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that ’70s show

As I’ve discussed here before, the twisty-turny nature of rapidly changing trends doesn’t always sit well with the carefully considered way we should interact with our homes. However, there’s no denying that change happens, and that moods take hold before going on to have an influence across the whole interiors sphere. In some seasons, the prevailing influence is much easier to spot than at other times. This spring/summer is one such moment. Whether it’s down to the uncertain period of history we are currently living through, or simply a progression from the chalky pastels and bold maximalism seen recently, the forecast for the start of 2019 takes us back 40 years or more to the equally turbulent and stylistically strong 1970s. I was born bang-smack in the middle of that decade,…

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seventies style

The so-called ‘Winter of Discontent’ hit the UK as it moved from 1978 to 1979. A time of political and social turmoil, it was marked by financial austerity, strikes, tensions with Europe and a steely (or should that be iron) lady taking up residence in 10 Downing Street. History has a knack of repeating itself and in 2019, forty years later, we find ourselves in an almost identical position. The similarities with that era go beyond the socio-political. Then, as now, the reaction of the British populus was to seek solace inside their homes. Staying in became the new norm, with Delia Smith leading a home-cooking revolution and people taking an increased interest in decorating and furnishing their living spaces. The avocado bathroom suite came to prominence and the work of…

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‘mizumi’, black edition

‘THE TRADITIONAL WOODCUT TECHNIQUE LENDS THIS PATTERN AN UNDENIABLE INTRICACY’ There has been a plethora of exceedingly decorative wallpaper designs of late – bold, maximalist patterns full of clashing colours – and while we love the sense of joie de vivre they add to homes, we’re currently craving something a little more peaceful. This ‘Mizumi’ wallcovering from Black Edition still makes a strong visual statement, but its subject matter – a Japanese woodland reflected onto the surface of a calm lake – speaks to our desire for quietude. The result of a collaboration between Black Edition and woodcut artist Katsutoshi Yuasa, this soothing design began life as a series of haunting digital photographs, which were then translated into woodcut prints. The images were painstakingly carved by hand into wooden blocks, with Yuasa…

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‘CHROME HAS A KIND OF MAGIC LIQUIDITY. IT OFFERS A VERY PURE DESIGN LANGUAGE’ In recent years many metallic finishes have captured the zeitgeist. Copper has coated everything from lighting and accessories to furniture, and we’ve since moved through golds – both brushed and high-shine – which brought a soft sense of luxury into the home, pairing beautifully with velvet upholstery and gentle neutrals. Now, it’s the turn of chrome to shine, speaking, as it does, to the recent revival of the 1970s interiors in which it featured heavily. ‘Chrome has a kind of magic liquidity,’ says Ludovic Aublanc, creative director at furniture retailer Chaplins. ‘There’s something irresistible about it – it offers a very pure kind of design language. Our clients are reinvesting in the classics that feature this finish –…

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hand-painted tiles

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE THE ARTISTIC QUALITY OF THIS YEAR’S SOUGHT-AFTER TILES Handmade and hand-decorated tiles are having a bit of a renaissance – particularly pieces that look like they have been lovingly produced, with the hand of the maker evident. Now this trend is set to make a bigger impact on your home – think irregular layers of glaze and obvious, bold brushstrokes. Ceramicist Reiko Kaneko’s ‘Tile Murals’ (top right) are among our favourite examples. Developed when she became infuriated by the impossibility of finding tiles she liked enough to decorate her entire bathroom with, the designs are experiments with coloured glaze. Inspired by the work of modern Japanese shodo (calligraphy) artists, she sourced white metro tiles and created patterns by applying a blue glaze with a Japanese broom – a…

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New shape du jour the lozenge shares similarities in form with the archway, which was so prevalent in interior architecture and product design last year. Soft and gentle, its lack of angles and sharpness lends it a friendly air. Its simplicity works beautifully with brighter tones. Case in point is the Breadway Bakery (above) in Ukrainian capital Odessa, designed by architects Lera Brumina and Artem Trigubchak. Inspired by the work of French interior designer India Mahdavi, and realised in a palette straight from the stylised sets of film director Wes Anderson, the repetitive buoyant forms make for an energetic feel. SOFT AND GENTLE, THIS SHAPE’S LACK OF ANGLES LENDS IT A FRIENDLY AIR THAT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY WITH BRIGHTER TONES A plethora of products have adopted the shape, taking full advantage of its…