stitcher! Set within a square, the four corners add a sense of symmetry to the piece, helping to bring balance. I loved the whole process of designing this chart, but I particularly enjoyed creating the detail in this lovely lady’s hair, with tiny flowers to mirror the larger ones in the border, and…

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lesley teare’s designer secrets

My inspiration If you’re interested in Japanese art and design, you’ll often find interesting ceramics in museums. I love the V&A in London, and find their exhibitions simply awe-inspiring. The perfect spot Sometimes you stitch a design and then find you have nowhere to put it – you can’t quite find the right spot for it in your home. I find that Eastern designs work very well in my home office, as they bring a sense of calm as I’m working, and I love to look at them if I’m having a creative block.…

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have your say

Just for me I ve been stitching for years now, but always for other people. I love Japanese designs so when my daughter brought me the 100th issue of Gold, I saw this beautiful geisha and I decided I would stitch something for myself for once. It took a while, working on other projects in between, but I’m delighted with the result! I used to think I wouldn’t have patience for cross stitch but I have proved myself wrong! There are so many designs I see and want to do but it´s impossible to stitch them all! Janice Verdejo, Tenerife Sarah: It sounds like you’ve been so generous with your stitching, Janice – you certainly deserve to keep this beautiful geisha all to yourself! Feeling inspired I treated myself to a subscription to Gold. It’s…

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gold star letter

Special lady I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), hypermobility type. I made friends with a lovely lady, Jodie, who also has EDS, and is very poorly with it. Despite this, she’s raised over £23K for The Sick Children’s Trust, who help families to stay with kids receiving treatment. Her fundraising logo is a zebra with a purple ribbon tied around its tail. This is because zebras never have the same stripes, and people with EDS never have the same symptoms. I asked my designer friend, Susanne Schmidt, to chart Jodie’s logo and she sent me the mauve fabric. This will be made into a ‘hug’ cushion for Jodie – it just needs making up. The second finished piece will be framed and raffled to raise funds for The Sick Children’s Trust. Finally, I want…

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flora & fauna

Meet the designer Anne Mortimer Anne studied Natural History Illustration and has been a professional artist and illustrator for over 30 years The petals of the honeysuckle flower are so striking, ranging from bright yellow to deep magenta. Intertwined here with tiny red strawberries and delicate white flowers, you have a pretty palette that really comes alive on blue fabric – this soft background brings depth in a way that white fabric would not. When I see the honeysuckle in my own garden, I’m always reminded of its virtues in any season. Birds eat its berries and shelter there in autumn, while in summer the lovely scent attracts butterflies and other insects. In this design, a songbird adds life to the flowers and creates a focal point, while still blending in thanks to…