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Empire January 2020

NEWS! Empire brings you world-exclusive movie news and first-look pictures of the films you want to watch and care about. REVIEWS! Empire delivers the most independent and authoritative movie reviews in the world - period. ACCESS! Empire's incredible insider-access brings you the interviews with A-list Hollywood stars that no-one else can get. All served with an irreverent sense of humour and unparalleled movie knowledge...

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IT ALL BEGAN in 1977 with Episode IV. And it all ends right now, in 2019 with Episode IX: 42 years of epic storytelling, and what a story it’s been across three trilogies (DON’T START WITH THE PREQUELS ALREADY). A book opened by George Lucas, now to be closed by J.J. Abrams, and anticipation has never been greater, stakes higher. For J.J. and his cast and crew, this it it. We talk to, well, all of them in our cover feature about the pressure and joy such a challenge presents. But we also wanted to look back on the last four decades. On a run of films that have meant more than many others (and caused more controversy than many others). In our bonus Skywalker Saga magazine you can revisit…

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REY OF SUNSHINE I loved the issue on The Rise Of Skywalker. The cover is already on the wall. Empire has been a great comfort to me through exam season and moving into uni. It’s always been a great way to escape from any change in my life, into the wonderful world of film. I love the Pilot TV podcast, which I listen to religiously and got to see live last month, and I shrieked when I saw the Star Wars trailer breakdown last week. Congratulations to Terri on the baby; it feels great to have a woman be the editor of Empire. LILY SCIOR-LEWIS, VIA EMAIL Thanks, Lily, for your enthusiasm, loyalty and occasional shrieking. And please enjoy our second and final The Rise Of Skywalker issue — hope it elicits the…

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GAME OVER, MAN My friend Mark and I were comparing old Empire issues, when he pointed out how cleverly you predicted the future with your Aliens spine quote on issue 161 (“How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?”), which is also the planet where Alien 3 is set (Fury 161)! While you’re at it, can you let us know if Brexit ever ends? CLEO SCRIVENER, ESSEX Thanks, Cleo — that was definitely intentional. For inspecting our back catalogue and joining dots in a way that would impress a Weyland-Yutani android science officer, please accept this pair of Picturehouse Memberships, so you can enjoy many alien-themed 2020 escapades. Picture house Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend! Valid for one year at 23 Picturehouse Cinemas across the UK, including…

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no./1 “i love getting to play with naughty humour”

NO-ONE MIXES popcorn spectacle and witty wisecracks like Ryan Reynolds. We sat down with the man behind the Deadpool mask in Los Angeles to discuss how explosions and laugh-out-loud humour have become his cinematic calling card — a combination on full display in his new Michael Bay blockbuster, 6 Underground — and why his upcoming movies promise to continue this tradition. Oh, and there’s also the small matter of a certain Merc With A Mouth’s introduction to the MCU. 6 Underground was reported in Deadline as set to be the most expensive Netflix film yet, costing $10 million more than The Irishman. Does it feel nice to get one up on Scorsese? Ha! Wow. Well, I’m only an actor on this project, so I don’t know what they actually spent on it.…

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no./2 once upon a time in… 2019

THE YEAR... SCORSESE TOOK ON SUPERHEROES — AND SPARKED A DEBATE ABOUT CINEMA It seemed like a harmless question. It was early July, and I was sat in Martin Scorsese’s New York office. The director had shown me an unfinished cut of his latest epic, The Irishman, minus the de-ageing effects, and we were busy chatting about it. I asked if he had looked at the de-ageing work in Marvel’s films. And to my surprise, Scorsese gave a fiery criticism of the Marvel oeuvre. “No, I don’t see them,” he began. “That’s not cinema.” My guess is you’ve seen the rest of his thoughts elsewhere. I knew immediately it would get a reaction. But I didn’t know until we ran the quotes in Empire in early October just how big a reaction.…

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chadwick boseman

What character were you in your first school play? I was a black rabbit with a white beard in the Easter play. What would you call your autobiography? ‘If They Could Only See The Morning’. You have to wait to read it to find out why! Right now it only exists in my head, but there’s nothing in the works. When were you most starstruck? Phylicia Rashad. She came to Howard University to teach. The first time she showed up I couldn’t even talk to her. I’ve met a lot of famous people since then, but I think just the way she is actually prepared me for being around a lot of people that I’ve met. She probably doesn’t even know that. I’ve since been onstage with her for a reading, but I haven’t done…