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Elle Canada February - March 2021

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behind the mask

SHOPS AND RESTAURANTS closing for weeks at a time, working from home for who knows how long, frequent handwashing, public mask-wearing…. The COVID-19 crisis has turned our everyday lives upside down. As we see-saw between various levels of imposed confinement, the repercussions of this new reality have reached all the way to our cosmetics cases. The first change to be noticed in the beauty industry? An increased interest in comforting self-care products and products that pamper skin damaged by enhanced health measures. “We’ve observed a considerable jump in the sales of facial cleansers and of hand moisturizers, as our hands have been affected by repetitive washing,” says Samantha Daude Di Nacera, vice-president and chief marketing officer for L’Oréal Canada. However, products like perfume and makeup have registered significant losses despite…

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cocooning season

INSTA INSPO 1. @the_happy_broadcast “We could all use a little mentalhealth hug these days, and this is the ultimate source for anxiety-free, feelgood news from around the globe. Every time The Happy Broadcast pops up in my feed, it reminds me that the world really is a good place.” 2. @esmaywagemans “Esmay Wagemans is an Amsterdambased artist whose work skews toward science fiction and whose posts often evoke a gut reaction. Surprise, shock or admiration, I’ll gladly take them all.” 3. @ssense “I get (almost) as much enjoyment from following @ssense as I do perusing the brand’s online boutique, where there’s always something that I absolutely need to get my hands on.” PHOTOGRAPHY, MAUDE ARSENAULT (J. PIETRACUPA)…

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the emotion of scent

FOR MANY FRAGRANCE ENTHUSIASTS, it was the voluptuous prose of Diane Ackerman’s landmark 1990 book, A Natural History of the Senses, that provided an initiation to the world of smell. Her now classic bestseller is at once a scientific and poetic dissection of the sense we take for granted—an invitation to explore the emotional connection between scent and memory not only at the perfume counter but also out in the world, particularly as the familiar routines of our everyday lives continue to be disrupted by COVID-19. Last fall, for example, in the reprieve before the pandemic’s second wave, Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle’s titular creative director assembled several of his noses—including Maurice Roucel and Jean-Claude Ellena—for a virtual conversation. During the question period, the discussion turned to the recent months of…

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body break

DRACONIAN DEPRIVATION, obsessive thoughts, binge eating…. Nutritionist Christy Harrison knows the perils of dieting all too well. With her book, Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating, she’s aiming to alter our relationship with food and challenge what we think we know about health and wellness. What do you mean by “diet culture”? “Diet culture is a belief system that labels certain bodies as better than others, demonizes or praises certain foods and urges people to modify themselves in order to meet established standards. It’s everywhere: There are pharmaceutical companies that make diet pills, food programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, frozen meals with ridiculous portions, juice ‘cures,’ boxed meals delivered to your home and bariatric-surgery centres. Wellness is a multi-billion-dollar industry that capitalizes on our desire…

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better together

ONE YEAR FROM THE ONSET of the pandemic, our lifestyle is nearly unrecognizable compared to its former frenzied state. We have witnessed hustle culture come to a grinding halt, shirked our conventional schedules in favour of an “anything goes” attitude and turned collaboration—on sourdough starters, social causes, mask mandates—into a symbol of the times. Perhaps blessedly, the fashion world hasn’t been immune to this imposed slowdown. After years of calls to rectify the shoehorned seasonal calendar and the hamster wheel of a production schedule, designers were finally given a big (unplanned) break. The most joyful, if unforeseen, amendment? Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons—two bona fide greats in their own right—joining forces as Prada’s co-creative directors beginning with the spring/summer 2021 season. According to a verbose brand statement (is there any other…

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the puffer coat

INSPIRING FASHION DESIGNERS for several seasons now, the puffer trend keeps on growing—in popularity and in size. The padded coat, in various iterations, continued its unfaltering journey on the fall/winter 2020/2021 runways last spring: short at Versace, deconstructed at Marine Serre and dramatic at Rick Owens. It breaks its own rules and dares to rebel—a boldness that goes well with its iconic status. The puffer has survived a lifetime of fashion, and even since its early days, it has never been one to hold back. THE LOWDOWN In 1936, American businessman and amateur adventurer Eddie Bauer nearly died of hypothermia while on a fishing trip in the middle of winter. The experience inspired an idea, and he created the Skyliner, the first down-filled quilted coat designed for winter sports. A year later,…