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to your health

DINNERS UNDER 500 CALORIESTry these light meals from our Weeknight Cooking section.PORTOBELLO SCHNITZEL WITH APPLESAUCE PAGE 68CALORIES: 450MINESTRONE with KALE AND TURKEY SAUSAGE PAGE 70CALORIES: 460MANGO-GLAZED SHRIMP WITH CAULIFLOWER RICE PAGE 73CALORIES: 400TURKISH BEEF PATTIES WITH CONFETTI COUSCOUS PAGE 73CALORIES: 490CARE FOR A CUP OF TEA?In a recent study, researchers found that people who drank at least one cup of hot caffeinated tea a day were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma, a disease that damages the eye’s optic nerve and can result in blindness. The researchers did not find any similar correlations with other drinks, like iced tea, decaf tea, soda and coffee.THE CITRUS-WALNUT SALAD ON PAGE 112 IS GOOD FOR YOUR GUT!GO NUTS!Break out your nutcracker a little early this year: A study published in The Journal…

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Anne BurrellWorst Cooks in America pg. 38Maneet ChauhanChopped pg. 28Melissa d’ArabianGuy’s Grocery Games pg. 34Bobby FlayBeat Bobby Flay; Iron Chef America; Brunch @Bobby’s (on Cooking Channel) pg. 140Tyler FlorenceThe Great Food Truck Race; Bite Club pg. 14Nancy FullerFarmhouse Rules; Holiday Baking Championship pgs. 28, 38Ina GartenBarefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro pg. 106Duff GoldmanHoliday Baking Championship; Kids Baking Championship pgs. 38, 144“THE YEAR I LET GUESTS TAKE LEFTOVERS HOME. I USUALLY EAT A TURKEY SANDWICH THAT EVENING OR THE NEXT DAY, BUT THEY DIDN’T EVEN LEAVE BEHIND THE CARCASS!”Alex GuarnaschelliIron Chef America; Chopped; Fix Me a Plate (on pg. 38Eddie JacksonChristmas Cookie Challenge; The Best Thing I Ever Ate (on Cooking Channel) pg. 38Katie LeeThe Kitchen; Beach Bites with Katie Lee (on Cooking Channel); Katie Lee Eats Meat, in…

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Family-friendly ride“I’m digging my Mercedes SUV. We have three kids and a big dog—I need a car that can get muddy but also washes up nicely for events.” AMG GLE 43, from $67,750; for dealersShades for days“I had laser surgery on my eyes 12 years ago. I have good vision, but I can’t be outside for long without protective eyewear. We film The Great Food Truck Race outdoors, so I need to wear sunglasses—my favorites are by Barton Perreira.” Barton Perreira Coltrane Sunglasses, $470; barneys.comUnofficial uniform“With my travel schedule and long hours, my wardrobe has to be simple. I wear things that can easily go from day to night, like a beautiful T-shirt, a blazer and tailored jeans. I can’t put enough emphasis on getting your jeans tailored—it’s so…

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one potato, two potato

(CARPENTER: TRAVIS HUGGETT.)The last time I made mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, I had to make 15 pounds of them—and not because we had a lot of guests. Someone in my family had asked me to secretly deliver a large horrifying clown figurine to someone else in my family as a joke, and I was told that the only surefire way to get her to take the thing home was to hide it in a tub of her favorite leftovers.This figurine, I learned, had been passed back and forth for years, but sneaking it to the other person was becoming increasingly difficult, especially around the holidays. Before these two relatives left any gathering, suitcases were checked, coat pockets were turned inside out, cars were inspected. No one wanted to drive off…

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lorraine november 17

Best birthday party ever“My 40th. I had a huge party with all of my family and friends at a club called Dorsia, in London. We had lots of great food, like sliders, sausages and sweet potato fries, and cocktails.”Favorite birthday cake“Death by Chocolate Cake.”Favorite birthday meal“Sushi or any kind of Thai food.”Favorite way to celebrate as an adult“A small quiet dinner with friends. Because I cook so much for work, I go out to eat quite a lot. I love Zuma, a modern Japanese restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge neighborhood.”Does your astrological sign mean anything to you?“Yes. I’m a Scorpio, which means I’m hypervigilant about everything.”PASCALE AND SUSHI: GETTY IMAGES. SWEET POTATO FRIES: RYAN DAUSCH. ■…

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American cheese is Michael’s go-to for grilled cheese. (GRILLED CHEESE: ANDREW PURCELL.)Geoffrey, any suggestions for cocktails I can make with huckleberry vodka? I bought a bottle and wasn’t happy with the drink I made.Lisa McOwen Dallas, ORYou could try a version of a cosmopolitan: Just mix it with Cointreau or triple sec, cranberry juice and fresh lime juice, then shake or stir. The vodka’s sweetness could work in this drink.—Geoffrey ZakarianKelsey, is there a proper way to rinse lentils? Every time I put them in my colander they get stuck.Katherine Enlow HoustonI start with a swift inspection: I sprinkle them onto a sheet tray and remove any small stones or debris. After doing this, a quick rinse is all that’s required before cooking. I do use a colander, but because…