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behind the issue

1) It was just another day on the job for editor-in-chief VANESSA CRAFT as she indulged in burgers and shakes alongside models and celebs at CC’s Diner post-Chanel runway in Central Park. For the inside scoop from the fashion house’s NYC-set Métiers d’Art show, head to page 30. 2) Managing editor CARLI WHITWELL faced her fear of heights driving down the narrow, winding roads overlooking the Balearic Sea to Port de Valldemossa in Spain. It was all worth it for the paella and this poetic shot. For more things Mallorca, go to page 93. 3) ARLENIS SOSA was a rooster whisperer on set at Vallarta Botanical Gardens in Mexico for our summery “Power Plant” shoot (page 66). The Dominican-born model’s father raised chickens, so she was able to teach us a thing…

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editor’s note

YEARS AGO, I was packing to head overseas for a dear friend’s wedding, and I was stressed with a capital “S.” I’d spent weeks trying to wrap up loose ends at my breakneck-speed job, and I was cringing at how expensive the trip was. I was also worried about how my then five-year-old daughter would take to an Italian journey that included a connecting flight, a bus and a ferry. She was all smiles, though, coasting off the promise of beaches, late bedtimes and excitement over her flower-girl dress. I, however, was channelling the icy Canadian spring that seemed to trickle all the way into June that year. Nonetheless, we made it in one piece. Her knobby knees poked into my ribs all night long as she curled up against…

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word up

ALL ABOUT ELLE I resubscribed to ELLE Canada because I knew Chrissy Teigen was going to be on the cover of the March 2019 issue. Since then, I have been loving the articles. The April issue, starring Lana Condor [ELLE Celebrity], was fantastic. In the May issue, I enjoyed the article “Forever Young” [ELLE Books] about young-adult novels and how we’ve all loved them at some point in our lives. I like that writer Sarah Sahagian discusses how major publishing houses do not put enough focus on stories about women of colour. We still have a long way to go with diversity in publishing. Teela, email MEN AT WORK I am a Vancouver local so my opinion may be biased, but after reading the Ryan Reynolds interview [“Leading Man,” ELLE Profile, May 2019],…

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THINK PIECES Come to the Art Gallery of Ontario for a glimpse of the works of B.C.-based artist Brian Jungen—like his striking headdress-esque sculpture made from Air Jordans. Stay for an insightful exploration of Jungen’s Indigenous-European heritage; it will remain with you long after you leave. GIMMIE THE LIGHT June wish list: just one rainy weekend forcing us to stay inside the entire time. We’ll take any excuse to lounge around and burn one of our made-in-Canada luxe candles from Nanor Collection ($49 each, nanorcollection.com). We’re partial to the romantic Atheia; its notes of rose, jasmine and lily will transform any room into an indoor garden. LATE-NIGHT LAUGHS Mindy Kaling stars in the new comedy Late Night, written by and starring… herself, natch. Kaling is a scribe hired to add diversity to a struggling late-night…

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lola plaku

IF YOU GET INVITED to a party and you know Beyoncé and Jay-Z are going to be there, you go, right? Not if you’re music-industry entrepreneur Lola Plaku, who found herself in that (very enviable) situation in 2013. “Of course I wanted to be in their presence, but [at the time] we didn’t have any common ground,” she says, adding that her rule is “I should only be in a room I have something to contribute to.” Mission accomplished. The Albanian-born, Toronto-made, now NYC-based exec started as a music journalist for HipHopCanada before moving into concert production with artists like The Weeknd (she helped put together his first big show), Big Sean and French Montana. Now, she runs Lola Media Group, specializing in marketing and brand and artist development, and…

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hot hot heat

IT TAKES TRUE INGENUITY to get through summer in the city with its steamy subway commutes and crammed patios and chasing the breeze on long bike rides at dusk. And so one’s peak summer wardrobe, built to withstand such feverish conditions, can start to resemble the contents of a ’95 camp-bound suitcase: bathing suits disguised as bodysuits, sun-bleached ball caps, grass-stained Chucks and medium-wash overalls seemingly plucked from the set of It Takes Two. But in the spirit of levelling up, we’re sticking it to the sticky season with a breezy, decidedly-more-polished aesthetic—one that promises to make the heat all the more bearable despite its aspirational first impressions. Think of Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash. An international rock goddess on an Italian-island sabbatical, she saunters around in Dior-designed backless blouses,…