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to your health

DINNERS UNDER 500 CALORIES Stick to your New Year’s resolutions: We lightened up our Weeknight Cooking section, including these 30-minute meals. GREEK FRITTATA WITH DILL-FETA SALAD PAGE 79 CALORIES: 420 ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD WITH PEANUT DRESSING PAGE 82 CALORIES: 430 NACHO CHICKEN CUTLETS PAGE 81 CALORIES: 380 SOBA NOODLES WITH SALMON PAGE 86 CALORIES: 480 CHEESE, IF YOU PLEASE Go ahead and dig into those cheesy Super Bowl snacks: Researchers at Penn State University found that consuming cheese instead of other high-sodium foods may prevent high blood pressure and other short-term harmful side effects of sodium. Researchers think this may be because the proteins and nutrients in cheese provide protection for the cardiovascular system. LONG LIVE COFFEE! People who claim they can’t live without coffee might be onto something. A study from the University of Southern California found that drinking coffee is associated…

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star search

Ayesha Curry pg. 100 Bobby Flay Beat Bobby Flay; The Bobby and Damaris Show; Iron Chef America; Iron Chef Showdown; Brunch @ Bobby’s (on Cooking Channel) pg. 69 Eddie Jackson The Best Thing I Ever Ate (on Cooking Channel) pg. 117 Kelsey Nixon Kelsey’s Essentials; Kelsey’s Homemade (both on Cooking Channel) pg. 26 “I’LL MAKE MY HUSBAND THE FIRST DISH I COOKED FOR HIM: TORTELLINI WITH SNAP PEAS IN LEMON-DILL CREAM SAUCE, AND CHOCOLATE TIRAMISU FOR DESSERT.” Melissa d’Arabian Guy’s Grocery Games pg. 26 Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa pg. 98 Waylynn Lucas Cake Wars pg. 48 Jason Smith Best Baker in America; The Best Thing I Ever Ate (on Cooking Channel) pg. 38 “MY HONEY PIE, A BACONWRAPPED PRIME RIB WITH A TWICE-BAKED SWEET TATER, PARMESAN GARLIC TOMATO GREEN BEANS AND HOMEMADE ROLLS.” Guy Fieri Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives; Guy’s Grocery Games; Guy’s Ranch Kitchen pgs. 36, 115 Duff Goldman Kids…

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two of a kind

My 8-year-old daughter has a habit of posing impossible questions right before bedtime: Why do we have to turn the clocks ahead? Is the tooth fairy real? And then, not too long ago, she blurted out this doozy: What’s the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? We had just finished making blueberry muffins that night for her school’s “healthy snack sale,” and in the interest of getting her to go to sleep, I said: “Well, a cupcake has frosting and a muffin doesn’t. G’night!” But I knew there was more to it than that. I mean, I’d just dumped a cup and a half of sugar into the batter. I appreciate that they were called muffins, because I couldn’t in good conscience show up at 8 a.m. with a tray…

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January SUN 7 It’s chilly out— time for some chili! Go to foodnetwork.com/easychili for great slow-cooker recipes. 14 21 28 “Beet” the winter blues with a shrub: Mix 2 cups water, 1 cup beet juice, ½ cup each lemon juice and sugar and ¼ cup vinegar. Chill 2 days; add to seltzer. MON 1 New year, new crop of brave young bakers: Catch the first episode of Kids Baking Championship tonight at 9 p.m. ET. 8 15 Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national day of service. Go to nokidhungry.org to find out how to set up a fund-raiser near you. 22 29 TUE 2 Back to work and school this week? Prep the overnight oats on page 53 for tomorrow’s breakfast. 9 16 23 Taco Tuesday! For a healthy twist, pile spiced ground beef, diced avocado and salsa on butter lettuce leaves. 30 WED 3 10 Try…

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you asked...

Trisha, I really enjoy watching you cook with your sister. What is your favorite recipe from your mom’s shoebox to prepare and eat together? Vicky Hart Hopkinton, MA Recently Beth and I found a recipe for scuppernong pie (also known as muscadine pie), which is made with scuppernong grapes, and we baked it on my show. We loved thinking about why our mother kept the recipe. Once we tasted the pie, we knew: The flavor is so interesting! It tastes like grape jelly pie to me. Get the recipe at foodnetwork.com/trishaspie. —Trisha Yearwood Jeff, how can I add spice to my favorite sandwich recipes? Tyler Barker Seattle Try pickled peppers! I have 12 varieties in my fridge as we speak, and my favorite is Vlasic pickled jalapeños. (They can be hard to find these days but…

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winging it

It appears our obsession with chicken wings is officially a problem: Americans eat so many, we’ve driven up wholesale prices by 20 percent in the past year! That means more expensive wings at the grocery store, and you can probably say goodbye to 10-cent Tuesdays at pubs and restaurants, too. According to the National Chicken Council, wing prices typically spike even more just before Super Bowl Sunday—but the good news is that other parts of the chicken cost the same as usual, so you can serve chicken tenders instead, or “boneless wings,” which are actually just pieces of breast meat! PHOTO: RYAN DAUSCH; FOOD STYLING: BRETT KURZWEIL; PROP STYLING: STEPHANIE YEH.…