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editor’s note

MY FIRST PET was a little brown garter snake my brother and I found in the ravine behind our apartment building. Speedy lived in an aquarium in my bedroom, and after school I would let him coil around my wrist like a bracelet while I read one of my many books. One afternoon, I came home and discovered, much to my shock, a ghostly translucent shell of a snake near one of the rocks in the tank. My mother explained that this discarded “shell” was a completely natural process: He’d shed his skin because he needed more room to grow. As I got older and the pressures of navigating middle-school social circles ramped up, Speedy’s literal example of growth and change as a positive, healthy thing stayed with me. I decided…

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behind the issue

1) Growing up, BEE QUAMMIE dreamed of being a multi-hyphenate—before multi-hyphenates were even a thing. “I wanted to be a writer-model-doctor,” she says. “I worked in health care before writing full-time and modelled here and there, so I guess I ended up becoming what I wanted to be!” Read her advice on changing it up at work in “Like a Boss” (p. 42). 2) Writer SYDNEY LONEY is team après-ski (same), but, hero that she is, she braved the gorgeous slopes of Gatineau and Mont-Tremblant to give us the scoop on all things winter sports in “The Big Chill” (p. 87). On her shopping list when the snow finally melts? “Definitely a belt bag, because I’m always on the run and hate lugging around a big purse.” 3) What, your bedroom doesn’t…

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word up

TWEETS @vram067 Cate Blanchett is luminous. She is classy, intelligent, gorgeous and a fine human being. @natvanlis Getting to hear @vanessa craft, editor-in-chief of @ELLECanada (and the first Black EIC of any ELLE globally), speak tonight was such a gift. She is inspiring as hell and everything she said resonated so hard with me. “Don’t let anyone dim your shine.” #TheTalk18 @UforChange POST BAIL I loved the Winter 2019 issue of ELLE Canada—from the Editor’s Note to the wonderful fashion layouts to the lifestyle section to the photography to the shopping suggestions to the horoscopes and much more. One article that really hit home with me was “Change of Plans” [ELLE Life] by Eva Wiseman. I have been on the receiving end of a “frequent flaker’s” last-minute bailing. I think that people who do this may…

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COLOUR YOUR WORLD Discover the next Emily Carr—and get some masterpieces for your place—at this year’s Artist Project. The annual arts fair showcases over 250 up-and-coming talents from around the world, so best make a day of it. (February 21 to 24, at Toronto’s Better Living Centre) DO NOT DISTURB Leaving the house in February is a struggle. Harder still if you own a snuggly made-in-Vancouver Minca blanket. Inspired by the travels of founder and New Zealand native Brooke Wells, they’re made of a softer-than-a-kitten combo of merino wool, cotton and linen. (From $125 each, thisisminca.com) BIKER BABE Sorry, Danny Zuko. Leather is showing its softer side, thanks in part to Parisian label Nour Hammour. Designers Nour Hammour and Erin Conry Webb—who made a name for themselves with their hand-embellished takes on moto jackets—have branched…

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amber heard

AMBER HEARD and I are both fast talkers, which means my interview with the actress seems to pass in the blink of a cat-eye-lined eye. What did I learn? She’s engaging and passionate, whether she’s discussing the art of filmmaking or representation for women in Hollywood. (The actress is now as well known for her crusade against domestic violence and misogyny as she is for her excellent acting.) Heard, who next stars in the superhero flick Aquaman, is also super-curious and asks me almost as many questions as I dish out. We spend a good five minutes discussing our recent lob haircuts; this is the shortest she’s ever gone, and she “freaked out” about it. FYI: It’s perfect. ONLY THE BEGINNING “I moved out to L.A. at 17 with less than…

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congratulations to the 2018 cosa winners

Each year, the COSMETICS OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARDS (COSA) bring together leaders in the beauty industry to honour the best customer service in Canada’s drugstores, department stores and specialty stores. ELLE Canada and Canadian Living magazines are proud to endorse these amazing winners. Vanessa Craft, ELLE Canada editor-in-chief, was on hand at the gala to present the award for Best Service in a drugstore, and Canada’s own Jully Black thrilled guests with a musical performance. The winners shared their special stories with attendees throughout the annual celebration. Their passion and dedication inspired everyone in the room that evening. They truly are the unsung heroes of the beauty industry in Canada. Pictured below are the 2018 winners, who travelled across Canada to attend the awards in Toronto last November.…