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Frozen 2: The Official Movie Special

Frozen 2: The Official Movie Special

Frozen 2: The Official Movie Special

"Set three years after the events of Frozen, Frozen 2 begins when Elsa hears a strange calling from the north. Joining her sister Anna, and her friends Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, Elsa embarks on an epic adventure beyond Arendelle and into the unknown… This movie special reveals behind-the-scenes secrets in exclusive interviews with the film’s directors, animators, art teams, visual effects artists, and more. Showcasing the new looks of the Frozen 2 world and its characters with stunning concept art, and exploring the brand new music and Frozen Easter eggs. The Frozen 2 world is more magical and exciting than ever! "

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Titan Publishing Group
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$14.93(Incl. tax)
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TITAN EDITORIAL Jonathan Wilkins, Martin Eden, Donna Askem, Phoebe Hedges, Darryl Tothill, Leigh Baulch, Vivian Cheung, Nick Landau. CONTRIBUTORS Abbie Bernstein, Dan Jolin, Nick Jones. THANK YOU to Christopher Troise, Shiho Tilley, Eugene Paraszczuk and all at Disney. DISNEY PUBLISHING WORLDWIDE Global Magazines, Comics and Partworks Publisher: Lynn Waggoner. Editorial Team: Bianca Coletti (Director, Magazines), Guido Frazzini (Director, Comics), Stefano Ambrosio (Executive Editor, New IP), Carlotta Quattrocolo (Executive Editor), Camilla Vedove (Senior Manager, Editorial Development), Behnoosh Khalili (Senior Editor), Julie Dorris (Senior Editor), Mina Riazi (Assistant Editor). Gabriela Capasso (assistant editor), Design: Enrico Soave (Senior Designer). Art: Ken Shue (VP, Global Art), Roberto Santillo (Creative Director), Marco Ghiglione (Creative Manager), Manny Mederos (Senior Illustration Manager), Stefano Attardi (Illustration Manager). Portfolio Management: Olivia Ciancarelli (Director). Business & Marketing: Mariantonietta Galla (Senior Manager, Franchise), Virpi Korhonen (Editorial Manager).…

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Who is Elsa? The eldest sister in the kingdom’s royal family, Elsa is the queen of Arendelle. She is reserved and poised, but also has an amazing power to create ice and snow. Childhood days: Born with extraordinary abilities, as a child Elsa entertained her younger sister, Anna, by conjuring impressive ice displays – until, after creating a snowman the sisters called Olaf, Elsa accidentally injured her sister with her powers. From that day forward, Elsa was sequestered away, isolated from Anna and all of Arendelle, made to wear gloves and keep tight control of her powers. Elsa was all too aware how remaining remote from her sister would upset Anna, but she also was afraid of how dangerous her powers could be. As a young woman: Years passed, and the distance between the sisters…

6 min.

Who is Anna? Anna of Arendelle – sister of Elsa, and some might say the heart of the Frozen world. Childhood days: Anna’s early childhood was blissfully happy. She and her elder sister Elsa revelled in Elsa’s abilities to create ice and snow, but everything changed when Elsa accidentally knocked Anna unconscious with her icy powers. The girls’ parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, took Anna to the mountain trolls, whose leader, Grand Pabbie, healed Anna and erased her memories of Elsa’s powers. The King and Queen locked the castle gates, and Elsa was largely restricted to her bedroom, leaving Anna hurt and confused. As the years passed, the sisters grew ever more distant, compounded by the death of their parents in a shipwreck. As a young woman: Three years later, Anna was excited when…

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Who is Kristoff? As a young, orphaned boy, Kristoff spent much of his time exploring the wilderness with his faithful companion, the reindeer Sven. Kristoff was fascinated by Arendelle’s ice harvesters – watching and admiring them. First encounters: One day, he witnessed the King and Queen of Arendelle riding with their daughters Anna and Elsa to Troll Valley to seek an audience with the trolls. Watching from afar, Kristoff was amazed to see Grand Pabbie, the trolls’ leader, heal Anna – and then he was discovered by a female troll, Bulda. Bulda took a shine to Kristoff, and decided to adopt him. As a young man: Many years later, now an established ice harvester, Kristoff encountered the grown-up Anna when he called at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna, seeking supplies and carrots for Sven.…

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Who is Olaf? A snowman magically brought to life, Olaf is a simple soul, innocent in the ways of the world. He’s eager to find out all he can, and unhealthily obsessed with summer! Early days: Olaf was first built by Elsa and Anna on that fateful night when Elsa accidentally injured her younger sister with her ice powers. Olaf was recreated by Elsa several years later, when she fled Arendelle after setting off eternal winter in the kingdom. Unafraid of her powers, Elsa made a new Olaf whilst creating her ice palace on the North Mountain – but this time, such was the strength of her abilities that Olaf was given life! New friends: Olaf wandered the mountain, lost and alone, until he met Anna, Kristoff, and Sven in their quest to find Elsa.…

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supporting characters

Queen Iduna Wife to King Agnarr of Arendelle, and Elsa and Anna’s mother. Queen Iduna’s greatest joys were her two daughters, and she wished to be able to protect them from any dangers. But Elsa developed magical ice powers from a young age, and these grew – along with Elsa’s questions. Iduna and Agnarr were forced to hide Elsa away for many years. Several years later, after Iduna and Agnarr have been lost at sea, Anna comforts her sister Elsa by singing the lullaby their mother once sang to them. Played by Evan Rachel Wood Evan Rachel Wood started her performing career very young, appearing in the American Gothic TV series and then making her lead-role debut at the age of 11 with 1998’s Digging to China. Her breakthrough role came in 2003’s Thirteen,…