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1) Style editor LIZ GUBER kicks back in her Chloé heels after poring over the racks of H&M’s latest Conscious Exclusive collection in a chic Berlin apartment. For the full story on the brand’s international commitment to sustainability, read “Green Giant” (p. 29). 2) Who run the world? FRANCESCA TOLOT! Beyoncé’s go-to makeup artist dreamed up a dewy, barely-there makeup look for our cover star, Lana Condor (p. 64). “Sometimes keeping makeup simple is really the best tip,” she says. “On Lana, I did just a light wash of colour over the eyelids and cheeks. The key is to blend well so that there are no hard edges.” 3) Art director Jed and managing editor Carli pinky swear that they brought their laptops poolside at Tinseltown landmark the HOLLYWOOD ROOSEVELT when in…

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editor’s note

WHEN DID BEING incessantly busy become the norm? The non-stop grind has become such a part of my daily life that I can’t remember a time when I was on top of my to-do list. (True story: Said list is so long it stretches beyond the fabric of space and time.) And as for a break—a real one, not one of those “still answering email” fauxcations I’m so fond of—I’m going to schedule one soon. I just have to finish writing this letter first. We explore society’s addiction to this “hustle culture” in “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” (page 60). I’m admittedly in deep, but I’ve got a few ways to help take the pressure off. 1. Keep a “good things” diary. When small, unexpected nice moments happen in my life…

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TWEETS @jaydeolyvia Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the article with Angelina Jolie. I hope she can cover ELLE Canada one day. She’s my idol for female empowerment forever. @heather_seabrook Just read the ELLE Guide: How to Reinvent Yourself [February 2019]. I’ve forced myself to practise strategic laziness for a couple of years. My A-type, high-energy personality does not allow for chilling out very often. @officiallyroxanne Currently reading at my doctor’s office and I’m in love with the article about @amberheard. @dawncmurray @TheMandyMoore looked amazing! Loved the article. And the spread with Cora Emmanuel was ridiculously gorgeous! The styling was perfection. ELLE YEAH! I’ve had a decades-long love affair with fashion magazines, and, for obvious reasons, ELLE Canada is at the top of my list. So, after a long and dreary January, I was quite excited to get the…

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TRAVELLING PANTS Help the earth and look great while doing it: Seattle-based Girlfriend Collective’s chic Lite leggings are made from fishing nets—which account for 46 percent of all ocean waste—that have been recycled. Plus, they’ve got beauty director Victoria DiPlacido’s stamp of approval. She says they’re super-soft and fit like a dream. (From $88, girlfriend.com) PAGE-TURNERS You can absolutely judge these books by their covers: Beneath their gorgeous art-deco exteriors are hundreds of smart, funny and insightful nuggets of advice on success and style (respectively) from experts, industry leaders, celebs and just generally smart people. And they’ll look super-chic on your bedside table. ($17 each) FIRST DIBS For its latest collection, your fave decor brand, CB2, decided to do something a little different: They enlisted A-list designer Charlie Ferrer to curate a selection of vintage,…

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reese witherspoon

REESE WITHERSPOON IS as happy to reminisce about her frothy character in Legally Blonde as she is to discuss the rise of women in the U.S.government. (What, like it’s hard?) The multi-hyphenate is an actress, an author and an entrepreneur (she helms Hello Sunshine, a media company dedicated to telling female-centric stories) and a creative partner (officially storyteller-in-chief) with Elizabeth Arden, but talking to the Big Little Lies star feels as relaxed as catching up with an old friend…who happens to be an Academy Award winner. ON ELIZABETH ARDEN “She loved supporting women. She famously gave out red lipsticks during the women’s marches in New York in 1912 when they were fighting for the right to vote. She believed in making women feel good but also really thought about how she…

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team clean

OHSEVENDAYS This Canadian-Turkish brand manufactures all of its pieces, like bell-sleeved blouses and checkered slips, from fabrics that have been thrown away by garment factories in Turkey. “There’s a neighbourhood in Istanbul where they resell rolls of old fabric; I buy as much of it as I can, and that’s how I start my collections,” says Canadian-born, Turkey-based designer Megan Mummery. Because of the small amount of fabric Mummery can get, each piece is limited edition and each collection consists of just seven pieces—hence the name. MANDKHAI “Cashmere is a super-fibre,” says Mandkhai Jargalsaikhan, the founder of luxury-knitwear brand Mandkhai. “It’s biodegradable and will eventually turn into dust.” The label is based in Mongolia, a country that produces a third of the world’s cashmere. Jargalsaikhan says her brand is “goat to garment,” which…