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GP Racing UK March 2020

Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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new season, new hope and a new name

Welcome to the very first issue of GP Racing, the magazine formerly known as F1 Racing. That’s right, we’ve had a facelift (see page 69 for details) and now we’re roaring into the 2020s with a new name (and subscription offer, see page 126) in time for this new Formula 1 season. And what a season we hope it will be! Ah, hope… the thing that – in clichéd football parlance – ‘kills you’. Better to hold no expectations than have them dashed horribly on the rocks of reality, right? But this is the time of year for such fancy. Will Lewis Hamilton have it all (largely) his own way again, or is this the season Ferrari finally gets its act together and sustains a title challenge all the way to the…

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ANDREW BENSON BBC Sport's chief F1 writer weighs up Lewis Hamilton's career against the driver he may surpass as the G.O.A.T this season (p38) GLENN DUNBAR Besides photographing George Russell (p82) and Guenther Steiner (p98) for us, Glenn also shot Racing Point's new livery in Austria (p72) ROBERTO CHINCHERO Motorsport.com Italy contributor Roberto knows Ferrari inside out. Turn to p50 for his view on the Scuderia's tough task ahead this season BEN EDWARDS Channel 4 F1 lead commentator Ben Edwards is our new columnist (p24). He's also pretty handy in a Formula Ford 1600……

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First day, final corner Testing runs until 6pm every day so – provided the weather stays on your side – there’s a variety of light to play with. Here at the final corner of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the angle of the sun late in the afternoon helps to pick out the front of Lewis Hamilton’s car as well as the colours on his crash helmet. This is a tricky shot to get sharp in the right places because you’re using a long lens (600mm) with a slow shutter speed. The aim is to have it relatively sharp in the centre, with enough of a blur at the margins to give an impression of the speed of the car – helped here by the red and white strips on the kerbs. Photographer Zak…

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CHINA SEEKS NEW DATE 01 The Chinese Grand Prix may have to become a two-day event – or not happen at all this year – owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease. As this edition of GP Racing went to press, Chinese promoter Juss Events was working with Formula 1 to find an alternative slot in the calendar after the race – scheduled for 19 April – was postponed. Questions remain regarding the new Vietnam Grand Prix, due to take place on 5 April, owing to global fears about the spread of the disease. While not necessarily fatal unless patients have underlying health problems which render them vulnerable, COVID-19 has a 14-day incubation period before symptoms manifest. That means travellers – particularly international ones – play an unintentionally active role…

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f1 mastermind

Q1 What was the highest position a Williams car ran during a grand prix in 2019? Q2 Three drivers have won the Hungarian Grand Prix for two different teams. Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are two but who is the third? Q3 How many races did Lando Norris score points in last season: nine, 11 or 13? Q4 When and where was the Brabham team’s last win in Formula 1 and who claimed it? Q5 The 21 extra points for fastest laps available in 2019 were shared between Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and which other team? Q6 In 1990 Olivier Grouillard was the last driver to race for which Italian Formula team? Q7 Jordan famously finished 1-2 in the 1998 Belgian GP, but who took the final podium slot? Q8 True or false: Antonio Giovanazzi led four…

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the f1 analyst

THE MAKING OF CARLOS SAINZ The Sainz family has spanned the recent transition between decades in dynamic style. In Adu Dhabi Carlos snatched sixth in the Formula 1 world championship by a single point at the 2019 season finale; seven weeks later his 57-year-old father scored his third victory on the Dakar rally raid. A potent combination of talent and professionalism is clearly hard-wired into their DNA, and the McLaren driver continues to be inspired by his dad, who was working out in a sauna at 7am each day in the build-up to competing in the desert. The younger Sainz has focused on playing squash and on boxing to further improve his physical and mental skills, but will we ever see him emulate his father’s greatest achievement in becoming a world champion? The approaching season…