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Empire November 2019

NEWS! Empire brings you world-exclusive movie news and first-look pictures of the films you want to watch and care about. REVIEWS! Empire delivers the most independent and authoritative movie reviews in the world - period. ACCESS! Empire's incredible insider-access brings you the interviews with A-list Hollywood stars that no-one else can get. All served with an irreverent sense of humour and unparalleled movie knowledge...

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HAS IT REALLY been (almost) two years since we left Canto Bight and last saw the possible future of the Resistance with broom brandished? The Last Jedi was unmistakably a bold piece of filmmaking from Rian Johnson and one that was unmistakably met with both love and loud disagreement. Now, 20 months on and we’re about to go again! Strap yourself in! But wait: this time, things are a little different. J.J. Abrams is back, after answering a call from producer and president of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy, and now finds himself tasked with the mammoth job of finishing the Skywalker saga. It’s quite the gig, and one that the director does not take lightly, the ghost of George Lucas on one shoulder and the voice of the fans on the…

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THE WIZARD OF OZ Sincere congrats on 30 years of epic goodness. Over three decades, living on four continents, working various jobs, Empire was invariably on my couch or bedside table, in my backpack or work satchel. I’ll never forget the thrill of discovering Empire (Hellboy cover, Issue 225, March ’08) on a newsstand in Saigon. I celebrated my 50th recently in a backyard festooned with dozens of posters from Empire. To quote arguably the best 007 song, nobody does it better, Empire. You’re the best. DAVID HOLMES, BRISBANE Wow, thanks David. Please accept these Picturehouse memberships for 11 years of loyalty. Worth coming back here just to use, we reckon. Picture house Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend! Valid for one year at 23 Picturehouse Cinemas across the…

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Editor-In-Chief TERRI WHITE Creative Director CHRIS LUPTON Photography Director JOANNA MORAN Deputy Art Director JAMES INGLIS Designer ALIYAH ALLEN Associate Editor (Production) LIZ BEARDSWORTH Editor-At-Large HELEN O’HARA Associate Editor (Features) NICK DE SEMLYEN Associate Editor (Re.View) CHRIS HEWITT News Editor JOHN NUGENT Editor-In-Chief (Digital) JAMES DYER Online Staff Writer BEN TRAVIS CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Simon Braund, Angie Errigo, Ian Freer, Dan Jolin, Will Lawrence, Ian Nathan, Kim Newman, David Parkinson, Nev Pierce, Adam Smith CONTRIBUTORS Words: Neil Alcock, Joe Barton, Kambole Campbell, Fred Dellar, Alex Godfrey, Al Horner, David Hughes, Ella Kemp, Chris Mandle, Christina Newland, John Rain, Olly Richards, Rachael Sigee, Amon Warmann, Beth Webb, James White, Owen Williams Photographers: Brigitte Lacombe, Sebastian Nevols Illustrations: Arn0, Peter Crowther, Neil Edwards, Bill McConkey, Jacey, Paul Ryding, Paul Shipper Subbing: Julie Emery, Jo Kendall, Matthew Yates Picture assistance: Mandy Rowson H BAUER PUBLISHING CEO of Bauer Publishing UK Rob Munro-Hall EA to Rob Munro-Hall Stacey Thomas Managing Director — Celebrity Weeklies & Entertainment…

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no./1 where have you been, jesse?

AARON PAUL THINKS Breaking Bad ended “perfectly”. When we last saw his character — meth-cooking, magnet-loving Jesse Pinkman — he was ragged, scarred and reeling from his enslavement by Uncle Jack’s neo-Nazi gang, speeding off into the night, high on freedom. Jesse’s story was done. Paul was satisfied. “My God, did he pay for his sins inside that buried cage,” he tells Empire. Yet, he says, during the subsequent years, “People kept asking me: ‘What happened to Jesse?’ Although I loved how it was left unclear, I’m glad that now…” He pauses and chuckles. “… it’s a little less so.” That clarity comes courtesy of the movie El Camino, written and directed by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. Remarkably, it was shot completely under the radar last November in Albuquerque, New…

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no./2 how watchmen takes on white supremacy

THE HERO OF Alan Moore’s landmark 1986 graphic novel Watchmen was Rorschach, an uncompromising vigilante who’d stop at nothing in his hunt for justice. In Damon Lindelof’s HBO continuation of the superhero satire, set 30 years after the original, the character represents pure villainy. “We thought it’d be interesting to show bad guys appropriating Rorschach, twisting and subverting the idea of him to their whims,” says the Lost co-creator, whose new show sees violent criminals donning Rorschach masks to terrorise “race traitors” and people of colour. Welcome to the new Watchmen: a white supremacy-battling update of a comic book classic, tailor-made for our time of alt-right rallies and sky-rocketing hate crime figures. “We talked a lot about racism,” says Lindelof, who grew up reading Moore’s edgy tales. “Watchmen really tapped into…

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no./3 it’s time to re-evaluate j.lo

WE’VE FALLEN PREY to one of the classic early 2000s pop blunders: we’ve all been fooled by the rocks that Jennifer Lopez has got. The star’s Oscar-buzzed role in Hustlers is a welcome reminder that Lopez is far from just tabloid fodder: she’s a hell of an actress. Lopez’s first leading role and breakthrough performance was 1997’s Selena, playing the talented, tragic Tejano pop star, putting her on Hollywood’s radar and kickstarting her music career. In Out Of Sight (1998) she and George Clooney burned up the screen as they matched wits and charisma. But (as with Hustlers) her strength there is not only in sex appeal but in substance; her US marshal is a focussed, confident career woman who knows exactly what she wants, even when her desires conflict with…