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Empire Australasia February 2020

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this month at empire

CHOOSING THE HUNDRED greatest movies of the century (so far) was just asking for trouble. We were never going to make everyone happy with the final selections. But we did it anyway, because that’s what these kinds of lists are for: to create heated – but not too heated, we hope – debate as movie-lovers go, “Hey, how did you leave out this film?” Or “Why the heck did Empire choose that pile of monkey droppings”? We hope we’ve sparked some stimulating conversations about what cinematic classics would make your top 100. Meanwhile, we’re very proud of how well-represented Australasia is on the list, from George Miller and Peter Jackson to Heath Ledger, Margot Robbie and Russell Crowe. Head to page 49, read our massive feature and let the arguments…

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THE GANG’S ALL HERE I loved watching the Australian movie True History Of The Kelly Gang on Stan. I thought George MacKay (from 1917) made a better fist of the role of the lead role than Mick Jagger did in 1970’s woeful Ned Kelly. PHIL, COLLINGWOOD, VIC We thought George did a sterling job, as did Orlando Schwerdt as the young Ned. Our review can be found on page 30. QUINN’S A WINNER It’s nice to read that Margot Robbie isn’t just a great actress, but a lovely person as well (“Out Of The Cage”, Jan. 2020). I hope Birds Of Prey is a massive box office hit and Ms Robbie adds even more awards to her already overloaded mantelpiece. KARL, BALMAIN, NSW We suspect Margot will have to shore up that mantelpiece very soon. LAZENBY. GEORGE LAZENBY You…

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letter of the month

A NEED FOR SPEED While I enjoyed reading about Keanu Reeves and his movies (“The Ranking”, December 2019), I’d like to give a few thoughts on this matter. Speed has to be top – he owned that movie – but it’s hard not to argue with The Matrix at No. 1. My biggest issue is the omission of The Replacements [pictured above] – how can that movie not be in the conversation? It’s a great, funny sports movie with Keanu playing the quarterback hoping for a second chance. One which I’m happy to give you to rectify this mistake COLIN, VIA EMAIL We agree that Keanu has some fine films on his résumé that didn’t make the top 10, including 1986’s nihilistic-but-brilliant River’s Edge.…

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no./ 1 the redemption of jar jar

“HEESA BACK!” After years in the Star Wars wilderness, Ahmed Best — the artist formerly known as Jar Jar Binks — has returned to the galactic fold. The actor, who provided the voice and motion capture of the much-maligned Gungan in the prequel trilogy, was announced as the presenter of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge , a Crystal Maze -esque game show for kids that is coming soon to Disney +. The show marks the latest stage in a rehabilitation that saw Best go from Bigger-Villain-Than-Palpatine to beloved prodigal son via a terrifying brush with attempted suicide. After a “wonderful experience” shooting Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace , Best’s troubles started when the trailer dropped on 13 November 1998. The then-25-year-old actor received all colours of hate for…

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no./ 2 notes on a controversy

TREVORROW EXITS (5 SEPTEMBER 2017) Episode IX’s original director leaves the film. “Lucasfilm and Colin Trevorrow have mutually chosen to part ways,” says the press release. A week later, The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams is announced as his replacemnent. PALPATINE RETURNS (12 APRIL 2019) At the biannual Star Wars Celebration, the surprise return of Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine is revealed. TREVORROW EARNS A CREDIT (22 NOVEMBER 2019) Trevorrow still gets a “story by” credit, but tells Empire that including Palpatine in the film is “honestly something I never considered”. REVIEWS HIT (18 DECEMBER 2019) The reviews embargo lifts two days before the release. The film’s score on Rotten Tomatoes ultimately settles on 53 per cent, one of the few Star Wars films to earn a ‘Rotten’ rating. THE EDITOR SPEAKS (23 DECEMBER 2019) Speaking on The Rough…

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no./ 3 keanu takes on keanu

ALSO KNOWN AS Jardani Jovonovich; Baba Yaga; The Boogeyman; Jonathan HEIGHT 6'1" STRENGTHS Killing people with guns. Killing people with knives. Killing people with books. Any kind of killing, really WEAKNESSES Not playing by the Continental rules LIKES Dogs. Secret coins. Guns...lots of guns DISLIKES Animal cruelty. Having his wife murdered. Oppressive assassin networks BEST QUOTE “Yeah...I’m thinking I’m back!” ALSO KNOWN AS Thomas Anderson; The One; “Missster Anderssson” HEIGHT 6'1" STRENGTHS Superhuman strength. Power of flight. Can stop bullets. Can look good even in leather WEAKNESSES His love for Trinity LIKES Red pills. Black leather. Guns...lots of guns DISLIKES Agent Smiths. Déjà vus. Oppressive simulated realities BEST QUOTE “Whoa!”…