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WHEN DANIEL CRAIG was first cast as James Bond, many fans of the franchise thought he didn’t have the right ingredients to play the polished leading man that they were used to. But after a five-film run, and producing the two highest-grossing 007 films ever, Craig has established himself as one of the greatest to ever nurse a shaken (not stirred) martini. And now he’s about to hang up his gun holster with No Time To Die, his final Bond movie. We caught up with the English actor in New York, where he told us that there was still a story to be told and work to be done. And if the trailer is anything to go by, there’s reason to celebrate. The full story is on page 46 where…

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GEM OF A MOVIE I’m very excited about the release of the new Adam Sandler film Uncut Gems. I used to dislike the guy because of stuff like The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore, but I’ve warmed to him in recent times with his more serious roles and it sounds like Uncut Gems could be his best performance yet. JARRYD, RANDWICK, NSW Agreed, Jarryd. Sandler is amazing in Uncut Gems. MY HAT’S OFF TO YOU Can I have a hat? I usually spend my days on the couch watching movies so whenever I venture outside my sensitive skin burns in the sun. I’d love to be able to both rep my love for films and this magazine AND keep my nose out of the sun. PETER, NEW FARM, QLD We’ll send you a hat, Peter, as long as…

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no./1 wonder woman swings into the ’80s

“I WANT WONDER Woman to be the James Bond of the superhero world,” says Patty Jenkins of the sequel to her 2017 hit. “I set out to make a grand, massive tentpole, à la the 1980s.” Not just in the style of the ’80s either, but set in 1984 — with all the colour and brash confidence of that era. After helping bring an end to World War I but losing the love of her life, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, we rejoin Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman more than 60 years on. But for director Patty Jenkins, this was always the right time to return to Diana’s story and always the story to tell. “This story came to me very clearly while we were making the first film,” says Jenkins. “There were two…

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no./2 once upon a time in… 2019

THE YEAR... SCORSESE TOOK ON SUPERHEROES — AND SPARKED A DEBATE ABOUT CINEMA It seemed like a harmless question. It was early July, and I was sat in Martin Scorsese’s New York office. The director had shown me an unfinished cut of his latest epic, The Irishman , minus the de-ageing effects, and we were busy chatting about it. I asked if he had looked at the de-ageing work in Marvel’s films. And to my surprise, Scorsese gave a fiery criticism of the Marvel oeuvre. “No, I don’t see them,” he began. “That’s not cinema.” My guess is you’ve seen the rest of his thoughts elsewhere. I knew immediately it would get a reaction. But I didn’t know until we ran the quotes in Empire in early October just how big a…

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no./4 marvel’s next move: an all-female team

WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW? Well, because they are. Most recently, Brie Larson has spoken in detail about how she and a group of fellow female Marvel actors approached Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige directly about a potential female team-up movie. Given Feige’s own recent promotion up the Marvel ranks (he is now Chief Creative Officer of all of Marvel), and the fact that Feige himself has spoken approvingly of the idea (“It is all about figuring out when and how,” he told Vulture ), the momentum for the idea is all there. IS THERE PRECEDENT IN THE COMICS? Marvel Comics’ 2015 series A-Force , by writers G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite Bennett and artist Jorge Molina, was the publisher’s first to feature an all-female team of Avengers. Debuting as part…

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morfydd clark

ON GETTING INTO ACTING “I think being really rubbish in school played a big part in me becoming an actress. I have ADHD and needed to find a world where lots of the things that were seen as bad were not just accepted but celebrated. I feel so passionate about drama. It was a real refuge.” ON PASSIONATE DIRECTORS “Something that’s so great about Armando [Iannucci, director of David Copperfield] is his boundless enthusiasm. Craig [Roberts, director of Eternal Beauty], Rose [Glass, director of Saint Maud] and Armando are all writer-directors. I always thought writer-directors would be precious about their work, but actually none of them were.” ON PLAYING A TROUBLED NURSE IN SAINT MAUD “I’ve got loads of family who work for the NHS. I feel very passionately about their plight. These people look…