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Design Anthology AU

Design Anthology AU

March 2020

The creative community of Australia and New Zealand is ready for something new in a design magazine. This growing community deserves a media brand that celebrates the region’s unique cultures, local materials and multicultural influences It deserves a magazine that reveals emerging talent, and profiles it alongside the work of the established. It deserves a magazine that is beautifully edited, photographed, designed and printed, and is an object of design all on its own. It deserves a magazine that can be kept, treasured and displayed on the coffee table or in the studio. It deserves both a look forward and a reminder of what makes the Australian and New Zealand design industries so special. The Australian and New Zealand edition of Design Anthology published biannually.

Fifth Black Media Limited
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The last few months have been an emotional rollercoaster for many of us Australians. I for one have experienced the gamut from helpless to furious while our government sat on the sidelines and watched our country burn as fires incinerated lives, homes and a devastating portion of our native flora and fauna. In the wake of this, the revelations of how grossly mismanaged our water resources have been, the growing number of fracking wells that scar our countryside, and the immoral extinguishing of native title to make way for even more coal mines have left me feeling heartbroken and hopeless. That said, in the weeks and months since the beginning of this widespread tragedy, I’ve witnessed an incredible outpouring of offers of assistance and financial aid from our architecture and design…

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design anthology au

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winter reading

Built Perth by Tom McKendrick and Elliot Langdon The first in a nationwide series, Built Perth features 50 iconic historic and contemporary buildings across civic, education, hospitality, residential and more. Each is illustrated and accompanied by a one-page essay on its history, design and significance. fremantlepress.com.au Green: Plants for small spaces, indoors and out by Jason Chongue In Green, architect and co-founder of The Plant Society Chongue explains how to curate and look after plants in small urban spaces, a subject dear to the hearts of many of us who live in such spaces and want to bring the liveliness of nature inside. hardiegrant.com Design Lives Here: Australian interiors, furniture and lighting by Penny Craswell Australian design’s unique trajectory is the subject of this work, which showcases 21 diverse interiors and 21 furniture, lighting and bespoke objects. Featured…

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material explorations

Adelaide’s design landscape has changed significantly in the last ten years, with a number of dynamic practices driving this shift. Names like studio -gram, Daniel Emma and Skein are synonymous with the South Australian capital’s rise as a major design hub, as is Ryan Genesin, who’s arguably leading the charge. Working across the retail, hospitality and residential sectors, the University of South Australia interior architecture graduate established Genesin Studio in 2008, and has since been prodigious in designing highly experiential, memorable fit-outs. The most exciting aspect of Genesin’s work is its unrelenting individuality. As he explains, ‘We always like to reinvent ourselves with each new interior and avoid the obvious trends and fads so as to achieve timeless outcomes.’ This is the reason every one of his projects appears genuinely fresh…

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MORNING ‘I’m an early bird,’ says Wilson. Waking up at 5:30, she gets a head start on the day and enjoys reading a book over her morning coffee. ‘It’s time for myself and I’m not rushing to get out the door.’ She resides on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, living in Manly and working in her studio across the road from Curl Curl Beach. With the ocean on her doorstep, Wilson is inspired by everyday impressions — light, colours, textures — and explores those ideas back in her studio. ‘I want to communicate the feeling, rather than an exact colour or texture. It’s the essence of the feeling that pushes the cyclical process in my work,’ she says. MID-MORNING Wilson established her studio in 2012 after completing a fine arts degree at the National Art…