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Empire Australasia May 2020

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HOW’S EVERYONE COPING with lockdown? For those of us forced to self-isolate, one of the bigger problems we face is finding ways to occupy our days. Obviously, watching lots and lots of movies fills some of those hours. But for others, this strange period in our lives is a unique opportunity for us to explore other interests. Personally, I’ve been reading a zillion books I always planned to get to “one day”, training regularly with my YouTube fitness instructor Joe Wicks and learning French. Soon (I hope), I won’t need subtitles to understand my favourite Jean-Luc Godard movies! This issue has been a madhouse to put together – what with the world’s cinemas closing their doors for the foreseeable future and many films having their release dates delayed till God knows…

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IN HER HONOR I’d barely walked out of the newsagency with my latest copy of Empire – containing 25 pages of all things Bondian – when I learned the terrible news that Honor Blackman had passed away. She was stunningly beautiful opposite Sean Connery in Goldfinger, but I think many people forget that she was also Steed’s first partner in TV’s The Avengers. I tip my bowler hat to Honor and shall have a cup of tea – stirred anti-clockwise – in her memory. BRIAN, HAWTHORN, VIC While we found Emma quite a-Peel-ing, we firmly believe Tara was King (or should that be Queen) of The Avengers. NOT FOND OF BOND I’m disappointed at what movie posters have become. The Bond gallery in April’s issue just highlights it – there’s a huge contrast between painstakingly…

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letter of the month

TOTALLY BOGUS BEHAVIOUR When I saw the preview of Bill & Ted Face The Music (Empire, March 2020) I laughed out loud. I mean REALLY loud. These guys made their first Bill & Ted movie in 1989. Decades went by and while Keanu Reeves added many blockbusters to his resume, poor Alex Winters did very little. When I saw the article with Keanu’s face right in the middle of the page and poor Alex standing to the side with only a third of his face showing, I laughed my head off. I bet Mr Winters felt really proud finally being pictured in a movie magazine after nearly 30 years. Well done, Empire. It’s great to see you have a sense of humour. FABIAN, HINCHINBROOK, NSW We’re glad you found it funny – heck,…

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no./ 1 cinemas have gone dark — but the light will return

ONE OF MY favourite things to do is sit in the dark watching a movie. Whether I am with loved ones, a group of friends or just all on my lonesome (but with the tasty company of some Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons), going to the cinema has been the closest thing I have to a religion in my life. Sometimes people use the word escapism as a negative term, but there is real pleasure in being transported when the lights go down. The ongoing pandemic on this planet has made that experience a little darker than I care for, as silver-screen projector lights the world over are being switched off. Before this crisis I could, like many, appreciate the convenience of watching movies at home but, deep down for me,…

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no./ 2 social distancing, hollywood style

DAME JUDI DENCH: WORE A SILLY HAT What happens when you stick a national treasure in a dog-shaped hat with ears that spring up on command? Via her daughter’s Twitter account, the behatted Dench sent a resilient message to fans: “Just keep laughing. That’s all we can do.” SETH ROGEN: GOT STONED AND WATCHED CATS “WHAT IS JELLICLE?!,!?”, a high Rogen asked of his Twitter followers during his running commentary, which also saw him baffled by Jason Derulo’s feet and Judi Dench’s jacket. He later gave up and watched 90 Day Fiancé instead. SHARON STONE: TRIED HER HAND AT PAINT-BY-NUMBERS One small upside to self-isolation was that the world got a peek into what the Hollywood elite might do for downtime. For Stone, this was a spot of arts and crafts. No need for total…

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no./ 3 the virus that changed the way we watch films

IN A SHORT period of time, the movie landscape around the world, including Australia, became unrecognisable. In late March, the Federal Government ordered cinemas in this country to close their doors. Going to the movies, at least for a while, would have to take place outside of an actual cinema. For the studios, the response to this crisis has been simple: delay their films’ releases until all of this blows over. But some have taken the near-unprecedented step of making high-profile movies available to download, weeks or even days after their theatrical releases. Onward, Birds Of Prey, The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Bloodshot moved their digital release dates forward. Meanwhile, Easter holiday family fare Trolls World Tour just abandoned its theatrical release, moving, remarkably, to digital-only. Industry expert and box-office analyst Charles…