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First for Women

First for Women January 11, 2021

First for Women is a women's interest magazine that gives its readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel great, look beautiful and love every dimension of their life. Published every three weeks, First delivers positive information on everything from health and nutrition, to beauty and fitness, to home and family.

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10 brilliant uses for coffee grounds

1 Make fireplace cleaning a breeze You love curling up by the fire on colder nights, but could do without the hassle of cleanup afterward. What can help: After the fire cools, sprinkle damp coffee grounds on the ashes and let sit for 5 minutes before sweeping up. The grounds will help weigh down the ashes, eliminating the dust that would otherwise make the chore such a mess. 2 Deodorize a stinky fridge fast The Sunday night dinner you cooked for your family was delicious, but a few days later, the leftovers have left behind a strong smell in your fridge. The easy solution: Place a bowl of dry coffee grounds inside. The granules will absorb odors so they won’t escape every time you open the fridge door. 3 Help faded dark clothing look…

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7 books we’re loving now

Suspense The Boy in the Photo by Nicole Trope “Sometimes I get bored during the winter months, with shorter days, stuck inside,” admits Tara Hans, FIRST managing editor. “That’s why I’m always on the hunt for a heart-pounding roller coaster ride, and this book was exactly that!” Six years after Megan’s 6-year-old son, Daniel, was kidnapped by his father from school one day, Megan gets the call she’s been waiting for: They found Daniel. Now 12 years old, Daniel is distant and Megan struggles to reconnect with him, while balancing her new husband and daughter on top of it all. What’s even worse: Megan suspects Daniel is hiding a secret, one that has the potential to destroy their family. Says Tara, “The only problem with this story was that I read it…

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make $$$ helping others get healthy!

“I bring in 6 figures a year helping people sleep!” “My grandson has autism, and when he was having trouble sleeping, his occupational therapist recommended a weighted blanket—it provides pressure that’s meant to help with sensory issues, insomnia and more. At that time, I only found two companies that sold them, and their websites were hard to navigate and made it difficult to make a purchase. Instead, I found fabric at Walmart, a sewing pattern for the blanket and asked a close friend who teaches sewing classes at our church to help me make it. Unlike other companies, I added pillow stuffing to make the blanket more like a comforter—it really helped my grandson! “That’s when I decided to make and sell my own blankets. I worked with my friend on the…

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jane’s keys to vibrant energy

Having just returned from filming for her upcoming project, Glow and Darkness, Jane Seymour strolls through her Malibu garden and catches up with FIRST about the lessons she learned this past year—and her hopes and dreams for the one ahead. “I learned a lot about myself in 2020,” she says with a smile. “So many things changed because of COVID, from how I spend time with my family to how I exercise, but it’s made me realize that I refuse to live in fear. Life is too short! I’m careful, but still intent on enjoying life.” For Jane, that outlook—plus a healthy dose of gratitude—will be the key to ushering in a new year full of blessings. “Even in not-so-happy times, I’m thankful for what I have…and for what’s to come!” Here,…

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pretty ‘air plants’ to add cheery charm all winter long!

On a side table: A pink potted pretty “Tillandsia, better known as air plants, are adorable, easy to care for and fit into any spot,” says Maria Colletti, author of Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass and Living Decor. “When set on a side table, a surprising and eye-catching Tillandsia ‘Josee’ creates a living tropical decor piece that’s sure to strike up conversation.” This particular air plant can be grown in water beads (like the Panacea Products Dry Water Gems, $7, Joann.com) that gradually release water to the plant’s roots. To do: Hydrate dried water beads to package instructions and fill a small pot halfway with beads. If there is soil on the roots of the plant, use your fingers to remove as much as you can, then add to pot and top…

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would you ever…make your own foundation?

Coffee to even out skin? That’s the promise of the latest viral YouTube trend that involves mixing coffee and facial cream to create your own customized foundation! The recipe: Mix ½ Tbs. of facial cream with 1 tsp. of instant coffee powder (adding more depending on your skin tone). But are the inexpensive results worth smelling like coffee all day? Our consensus: We’re skeptical! “The formula was more tinted moisturizer than foundation, which would have been fine, but it left my medium-toned skin looking orange. Finding the right color would have taken too much time.” —Leann Garofolo, FIRST associate editor 71% said no! “Even when I used just a smidge of coffee, the hue was still too dark for my fair skin. It also felt kind of sticky once it dried, and I…