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to your health

DINNERS UNDER 500 CALORIES Try these light meals from our Weeknight Cooking section. BROILED TILAPIA AND EGGPLANT WITH MOROCCAN PESTO PAGE 66 CALORIES: 470 GARLIC SHRIMP AND POTATOES PAGE 78 CALORIES: 440 POBLANO ENCHILADA QUICHE PAGE 74 CALORIES: 490 THAI NOODLE BOWL WITH CHICKEN PAGE 78 CALORIES: 460 Get Out! Here’s a good excuse to take dinner outside: A new study from the University of Alberta found that when the sun’s light reaches the fat cells right under our skin, it can actually reduce their ability to store fat. Researchers say this could be partially explained by evolution—our ancestors needed to retain fat in winter and burn it off in summer. Make Michael Symon’s pork chops on the grill (page 118), then eat them on your patio! HAPPY DAYS You already know that fruits and vegetables make you healthier, but they might also…

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star search

Ted Allen Chopped; The Best Thing I Ever Ate (on Cooking Channel) pg. 14 “COFFEE BEANS. I LOVE CRUNCHING ON THE BEANS OF A DEEP DARK FRENCH ROAST ENROBED IN A SUPER-DARK CHOCOLATE. IT HELPS ME STAY AWAKE FOR WORK!” Valerie Bertinelli Valerie’s Home Cooking; Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen pg. 36 Anne Burrell Worst Cooks in America pg. 30 Maneet Chauhan Chopped pg. 22 Amanda Freitag Chopped pg. 22 Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa pg. 92 Duff Goldman Spring Baking Championship pg. 22 Stephanie Izard Iron Chef Gauntlet; Iron Chef America pg. 88 Eddie Jackson The Best Thing I Ever Ate (on Cooking Channel) pg. 22 Damaris Phillips Southern at Heart; Southern and Hungry (on Cooking Channel) pg. 22 “FROZEN BANANAS! WHEN I WAS A KID MY DAD WOULD CUT BANANAS AND FREEZE THEM WITH A TOOTHPICK IN THE CENTER. THEN WE’D DIP THE BANANA SKEWERS IN CHOCOLATE FONDUE.” Michael Symon Iron Chef…

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great tips from the worst cooks

“Get all your ingredients first and put them in little clear Lucite bowls. Get, like, 70 of them.” —Maria Bamford“Tuck your fingers in when you’re cutting with a knife.” —Nolan Gould“Watch your knives.” —La Toya Jackson“When in doubt, ask Google.” —Ian Ziering“Take it slow and don’t judge yourself—basically the opposite of this show.” —Bronson Pinchot“Keep an eye on the flame, and keep a clean work area—which is just not my thing. It’s really hard.” —Oscar Nuñez“Approach cooking as an adventure. Don’t worry about being perfect and don’t try to control what’s going to happen.” —Catherine Bach Catch Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition Sundays at 9 p.m. starting April 15.…

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make it last

Would you like a piece of chocolate cake? Actually, let me rephrase the question: Would you like this piece of chocolate cake? Whether you want it or not, most of you probably wouldn’t take it, because humans, for some reason, like to leave the last sliver of dessert behind. I’m sure you’ve witnessed this. Your friends leave a single cookie on a tray. Or you open a box of doughnuts and find one-eighth of one left, because no one wants to be the heartless soul who polishes off the final crumb. There’s an expression in Spanish for the last bite that no one will take: la de la vergüenza. Translation: “the one of shame.” This is a strange phenomenon—the laws of supply and demand suggest that we should want the last…

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happy birtday ted

MAY 20 Most memorable birthday “Twenty-one was nice! I could finally throw away the ID I made to sneak into a King Crimson concert. More recently, I had kind of a big birthday and I took some close friends to Per Se for dinner. Chef Thomas Keller’s team killed it.” Best gift ever “Last year I got a ring by one of my favorite sculptors, Harry Bertoia, and a piece of art called John & Yoko: Wedding Album by artist Bill Miller. Unrelated to my birthday, I once sent movie DVDs to troops in Afghanistan. Weeks later I received an American flag from them—and promptly burst into tears.” Favorite birthday cake “My favorite cake, period, is Black Forest, but carrot cake is up there, too.” Birthday meal “I’m a huge fan of fried chicken with champagne. I also…

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you asked…

Damaris, I tried your English muffin recipe and it was delicious! Is there a reason you use coconut oil, and can I swap it for canola or vegetable oil instead? Erika Music Dublin, OH I like the taste and texture of coconut oil. I know a lot of people don’t like that it’s full of saturated fat, but it’s my preference for this recipe (foodnetwork.com/englishmuffins). That said, you can absolutely substitute another oil you like instead. Walnut or avocado oil are great choices. Whatever you use is going to make the muffins taste a little bit different, and I think that’s cool. —Damaris Phillips Eddie, I’ve heard it’s best to pat chicken dry before grilling it, but what if it’s marinated? Should I wipe off the marinade? Ashley Clark Fort Meyers, FL No! You don’t want…