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Firearms News Volume 73, Issue 19

If you're serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms then Firearms News is for you. Whether you collect, hunt, target shoot, have personal defense needs or other firearms interest you'll find the largest variety and best prices on all the firearms, accessories and services that you could want or need!

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firearms news

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product showcase

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alexander arms blitz

It’s hard to believe just how fast time goes by the older you get. Time seems to pass in a flash at this stage of my life. Looking back it doesn’t seem possible that 15 years have elapsed since the introduction of an impressive little cartridge called the 6.5mm Grendel. Officially introduced at the 2004 SHOT Show by Alexander Arms, the 6.5mm Grendel went on to beat the odds and not just survive but thrive. Keep in mind, the 6.5mm Grendel was introduced at the exact same trade show where Remington rolled out their 6.8x43mm Rem Special Purpose Cartridge (SPC) for the commercial market. Like the .30-’06 Government and .270 Winchester, the 6.5mm Grendel and 6.8x43mm Rem SPC were star crossed and destined to pit their proponents against one another.…

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a short history of the 6.5mm grendel

I have been shooting a 6.5mm Grendel since before its debut, and aware of its development almost from the start. So at this junction in its life I thought it only fitting to take a look back at the history and evolution of this interesting cartridge. I first became aware of this project in late 2002 or early 2003 while working on a 6.5mm project of my own. I was playing with the idea of a 7.62x39mm necked down to 6.5mm for use in a Kalashnikov. I stopped work on my project though after a conversation with Bill Alexander of Alexander Arms. Alexander got his start as a Research and Development Consultant working predominantly on military wares for the British Ministry of Defense. He had contracts working on everything from…

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a look at the 6.5mm grendel cartridge

The finalized 6.5mm Grendel cartridge has a .441-inch diameter casehead (like a 7.62x39mm) and a case length of 1.524 inches (38.7mm). The .059 inch rim is significantly thicker than the .038 inch rim utilized on 5.56mm ammunition. As to be expected this thicker rim aids reliability. Shoulder angle is 30 degrees and a small rifle primer is utilized. Overall cartridge length runs from 2.200–2.265 inches depending upon projectile. Projectiles running in weight from 80 up to 144 grains may be utilized, but the cartridge is at its best with bullets in the 100 to 123-grain range. The result is a handsome little cartridge which fits neatly into the confines dictated by the AR-15’s magazine well. Due to its diminutive size one would expect this round to be a purely short range…

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the bushmaster acr enhanced in .450 bushmaster

As stated in my other reviews of alternatives to 12-gauge firearms for deer hunting, I am so happy that the .450 Bushmaster cartridge came along. The variety of firearms in Ohio for deer hunting in years past were slim, as our “options” were: any shotgun with slugs, muzzleloader (.38 or greater), or handgun with five-inch barrel minimum (.357 Magnum or greater, cartridge case without a shoulder). Our maximum cartridge capacity for deer was, and is, set at three rounds, including the one in the chamber. I usually hunted with a Mossberg 500 12-gauge pump or semi-auto Beretta 3901 slug gun with my maximum distance at about 50 yards. This is the heavily wooded and hilly part of Ohio, although flat farmland abounds — I always preferred being near or in the…