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Cuisine at home Nov/Dec 2018

Whether you’re looking for approachable dinner options, unique entertaining ideas, or how-to help, Cuisine at home packs each issue with expert culinary advice and original test kitchen-approved recipes, all aimed at teaching and inspiring you in the kitchen so you can creatively cook with confidence, every time.

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from the editor

The holiday season is fast approaching. For me, figuring out how to see my out-of-town loved ones is the top priority. Once travel plans have been made, deciding what we’ll eat is next on the list. I’m fortunate to work in a field surrounded by, what I would consider, some of the most talented recipe developers west of the Mississippi River. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, this holiday issue will see me, and you, through this annual food event. Testing and tasting holiday recipes in the Test Kitchen begins in July, working day after day perfecting the turkey, side dishes, pies, etc. It’s a “careful what you wish for” situation because the food’s so good it’s hard not to overeat. Once the recipes pass taste panel, it’s on to layout design, propping,…

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let’s get social

CUISINE AT HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS This time of year brings to mind memories from years gone by — some are likened to visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads, and others to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or A Charlie Brown Christmas, scraggly trees and all (right, Robin?!). Holiday baking also ranks high on the memory scale — where traditions and treats are still handed down. Here are a few of our favorite memories. What are some yours? Please share them with us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #homefortheholidays, and don’t forget to tag us @cuisineathome. Teresa comes from a long line of foodies. Her parents and grandparents were restaurateurs and grocers. For her, holidays meant a big turkey, but all the fixin’s were Italian, with homemade pasta and meatballs,…

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tips from our readers

CHOCOLATE DIPPER Cupcakes are always a big hit at our house, but sometimes I like to change things up a little. I found that melted chocolate makes a quick and easy way to frost cupcakes. Just dip the tops in the melted chocolate and they’re done. Sprinkles optional. SHIRLEY R. CAMPANELLA ESTERO, FL CAN’T BEET THIS Beets are a colorful, tasty, and healthy vegetable that I love adding to my salads. But roasting them and removing the skins takes time and is very messy. Instead, for a quick and easy solution, I buy sliced canned beets and use my egg slicer to create perfect julienned beets. SUSAN SHERWOOD PARADISE, CA SLICK AS ICE I often need an ice water bath to shock vegetables and quickly cool liquids and such. To expedite transferring the ice from my refrigerator…

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holiday gift guide

GLASS POUR OVER CARAFE This beautiful glass carafe, with a heatproof handle, comes with a reusable filter that’s designed to create a more robust cup of coffee. With a high-quality carafe like this, pour over coffee has never tasted or looked so good. $39.99 bialetti.com GOOSENECK KETTLE If you’ve ever made pour over coffee with a classic tea kettle, you understand the benefit of having control when pouring the hot water. With this Gooseneck Kettle in hand, your coffee-loving (or tea-loving) friends and family will appreciate the precision that it brings to their brewing craft. $49.99 amazon.com UGLY SWEATER COOKIE CUTTERS Mix up the treat scene this year with cookies that resemble ugly sweaters. And add some texture using the included stamp to create cookies that are almost too pretty (or ugly) to eat. $9.99 amazon.com MAPLE SYRUP COLLECTIONS For…

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stick with cinnamon

Cinnamon is utilized in cuisines worldwide for both sweet and savory applications. And while it’s used year-round, cinnamon is nearly synonymous with the holidays. Just one whiff of its spicy, sweet scent will have you reminiscing of Christmases past. And what better way to showcase cinnamon than in a simple cookie. If you’re a coastal dweller, the Sand Dollar Cookie may bring back sweet memories. Akin to a sugar cookie, these delightful bites are subtly spiced by rolling the dough in cinnamon-sugar. How sweet is that? Cinnamon-Sugar Sand Dollar Cookies Makes about 5 dozen cookies Total time: 1 1/2 hours + chilling WHISK: 3 cups all-purpose flour1/2 tsp. each baking powder and table salt CREAM: 2 sticks unsalted butter (16 Tbsp.), softened1 cup powdered sugar, sifted1 cup granulated sugar, divided ADD: 2 eggs2 tsp. pure vanilla extract WHISK: 1 Tbsp. ground…

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cinnamon 411

Ceylon and Cassia are the two main types of cinnamon. Both contain cinnamaldehyde — the principle component in its essential oil — which give cinnamon its characteristic aroma and flavor. CEYLON (or canela in Mexico) is known as “true” cinnamon. This Sri Lankan-grown spice is milder and sweeter than its cousin cassia, and carries a higher price tag. Ceylon sticks can be identified by their thin, delicate bark. CASSIA (or Chinese cinnamon) is grown in China and Indonesia, and is the variety most commonly consumed worldwide. Its flavor is stronger and spicier than true cinnamon. Cassia sticks can be identified by their firm, thick bark.…