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Firearms News Volume 73, Issue 15

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3 min.
product showcase

YHM EXPANDS WITH GRAHAM BROTHERS RIFLEWORKS "YHM is pleased to announce the indictment of its' new subdivision Graham Brothers Rifle-works®, the new premiere product line for the precision marksman. This new brand will focus on top-of-the-line accessories and equipment designed for competition and long-distance shooting, primarily for bolt action rifles. The MARC™ Sport chassis system is the brand’s initial release. Graham Brothers is currently in development of both supporting and stand-alone products for the precision shooting sports. Available for Remington and Savage platforms in both short and long actions, the MARC™ Sport chassis features “V” bedding for improved accuracy and will accommodate recoil lugs up to 3/8 of an inch thick." • MARC™ Sport Chassis (YHM-1510, 1515, 1520, 1525): $499 • MARC™ Chassis Handguard (YHM-1530-A): $99 • MARC™ Arca Swiss Rail (YHM-1535-A): $99 For more information please…

17 min.
micro guns: back-ups to the back-up

At the last gun shop I worked at, we got “visits.” No, not the ATF (although we had them drop in from time to time as well) but actual street gangs. The shop was in a bedroom community contiguous with Detroit. And a brief aside here; everything you’ve ever heard about Detroit; it’s true. The visits were all pretty much the same, with only the clothing changing with the seasons and fashions. The team would walk in through the door, and each of them would split up and go to a different corner, take their station, and stand and watch. Watch us. No browsing, no chatting, no milling around. Meanwhile, we’d be doing the same thing. Right on their heels would come their boss, who would walk up to the counter…

21 min.
pocket pistol roundup

My task from my editor was to do a roundup of “pocket pistols.” However, there is no technical definition of the term. In this modern era, the number of small and “subcompact” pistols is huge, and covering all of them would fill all the pages of this magazine. And then some. Ultimately, I decided to cover only some pistols on the market. For a guideline, I decided to only cover handguns chambered in .380 ACP and less powerful cartridges, in guns with barrels less than three-inches long, that weigh less than a pound unloaded, and are currently being manufactured. That’s a longer list than you might think — and I’m sure I missed at least one. First, a little bit of history, because pocket pistols are far from a modern phenomenon: Ever since…

20 min.
the snub five-shot revolver: hidden elegance

The first five-shot snub I owned was an Iver Johnson Safety Hammerless with a trigger safety lever à la Glock. It had a two-inch barrel, chambered .32 S&W, and was almost new in the box. I didn’t shoot it much; a box of .32 S&W cartridges was expensive for me in those days. After I traded that little “Owl Head,” I missed it and finally found another one a few years ago. I also owned a S&W Safety Hammerless “Bicycle Revolver” with a two-inch barrel. As with many reading this, my first five-shot .38 Special snub was a S&W Chiefs Special, an early one with the flat latch. I carried it as a backup to my S&W Model 58 revolver, or in my pocket when serving papers for local lawyers or…

1 min.
for more information about products mentioned see:

https://www.smith-wesson.com/revolvers https://ruger.com/products/lcr/overview.html https://charterfirearms.com/ https://www.taurususa.com/firearms/revolvers/ https://akerleather.com/ https://www.donhume.com/ https://www.miltsparks.com/ https://mitchrosen.com/ http://www.hksspeedloaders.com/SpeedloaderPage.html https://www.desantisholster.com/fletc-2-0/ http://www.klnullholsters.com/NewHolsters/skr.htm http://www.black-hills.com/product-category/ new-pistol-ammo/ https://www.federalpremium.com/products/handgun https://www.sigsauer.com/products/ammunition/ http://www.45super.com/Triton%20quik-shok.html https://winchester.com/Products/Ammunition/Handgun https://www.corbon.com/ https://www.barnesbullets.com/ammunition/tac-xpd/ https://www.zerobullets.com/ http://www.hksspeedloaders.com/ https://www.galcogunleather.com/ handbags-for-concealed-carry_8_149.html…

21 min.
pocket pistol ammunition roundup

We’ve all heard the disparaging terms for small “pocket”-sized pistols. Mouse guns. Pocket guns. Purse guns. Jeff Cooper liked the term “nostril gun”, as in you stick it up their nose and pull the trigger until the problem is solved. The late Col. Jeff Cooper was a well-known fan of the .45 ACP, and was involved early on with the 10mm. He didn’t like the 9mm at all (notice a trend?). As for tiny guns like .25 autos, when someone once asked him if they should carry one, his response was, “No. Because if you carry one, at some point you may need to shoot someone with it. And if you shoot someone with it, and they notice, they might get mad.” Col. Cooper’s tongue was firmly planted in his cheek as…