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FineScale Modeler December 2017

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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world war ii still drives modeling

It’s right that we keep their memories alive through our models. On this month’s cover, a handsome Marauder stirs memories that for many of us flowed from our father’s generation. Many of our dads served in WWII, some sharing stories freely, others keeping those difficult memories to themselves. But, for a lot of modelers, the aircraft, armor, and ships of that era represent the height of U.S. military might. They embody good crushing evil. Just a few weeks ago, I spent a day touring the beaches of Normandy. It was a bucket-list dream realized, and reignited my respect and awe of the soldiers that prevailed on D-Day and in WWII. Standing on Omaha and Utah beaches, imagining the noise, the confusion, the horror of war, made me wonder just how each soldier mustered the…

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off the sprue: what’s your funniest holiday memory?

Editor Mark Savage msavage@Kalmbach.com After opening gifts one Christmas morning, my daughter looks at her brother and says, “This is a lot better Christmas than last year!” I asked, “Why?” She volunteers, “Because this year we didn’t know everything we were getting.” I realized that I should start hiding the gifts better! Senior Editor Aaron Skinner askinner@FineScale.com It’s not really funny, but: Every year, my grandmother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I sent her a list of kits. I think she took the list to a hobby store and handed it to the clerk. The result was a bunch of models that kept me in the workshop through the rest of the summer holidays. Associate Editor Mark Hembree mhembree@FineScale.com When the kids were little and we had just moved to Wisconsin, we stayed awhile with my wife’s parents.…

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scale talk

Keep showing us your space Settling in for a build After almost two years of settling into our new home, I was finally able to set up a comfortable work space and continue my many projects. (Thanks goes out to my wife, Lisa, and two young daughters, Genevieve and Angeline.) I have plenty of room for just about anything, and all my tools are within easy reach. I also have a special desk to work on. It is a wood bunk from an Oberon-class submarine of the Royal Canadian Navy. As I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, I would often see these submarines passing through the harbor. Once they were decommissioned, they were stripped before being sold. I was fortunate to obtain the bunk, which I flipped over, attached some legs to, and turned…

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new products

Spotlight Tamiya Archer hits target for ease of build Following the release of the Valentine tank in mid-2017, Tamiya (www.tamiyausa.com) follows with a 1/35 scale Archer selfpropelled antitank gun (No. 35356, $66). It makes sense, given that the Archer was built on the Valentine’s chassis. More than 650 were produced during World War II and the vehicle saw service in Northwest Europe and Italy. This kit shares some suspension and link-and-length tracks with the Valentine, but everything else is new including the upper hull, which is molded with the fenders. Sharp detail, including multipart louvers, marks the engine deck. But the real highlight is the fighting compartment with a driver’s position, racks of ammo, weld seams outside, and the rear-facing 17-pounder with breech, controls, and a one-piece barrel. Three figures finish the scene. Decals provide markings…

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colors for a veteran aardvark

Nicknamed Aardvark early in its career, the F-111 was not officially given that title until its USAF retirement in 1996. Despite a relatively low production run — only 566 built — and a troubled development that stemmed from trying to produce both a naval interceptor and an Air Force strike aircraft, the F-111 went on to be a potent weapon. The first production aircraft with variable-sweep wings, it could operate in weather that grounded other aircraft and carry out missions without tanker or electronic countermeasure support. Combat experiences of the Aardvark include Southeast Asia in the early 1970s, the Gulf War, and the 1986 raid on Libya. Kelly Quirk, of Platte City, Mo., modified Academy’s 1/48 scale F-111F with a resin cockpit from Black Box, and resin wheels, exhausts, Pave Tack targeting…

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guns, guns, guns!

I f you are modeling soldiers from just about any era, you’ll need to paint guns — that means everything from rifles to pistols to submachine guns. Some have wooden stocks, others may include pressed metal, and all will have machined parts. To demonstrate some of my favorite techniques, I painted German World War II weapons from several Dragon 1/35 scale figure sets. These are some of the nicest plastic guns available. I used handmade brushes from The Brushman, David Jackson (thebrushman@hotmail.co.uk). Use one brush for metallic paints and another for other colors. In 1/35 scale, these things are small and kind of awkward to hold onto during painting. I stuck them in blobs of Blu-Tack poster putty on a cork handle. Next Issue What better way to follow a description of painting…