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May 2020

Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

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5 min.
the clean air act and you

If you didn’t know before, you know now, within the last year the EPA has started to heavily enforce the Clean Air Act. This means removing emissions systems, something that has always been federally illegal, is now being enforced harder than ever before. Doesn’t matter what your local municipality says, whether they enforce it or not, removing emissions devices is and always has been federally illegal. We have gotten away from this old “smoke is power” or “smoke is cool” mentality, which has been great to see. So many guys are making gobs of power on the track with very little smoke. That’s impressive. We need to continue this trend. Plus in the end, who really wants to have a massive sign pointing at you after you’ve left the stop…

5 min.
dw news

OEM NEWS RAM SELLS RECORD NUMBER OF TRUCKS IN 2019 2019 proved record-breaking for the Ram Brand in terms of overall sales. Last year, Ram sold 190,655 vehicles in the fourth quarter alone, and a whopping 633,694 pickup trucks overall. This marked an 18-percent increase over 2018 sales figures and the highest level of sales since Ram became a stand-alone brand back in 2009. The redesigned Ram Heavy Duty played a key role in the sales increase, and Ram’s Head of U.S. Sales, Reid Bigland, has praised dealers for their superb handling of the new Ram HD’s introduction, along with meeting consumer demand. OEM NEWS 2020 TREMOR PACKAGE ADDS INTEGRATED WINCH For the first time in its history, a Super Duty can be ordered with an available integrated winch as part of the Tremor off-road…

4 min.
dps’ 6-door 6.7l creation extraordinary excursion

There are just some rides you can’t walk past without doing a double, or even triple-take. Diesel Performance Specialties (DPS) has built just such a vehicle by seamlessly mating a 6.7L King Ranch truck and a Ford Excursion SUV. With an insane 20 inches of lift, six doors, and wild amounts of chrome and powder coating, this 2016 “Excursion” is a truck like no other. But the question remains, how did they build it? It all started with two bare cabs and an idea. Shop owner Trevor Lima and the team at DPS wanted to build a flagship of a shop truck, but they didn’t want to build something cookie cutter. So the idea came about to build the SUV Ford didn’t--a 2016 take on a Ford excursion. Thus begun…

11 min.
endless advancement

Nothing puts an exclamation point on the end of the year quite like the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Indianapolis. December 12-14, the 32nd annual PRI Show was held in the Indiana Convention Center, where it once again became the epicenter of new racing technology. Thanks to the more than 3,300 manufacturer booths, the exhibit halls were overflowing with championship-caliber vehicles, 3,000-plus horsepower engines, cutting-edge parts, and enthusiastic people. Luckily for us, the diesel performance side of the racing industry continues to be well-represented at PRI, and the general consensus at this year’s show was that 2020 is going to be big. At the Wagler Competition Products booth, its P-pumped Duramax-based DX460 monstrosity was the focal point. One look at this mechanical masterpiece and you’ll see why Wagler is serious…

6 min.
p-pump cummins timing

We hear it all the time, timing makes power. But how much power? Well, there are a number of variables but it was a question we decided to try and answer with our pretty much stock 12v P-Pump Cummins project Green Monster. In our last installment we had put in a set of Scheid Diesel 5x0.018-inch injectors and gained a whopping 117 horsepower on the dyno. Since we were driving the turbo harder, boost also went from 19 pounds to 38 pounds which was part of our vast increase in power. To make the most of these new injectors though, we needed to add timing. Injection timing in a diesel works very similar to the timing curve that you would find in a gasoline engine. One of the main differences however…

1 min.
plunger lift (mm) at tdc

* posted by from Piers on the TDR forum (a) 49 state CPL’s include: 1549, 1550, 1815, 1816, 1959 for 175 and 160 hp engines with manual and auto transmissions. Also included in this group are non-Ram CPL’s 1551, 1552, 1553, 1839, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1959, 1839 (b) CPL group 2022, 2174, also includes non-Ram CPL’s 1968, 2265, 2268, 2308 (c) Non-Ram applications - CPL’s 1563, 1566, 1569, 1658, 1812, 1905, 1917, 1918, 1920, 1922, 1923, 1949, 1950, 1972, 2034, 2101, 2103, 2104, 2106, 2107, 2108, 2150 (d) Non-Ram applications - CPL’s 1564, 1919, 2011, 2102, 2105, 2158, 2169, 2191 (e) Non-Ram applications - CPL’s 987, 1261, 1262, 1263, 1406, 1422, 1582, 1618, 1850, 2118, 2196 CPL 2175, 2023, 2022, 2174,1863: Green box is the recommended setting from TSB 18-11-96 • CPL 2022 engines should be stamped…