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this month at empire

WORKING ON THIS issue really inspired me as a film lover. I was moved by the passion expressed by Judd Apatow, James Cameron, Sofia Coppola, Barry Jenkins and other creators featured in our ‘A Celebration Of Cinema’ special. We may be stuck in a dark, strange period in history, but films continue to entertain us, inspire us, scare us, amuse us and transport us to a magical place where we can forget our troubles for a couple of hours. That is the power of cinema. In a letter published this issue, one reader wrote how watching movies he’d read about in Empire was easing “the isolation blues”. That gave me such a wonderful feeling. No matter what platform you use, I hope you’re finding time to watch lots of great…

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TAKING DIRECT(OR) ACTION What do Tarantino, Scorsese, PTA, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, George Miller, the Coen brothers, David Fincher and Wes Anderson have in common? They all scored spots in your 100 Greatest Movies of the 21st century (Empire, February) based on reputation! A 20th vs 21st century comparison of their films is telling. Would most punters take The Wolf Of Wall Street over Goodfellas? Django Unchained over Reservoir Dogs? Avatar over The Terminator? Also, get a room with Chris Nolan. He makes up one tenth of your whole list (and you didn’t even include Insomnia.) JON, TOOWOOMBA, QLD We missed Insomnia? Damn. That should have made the list. SOMETHING TO CROWE ABOUT I loved the interview with Russell Crowe in the May issue. I was wondering if you could do a deep dive on…

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spine quote honour role

SPINE QUOTE #229 “I’m not putting down your black widow spider, but the funnel-web spider can kill a man in eight seconds, just by looking at him.” THE CONNECTION From Crocodile Dundee referring to Black Widow being on the cover. THE WINNER Congrats to Nev Hughes, who scored himself an Empire cap! Send answers to empire@ bauer-media .com.au…

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no./ 1 spice, sandworms and game-changing sci-fi

SOME BOOKS STICK with you. That’s how it was for Denis Villeneuve, director of Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, when he read Frank Herbert’s Dune. The young Quebecois read the novel — devoured it, really — when he was “maybe 13 or 14” and was instantly captivated by its epic scope, intricately crafted civilisation and Machiavellian plot. But most of all he connected to its young hero, not much older than Villeneuve himself at the time, and that connection lingered. So when he was asked what he would adapt for the screen if money were no object, “My answer was definitely Dune.” That meant recreating the harsh desert planet of Arrakis, nicknamed ‘Dune’, where our hero Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and his parents, Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) and Lady Jessica…

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no./ why poison ivy deserves another chance to bloom

A SEQUEL TO Birds Of Prey has not yet been greenlit. But as far as director Cathy Yan is concerned, Harley Quinn needs a different kind of green. She wants to introduce plant-loving Poison Ivy into her line-up of Gotham antiheroes, in what would be the cult favourite character’s first substantial big-screen outing. “I would certainly love to see the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy,” Yan told The Wrap. Poison Ivy, for those who skipped Uma Thurman’s small role in Batman & Robin (wise), is a former botanist turned eco-warrior. She’s able to control plants and often people, thanks to her ability to synthesise toxins and mind-altering substances, while remaining immune to poison herself. Ivy hates humans for ruining the natural world (fair) and is a one-woman reforestation machine,…

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no./ 4 how we watch films now

1 QUARANTINE FILM CLUBS Cinemas might be gone, for now. But the crackle of excitement and sticky-carpeted sense of occasion is being found elsewhere. Movie fans have found inventive new ways to recreate the experience at home, with fancy dress (Mob wives for GoodFellas, big trenchcoats for Casablanca) and book club-style post-film chats proving popular. The Netflix Party browser extension, meanwhile, has given groups of people the chance to watch and pause films simultaneously, with a chat box on the side giving the experience a jolt of retro MSN Messenger-esque energy. 2 ONLINE FILMMAKER Q&AS Many filmmaker-driven events and seasons have simply moved online — the BFI has recruited the likes of Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins to be guest curators for their BFI Player service, while UK boutique-cinema chain Curzon has a…