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Cross Stitch Gold May 2017

Cross Stitch Gold is the ultimate collection of cross stitch designs for experienced stitchers. With eight inspirational projects from the world’s best designers in every issue, you’ll be spoiled for choice of glorious gifts for friends and family.

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When the weather finally warms up, we love nothing more than stitching in the garden with a lovely cool drink and comfy deckchair to nestle into. So, our projects this month have a distinctly outdoor feel to give us our alfresco hit, come rain or shine! Take a look at Shannon Wasilieff’s Edwardian lady strolling amid a beautiful floral garden (p12). Turn to page 20 for an adorable, nostalgic scene of Victorian children building sandcastles by Maria Diaz. And we have a sweet, sumptuous basket of freshly-picked strawberries, courtesy of Durene Jones – the perfect gift for gardening lovers (p38). Our cover star this issue, is a gorgeous rose-laden cottage from Carol Thorton, bursting with a wonderful watercolour charm, to bring an artistic touch to any home (p4). This scene is so…

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no place like home

“Festooned with flowers and flanked by foliage, my bright and beautiful cottage is a riot of colour and would make an enjoyable project for any confident stitcher.” Meet the designer Carol Thornton Watercolour artist Carol sketches and paints her gorgeous works of art before turning them into cross stitch designs. She creates charts for various magazines and has attracted legions of fans who love her distinctive style of artwork, which translates beautifully into cross stitch. “What a striking and beautiful design! Carol’s cottage really shows off her skills as a watercolour artist, with its rich palette of colours and the way they seem to subtly blend into one another. I love it!”Zeena Moolla, Acting Editor You will need FABRIC Zweigart 14-count white aida measuring 39x43cm (15¼x17in) THREADS Stranded cotton as listed in the key NEEDLE Size 24 tapestry…

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carol thornton’s designer secrets

Stitches galore This design isn’t complicated to stitch, but the stitches do cover the whole of the fabric, which means it is very densely worked and will take some time to complete. You may find it easiest to tackle one section at a time. This way you’ll get a sense of your progress as you go, and it will encourage you to take plenty of breaks (because you can make sure you take one before you move on to the next part of the design!). Not a lotta knots If you’re not keen on French knots, don’t worry as there aren’t very many used in this design. Just six, in fact – I’ve used them to create the vintage-style fastenings on the windows of the cottage. You can see from the finished design…

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have your say

Welcome to the jungle I loved Fiona Baker’s jungle cards (Cross Stitch Gold, issue 134) and I’m planning to stitch all four, but would like to frame them in a four-aperture mount to make a decoration for my nephew Frank’s bedroom – he’s six years old and loves animals. I have bought everything I need to stitch the designs (including my frame), and am all set to get started. I’ll send a photo when it’s finished. Wish me luck! Amy Webb, Poole Zeena: can’t wait to see how I you get on, Amy – Fiona’s jungle animals have been so popular and I bet Frank will love them. A new fan Hello Cross Stitch Gold team! I wanted to write to tell you that I picked up issue 136 in my local newsagents as I…

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gold star letter

Parisian purr-fection I’ve just completed Durene Jones’ beautiful Parisian Cats design that appeared in Cross Stitch Gold issue 117 back in 2014. I stitched it for my future daughter-in-law, Alexandra, who is a cat lover, and I made it into a cushion. I love your magazine – thank you for the great designs. Myriam Miller, Fredericksburg, USA Zeena: Thanks for sharing this, Myriam – your cats look très chic! The design works so well as a cushion, too; a great way to mount it, and I hope Alexandra loved it.…

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a breath of fresh air

“For this scene I’ve taken inspiration from Edwardian style to get the elegant clothing and hair just right. I hope you’ll find this a satisfying and enjoyable project to get stuck into!” Meet the designer Shannon Wasilieff Canadian designer Shannon has always been passionate about creative pursuits, but it was when she started designing cross stitch that she truly found her calling. Her talent is evident in her beautiful designs, and her great eye for colour and detail helps to make her unique creations into true masterpieces like this one. “I especially love the way that Shannon has designed the flowers that cascade from the wall in this beautiful piece. They have a great naturalism, with a rich green foliage that completes the effect.”Fiona Baker, Technical Editor“Shannon has come up with yet another beautiful…