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Electronic Musician August 2020

The new ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN is a “must have” resource for anyone who makes music, plays music, and shares music. Every issue includes "gig tested" product reviews on music gear, tons of how-to's, and interviews with today's stars revealing the secrets of their songwriting approaches and audio-production concepts.

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keep playing…

This is now the third issue of EM we've created since Covid-19 went from being a looming, albeit distant threat, to something that turned much of the world upside down. It's making it a strange and difficult time to be a musician or music fan. Even as lockdown conditions begin to be eased worldwide, it's looking increasingly likely that the global music industry will be affected for months to come – particularly in terms of live tours, festivals and clubs. There are rays of hope though, particularly within the music making side of the industry. There are reports from multiple sources that sales of instruments and music gear have spiked in recent weeks, as people use their time at home to learn new skills and create new music. The news and…

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moog unveils the subharmonicon

Moog’s Subharmonicon synth has existed in limited numbers for a couple of years. This compact, semi-modular originated as a DIY build project for VIP Engineers at Moog’s 2018 Moogfest event but now, much like the DFAM before it, it’s been repurposed for the mass market and is available to buy in fully pre-built form. The Subharmonicon is the most leftfield and esoteric of Moog’s recent semi-modulars, with an emphasis on polyrhythmic sequencing and sub-harmonic tone generation. Sound creation is handled by two analog VCOs linked with four subharmonic oscillators. The relationship between these subharmonic generators and the main oscillators can be set in a variety of different ways, offering quantized intervals for chord generation, an Equal Temperament setting for creating Just Intonation intervals – ie whole number ratios of the root…

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akai’s mpc live ii has built-in monitors for true standalone music-making

A new and improved Akai MPC Live has been on our radar since we saw a leaked design image back in March, and now it’s here. As we suspected, the MPC Live II is very much an evolution of its predecessor. Like its predecessor, it can be used with or without a computer, and comes with a 7-inch multi-gesture touchscreen. It promises all the features that you need to create a piece of music from start to finish. MPC Live II adds five hardware buttons for a better editing workflow, and now comes with built-in speakers. It sounds like these are more than just an afterthought, too: Akai says that it’s a proper monitoring system that delivers dynamic response across the frequency range. On the connectivity side, there are now eight CV/Gate outputs,…

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the make noise 0-ctrl could be the perfect device for all your cv sequencing needs

Make Noise has premiered its latest hardware controller, the 0-CTRL. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because this latest gadget is designed as the ideal partner to the company’s excellent 0-Coast semi-modular. The 0-CTRL is a patchable, clockable controller and step sequencer for voltage-controlled synthesizer systems. The tabletop device is fully Eurorack compatible, so it will be right at home patching up to your modular systems and semi-modular synthesizers. The controller allows you to sequence the pitch, strength, and time of your synthesizer voice on a per-step basis, and can sync with other hardware via clock in, or clock other machines with the clock and/or gate outs. Following on a similar design path laid as the company’s Pressure Points and René modules, the 0-CTRL also features Pressure and Touch Gate…

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this month in software

Apple Logic Pro X 10.5 adds Live Loops, new samplers and fresh beat creation tools In what’s being described as “the biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X”, Apple has unveiled version 10.5 of its flagship DAW. This adds Ableton Live-style clips launching in the form of Live Loops, Remix FX, two new samplers and several tools that are designed for beat creation. The Live Loops functionality promises to let you create music in new freeform and nonlinear ways, and enables you to organize loops, samples and recordings on a musical grid, from where you can perform and capture different arrangement ideas that can then be viewed and edited on the timeline. Remix FX can be used in conjunction with Live Loops and performed in real-time over individual tracks…

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izotope tonal balance control 2

An iZotope tutorial double-header kicks off as we learn more about two parts of the company's Neutron and Ozone packages. Tonal Balance Control was previously only available as part of either Neutron 3 and Ozone 9, but with version 2, it's available for purchase individually… although it makes a lot of sense to use it with those packages for best results. Tonal Balance Control, in a nutshell, is a metering plugin designed to compare your track to commercial standards, as measured by iZotope in a separate project. By looking at the readout across TBC's spectrum, you can see where your track is lacking or overpowering compared to contemporary standards. In a lovely twist, if you're running it in a DAW project alongside iZotope's Neutron 3 package, you can make tweaks to…