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star spotlight

Sunny Anderson The Kitchen cohost talks to us about her go-to beauty products—and her impressive sneaker collection. Curl keeper I wear wigs and they’re all made by hairstylist Kim Kimble. Her curl cream is perfect for my curly wig—and it works just as well on naturally curly hair. It reactivates the curls and makes them bouncy.” Bounce Back Curl Cream, $13; kimkimble.com No-fuss nails “I love gel manicures because I never have to worry about polish chipping off when I’m cooking. Gelish has awesome colors and lots of sparkly options. I buy them online and take them to the salon.” Gelish MINI Soak Off Gel Polish, $13; sallybeauty.com Essential spoon “I fell in love with Karen Davis’s left-handed wooden spoons while filming the first season of The Kitchen½ Now I can’t cook without them. It takes time…

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what a spread!

I’d never thought of the peanut butter sandwich as a difficult recipe, but a few summers ago one of my friends attempted to make one—and failed spectacularly. This wasn’t just any friend. He’s one of the most successful people I’ve ever met, a crazy-smart high-powered executive at a company you definitely know and I definitely won’t name here. One of his kids asked for a PB&J, so this friend (I’ll call him Dave) got out two pieces of bread and some peanut butter and jelly. So far, so good. The trouble started when he tried to add the peanut butter. It must have come straight from the fridge, because as he spread it around, the bread tore in a few places. Never mind, Dave kept going. He put jelly on the…

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you asked...

Melissa, I consider myself an OK cook. Any advice on how to improve my skills? Chris Cooper Sunrise, FL Start by mastering meat: Before cooking, blot the meat really well with a paper towel. Moisture will keep it from getting a nice sear; it will have a better crust and be much more flavorful if you blot it dry first. Second, invest in a meat thermometer. Lamb, chicken and beef each cook at a different rate, so using a thermometer is the best way to avoid overcooking. —Melissa d’Arabian Jeff, I love making beerbattered fish and onion rings, but everything I fry turns out oily. What am I doing wrong? Melissa Sabol Burgaw, NC Greasy food usually means that the frying temperature is too low. Raise it by 25? and see if that does the trick.…

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food news

Sugar fix A frozen treat can work wonders as a bribe: According to a recent survey, two-thirds of parents admit to promising their kids ice cream to get them to do something—and dads are the bigger culprit: They’re 65 percent more likely than moms to cut the deal! SOURCE: BASKIN-ROBBINS Teatime If you like to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea, now you can curl up with a cup of tea inspired by a good book: NovelTea’s blends are named after famous fiction and come in tins that look like hardcovers. Included in the company’s tea library: Don QuixoTea, Pride and Peppermint, and War and Peach. New “titles” like Anise in Wonderland, Anne of Green Tea Gables and Pippi Oolongstocking arrive this month. $29 for a tin, $14 for…

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amazing reader kitchens

Vintage stoves The kitchen has two classic stoves: a small Magic Chef (below) for quick cooking, and a traditional English AGA. The AGA takes half a day to heat up, but once it does, it burns at over 600?! Food storage The couple stashes dried pasta under large glass cloches that double as island centerpieces. Open storage Industrial shelves provide storage without blocking the tiles. Damian loves that he can quickly grab what he needs while he’s cooking. Patterned tiles Cement tiles, from Rustico Tile & Stone, are the defining feature of the kitchen—as a bonus, they’re super easy to clean! Wood cabinets Rita and Damian keep their countertops clear by hiding appliances inside these custom-made pine cabinets. Damian and Rita Maggos Indianapolis Updating the kitchen is usually the first task for a new homeowner. But when Rita and Damian Maggos bought…

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more bright ideas

PURPLE While Carrie Callegari was looking for appliances for her kitchen in Huntington, NY, she realized BlueStar had a range in the same purple as one of her favorite nail polishes. She went for it, then let the range inspire the rest of the room. WHITE Plenty of people go white for their kitchen, but personal chef Lori Cummings from Miami went white (countertops) on white (cabinets) on white (floor). The minimalist look is ideal for her midcentury home. The secret to keeping it neat? Lots of cabinets! GREEN Sheila Potts of Poetry, TX, put a lot of DIY love into her happy green kitchen. She mixed the color for the cabinets herself using Annie Sloan’s Antibes Green, Aubusson Blue and Duck Egg Blue, then distressed the surfaces to match the hutches at either end. BLUE Karen…