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Firearms News Volume 73, Issue 16

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surplus star

It was 2:20 a.m., on 17th July 2007, and the unit I was embedded with was conducting a Cordon and Search operation in Adhamiya Iraq. It was cool out compared to the heat of the day, but still around 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and I had let my Nikon D100 hang from the carabiner attached to my body armor and lit a cigarette. My gaze was locked on the pistol worn by an Iraqi officer a few feet away. Members of the 3-7th Cavalry’s Bonecrusher Troop and a similar amount of motley equipped Iraqi Army (IA) soldiers were forming up outside yet another house needing to be searched. It was owned by a doctor and his property was surrounded by a wall and secured by a robust steel gate. I was…

3 min.
a star bm pistol saves the day at bridge 14

I believe I first read about South African 2nd Lieutenant van Vuuren’s exploits at the Battle of Bridge 14 in the pages of Soldier of Fortune magazine in the late 1970s or early 1980s. In those pre-historic days before the “interweb” SoF was a great place for news you would never see printed by the MSM. Such was the case with the tale of Battle Group Foxbat’s incursion into Angola as part of Operation Savannah in support of UNITA. At this time van Vuuren had three Eland armored cars under his command. Introduced in 1962, the Eland was a 4-wheel drive armored car mounting a long barreled Denel 90mm gun in a rotating turret. It was lightly armored as it was intended for reconnaissance work. In reality, it was often…

25 min.
sig sauer asp20 air rifle part 2

Introduction I told you all about the development of the SIG Sauer ASP20 air rifle in part one of this article ( Firearms News issue 12, 2019). Now that I have a .22 caliber ASP20 of my own, I can test it more thoroughly. I plan to hold nothing back! Testing the ASP20 on My Own In part one you learned that SIG gave a scoped rifle to every writer who went on their factory tour in July of 2018. I asked for the .22 caliber because, at this power level, I felt it would be the smoothest of the two. Ed Schultz of SIG agreed with my decision. SIG sent me the rifle with the Whiskey3 scope already mounted and sighted-in at 10 yards. Wood Stock or Synthetic? When I first saw the rifle…

23 min.
we head to siberia to visit the barnaul cartridge plant

These are great days to be into firearms and shooting. Prices are low, especially when it comes to ammunition, so your dollar buys more. While prices will not stay at these levels forever, it’s nice to be able to take advantage of it while we can. “Buy it cheap and stack it deep” are words of wisdom to live by. While you are looking for deals on ammunition, you may notice a name you might not be familiar with, Barnaul ammunition. While the name might be new to you, the ammunition likely isn’t. Barnaul Cartridge Plant is one of Russia’s largest and most respected ammunition manufacturers. They produce a wide variety of cartridges for military, LE, hunting, competition and recreational shooters. In years past, commercial ammunition from Barnaul Cartridge Plant was…

13 min.
the guns of red dawn

Matt Eckert was daydreaming through a fairly typical 3rd period history class. Allison Busby was sitting one row over and one seat up in one of those pleasantly tight sweaters of which she seemed so fond. Matt had no idea what Mr. Teasdale was droning on about. Matt was not studying history. Matt was studying Allison. It started with shouting outside near the football field. Mr. Teasdale looked out the window, drawn by the odd voices, and Matt followed his gaze. Billowing parachutes descended slowly in the placid Colorado sky. Armed men in camouflage clothes were running about shouting at each other in what sounded like Spanish. The class leapt up as one and gathered at the window to watch. It all seemed surreal. Before the kids could react, Mr. Teasdale was…

13 min.
romanian world war ii small arms part i

Between 101 and 106 AD, the part of the Balkans known today as Romania was conquered by the Romans and was known as Dacia. During this period, the province was fully integrated into the Roman Empire and large numbers of Roman colonists were settled in the region. The Roman colonists introduced the Latin language and the intense Romanization gave birth to the Proto-Romanian language. In the Middle Ages, “Romania” consisted of three principalities: Wallachia (in Romanian Țara Rom‰nească — “The Romanian Land”), Moldavia and Transylvania which were divided into semi-independent Romanian voivodeships (governorships). In the 11th century Transylvania was incorporated into the Kingdom of Hungary and 14th century saw Wallachia and Modavia become part of the Second Bulgarian Empire. By 1541, the entire Balkan peninsula and most of Hungary had been conquered…