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Flightpath Nov-Dec-Jan 2017/2018

Flightpath is an upmarket magazine for devotees and owners of antique, classic and ex-military aeroplanes. It focuses on the preservation of our Australian Aviation heritage. Each issue of Flightpath covers the latest news on the recovery and restoration of antique, vintage and warbird aircraft in both museums and private collections. The ultimate aviation journal, Jane’s Historic Military Aircraft, recently rated Flightpath among the world’s top six historical aviation publications.

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thunderbolt perfection

The last USAAF fighter to be lost in combat in Europe flew again on 22 June after a seven-year restoration. No expense was spared in returning the P-47D Thunderbolt to how it was on the day it was lost. Remarkably, this aircraft was recovered from a lake in Austria in mid-2005. Second Lieutenant Henry Mohr, on 8 May 1945, flew low over Lake Traunsee and the Thunderbolt’s propeller hit the water, quickly followed by the rest of the aircraft. Mohr, fortunately, was rescued. Named after the wife of its regular pilot, Lieutenant Larry Kuhl, of the 511th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group, ‘Dottie Mae’ flew 93 combat missions. Kuhl claimed three aircraft destroyed on the ground during one of these sorties. He has avidly followed the project. Despite sixty years in more than…

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auster mk.v at large

Long-time Antique enthusiasts, Craig Taberner from Geelong, and Mark Davis from Essendon, have recently purchased Auster Mk.V VH-ATS from David Friday in Benalla. Originally built as an Auster Mk.V for the RAF (serial TW371), it was shipped to Arkonam, India, then post-war to Iwakuni in Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force there. It was brought into Australia in 1952, registered as VH-AZV, and civilianised as an Auster 5. It was withdrawn from use in 1972, but had not flown since 1967. It was acquired by Dave Friday, to be restored with Ron Molloy, and re-registered as VH-ATS in October 2000. The first post-restoration flight, with the aircraft finished in its original Mk.V guise, was in 2007. The Auster will take up residence alongside Craig’s C195 on his property near…

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‘kanana’ flies again

The well-known sight and sound of Australia’s oldest airworthy Douglas DC-3 is gracing the sky once again. The former Australian National Airways (ANA) aircraft, VH-ABR, flew on 14 August after a two-year refurbishment (see Flightpath, Vol 27, No 1, p14). The third DC-3 imported into the country (c/n 2029), it began flying for ANA in late 1938 and, major repairs and storage periods aside, continued flying revenue services into the seventies. Since its first return to flight in 1988, ‘ABR has been cared for by an exceptionally dedicated team of volunteers. This team weathered the collapse of Ansett Airlines and today, as the R.M. Ansett Historical Aircraft Society (RMHAS), has again been responsible for breathing life into an aircraft that has touched the lives of thousands of Australians, enthusiasts and paying passengers…

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hars new zealand friendships bid

In September 2017, the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) announced that they have been offered two New Zealand-based Fokker F27-500 Friendship airliners ZK-PAX and ZK-POH. New Zealand Post had disposed of the aircraft, used to deliver mail to Blenheim in Marlborough for the past 25 years. Friendship ZK-PAX was built in 1980 and is fitted with 41 passenger seats, while ZK-POH, built in 1984 is in freighter configuration. The aircraft will need servicing and rectification before they can be ferried to Australia. To achieve this, HARS is looking to fundraise $100,000 to $150,000. If successful, they propose to base them at HARS Parkes or Wagga Wagga, NSW. HARS state: “Your support for this project will have one or maybe even two Fokker Friendships flying in Australia in historic airline colours,…

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lancaster’s raaf tribute

The RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) has repainted Lancaster PA474 to represent two different aircraft. The port side represents a Lancaster that flew with 460 Squadron RAAF. Built in early 1943 as a B.III, Lancaster W5005 joined the Australian squadron in May as ‘AR-L’, ‘L-for-Leader’. It was first flown on ops by the crew led by Flight Sergeant Ken Giles. They completed the last eight raids of their tour with the aircraft. The skipper of the next regular crew, Sergeant ‘Jock’ Ogilvie, was Scottish and he and his men devised the nose art – a kangaroo wearing gumboots and playing the bagpipes – that soon adorned the aircraft, painted by ‘Vic’ Watts (later to receive two DFCs), and now graces the well-known PA474. The next regular crew, skippered by Flight…

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p-40e for pima air & space

Arizona’s Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson has acquired a rebuilt P-40E Warhawk from Australia. The aircraft fills a significant hole in this world-class collection. Starting with the late Murray Griffiths’ Precision Aerospace in Wangaratta, Victoria, the Warhawk was built from a combination of parts from multiple 49th Fighter Group (FG) wrecks and new build components. It was completed by Rob Greinert’s Historic Aircraft Restorations in Albion Park, New South Wales. The museum has decided its new exhibit will represent P-40E 41-25163, the regular mount of ace Sidney Woods. Woods was born in Texas, but spent the majority of his life in Arizona. He joined the 49th FG in December 1941 before it left for Australia and flew with the 9th Fighter Squadron (FS) in defence of northern Australia during the…