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Cuisine at home May/Jun 2018

Whether you’re looking for approachable dinner options, unique entertaining ideas, or how-to help, Cuisine at home packs each issue with expert culinary advice and original test kitchen-approved recipes, all aimed at teaching and inspiring you in the kitchen so you can creatively cook with confidence, every time.

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from the managing editor

It’s early summer and the earth is abuzz with change. And here at Cuisine at Home, we’ve been active, too. We were on a mission to update the look and feel of the magazine, starting by redesigning our logo and layouts. I think the art staff really nailed it! There’s also a new department called “In the Now.” It’s all about new ingredients, books, tools, and anything else that’s currently trending. Some of you requested that we add total sugar amounts to our nutritional analysis, so we did. Yes, change can be hard, but don’t worry — the magazine is still full of the recipes, tips, and techniques you love. Now, take a look at the Cuisine at Home staff. As a team, we are dedicated to providing you with creative and…

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do you plan your trips around food? we do!

Not surprising, we’re a little food obsessed. Whenever we get the opportunity to eat out, or to travel, we jump at the chance — with food in mind, of course! We savor meals with friends and family, and imagine you do, too. We’re sharing a few of our recent memorable food experiences, and wonder what are some of yours? Jump on over to Facebook or Instagram and share them with us using the hashtag #willtravelforfood. As a mother, it’s rare when Haley gets a night out. But recently she ate at Proof, the restaurant where her husband, three-time James Beard nominee, is chef and owner. Best dish? His octopus with smoked bone marrow and black garlic aioli — OMG. Can you guess where Kristen took her daughter, Sydney, on a recent gastronomic…

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tips from our readers

1 WHISK IT I love making pies, but I don’t have a pastry blender, and haven’t had much luck with using a fork or two knives. So I tried using my whisk and it works! With up, down, side-to-side motions, making pastry is as easy as pie. LINDA KESTER SNELLVILLE, GA 2 FRENCH (FRY) OMELETS When I want a potato and cheese omelet, I don’t always have time to peel and cook the potatoes. That’s when I turn to frozen french fries. I simply defrost fries in the microwave, cut them into pieces, then sauté them in a little butter. In no time they’re ready to add to my omelet. CHRISTINE WALSH CHESAPEAKE, VA 3 LOVE ME TENDER Fresh asparagus is my favorite spring vegetable, but snapping off the “woody” ends seems so wasteful to me. Instead,…

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in the now

EDIBLE FLOWERS If you’re an avid restaurant-goer, or food blog follower, you know how popular edible flowers have recently become. They’re everywhere, topping tacos, soups, salads, and cakes alike. So how do you know which flowers are safe for consumption? Here’s a list of common edible flowers that are easiest to locate at grocery stores and farmers’ markets: • Lavender• Zucchini Blossoms• Pansies• Orchids (shown here)• Roses• Violets• Marigolds (Calendula)• Nasturtiums• Chive Blossoms• Carnations When buying edible flowers, be sure to get them from the produce section of the store, not the florist, as those flowers are often sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. Look for petals that are bright in color, and lively in texture. Avoid any flowers that look damp, droopy, or discolored. And since they’re delicate, try to use them within…

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rotisserie chicken revamp

Buffalo Chicken & Bacon Flatbread Pizzas To ensure the flatbreads stay crisp, use a light hand when topping the pizzas. But don’t worry. With toppings this flavorful, there’s no skimping on big flavor. Makes 4 servings Total time: 45 minutes COOK: 4 strips thick-sliced bacon, diced HEAT: 1/2 cup hot sauce (such as Frank's)1/4 cup honey2 Tbsp. unsalted butter2 tsp. fresh lemon juice2 cups shredded rotisserie chicken BAKE: 4 flatbreads (such as Flatout Artisan Thin Pizza Crust) COMBINE: 1 cup each shredded sharp white Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion Chopped fresh parsley Blue Cheese Dressing (right) Preheat oven to 425°. Cook bacon in a skillet until crisp; transfer to a paper-towel-lined plate. Heat hot sauce, honey, butter, and lemon juice in a saucepan over medium until butter melts and sauce is simmering; stir in chicken. Bake flatbreads on two…

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buzzing about superfoods

WHEN YOU HEAR THE TERM “SUPERFOODS” do you find yourself wondering what they truly are? Maybe you question whether they’re worth paying the high price. Or you understand they’re good for you but aren’t sure they’ll satisfy you. That’s where these two flavor- and nutrition-packed meals come into play. Not your typical “salads,” these recipes are bound to redefine what you think of superfoods and how to put them to good use. Sure, a couple of these ingredients may be a little pricey, but their health benefits outweigh the expense. And incorporating superfoods into your diet adds value. Some ingredients, like hemp hearts, quinoa, and furikake have a long shelf life, and a little goes a long way. And take note of the more common ingredients, like yogurt, spinach, brown rice,…