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home rules

– it really does! It should be your sanctuary, somewhere that inspires and delights, where you can feel completely relaxed. As we find ourselves on the brink of a new season, it seems a pertinent time to compare the whirling worlds of fashion and interiors. When I consider what I want to wear on a daily basis, I’m often plagued with anxiety, whereas choosing pieces and schemes for my home fills me with nothing but joy. Contemplating this fact, I’m struck by the wise words of New York-based writer Kate Bolick: ‘When you’re insecure about your appearance, trying to make yourself look better is a fraught endeavour. However, the home is a blank canvas, or empty vessel – a place where the will toward beauty can be expressed unchecked, without…

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bethan gray x anthropologie

Bethan, how do you want people to feel when they see your designs? I always want them to be comfortable, for there to be an element of cosiness to everything I do. You know what it’s like when people come to your house – you want them to feel at home, and not like they can’t touch anything. That’s the mood I’m always trying to achieve. And what is it about your work that creates such a feeling? I have a colour palette that I tend to stick to – teals and jades, golds and coppers, soft greys and even softer pinks. It’s all very harmonious, taking its lead from shades that exist in nature, such as stones and woods – the things you would see when you’re taking a walk…

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suzy hoodless

‘MY CLIENTS ALWAYS HAVE AN AESTHETIC VISION, BUT EQUALLY IMPORTANT IS HOW THEY WANT TO FEEL’ Suzy Hoodless takes practicality seriously. Having opened her studio in 2000 and gone on to design homes, private members’ clubs, restaurants, offices and hotels around the world, her style may be subtly luxurious and contemporary, but through a perfect blend of classic and vintage furniture, colour and pattern, it’s comfort that remains key. ‘My clients always have an aesthetic vision, but equally important is how they want to feel,’ says Hoodless, who works out of her Notting Hill studio. ‘If it looks great, but it’s not comfortable or it doesn’t work properly, it’s a fail – form and function go hand in hand.’ The designer’s inspiration often comes from the architecture of buildings. She recently worked on…

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established & sons

Earlier this year, just as the design industry was wondering whether the 13-year-old furniture brand Established & Sons had had its day, it unveiled a new collection – its first in four years. The firm’s trio of enthusiastic new owners have kept things simple, including just two lights, two sofas and a chair. Each piece’s design is subtle, restrained, elegant and considered. Once known for its bold and bombastic approach to creating experimental, often high-end pieces, which attracted big-name designers such as Terence Woodgate, Zaha Hadid and Barber & Osgerby, as well as offering a platform to emerging talents such as Jaime Hayón and Raw Edges, Established & Sons has taken stock and adopted a more cautious path. Gone is the over-spending on slick branding and big, extravagant parties – there’s…

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shrimps x habitat

‘It’s the first time Habitat has ever used gold thread in a carpet!’ Weiland is talking about the ‘Doodle’ rug (right, £450), her favourite piece from her inaugural interiors collection. Hand-tufted with her depictions of fairytale objects and cosmic animals, then hand-carved to make each creature three-dimensional, it is undoubtedly a showstopper. ‘A spotty horse, a unicorn, a crown, a ring of roses and a moon with stars falling out of it… they’re all things that appear in my dreams,’ she explains. The homeware range – which comprises cushions, bedlinen, faux fur throws, rugs and framed prints – features motifs lifted from Shrimps’ first five years of collections, which have always been about mixing bold patterns and witty, off-kilter illustrations with rich fabrics and sustainable materials. It was a natural decision,…

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ochre’s leading lights

‘Working with the beauty and imperfections of natural materials has always run through what we do,’ says Harriet Maxwell Macdonald, one third of the team behind sophisticated design brand Ochre. She started the company in 1996 with fellow art school graduate Joanna Bibby – four years later, they were joined by Solenne de la Fouchardière. Revelling in the tactility of hand-forged bronze, sensuous nubuck leather, rough-woven linen and the grainy richness of woods such as oak, Ochre has consistently pushed the boundaries of design, marrying traditional artisan craftsmanship with the ‘barest of clean lines’, says de la Fouchardière. It’s this aesthetic for which the brand has become renowned. ‘It’s about appreciating the quality of how something is made,’ says Bibby. ‘We use materials that feel as though they’ve already had a…