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Future Music December 2019

Future Music delivers the technique and technology behind the hits. Packed with inspiration for today’s modern musician there’s reviews of hot new gear, tons of tutorials to help you get the most out of your hardware and software, and exclusive In The Studio features where the stars take apart their tracks. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but DOES INCLUDE the full samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include In The Studio With video. This digital edition is not printable.

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just the touch…

Cards on the table – I’m not a good keyboard player. I’m a competent (if rusty) guitarist and I can throw some basic chords together on a synth, but expressive keys playing is something I have to outsource to more talented friends. Fortunately, this isn’t the limitation you might think in the world of modern electronic music making. Thanks to the diverse, complex nature of modern controllers and sequencers, there are plenty of ways to get expressive and creative with electronic sounds, even for those of us lacking the dexterity to cope with anything beyond a simple triad. In this issue’s cover feature, we’re looking at taking control of software, hardware and – most interestingly – both at once, in order to unleash your full creativity. There’s plenty of inspiration to be…

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future music

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AMBIENT SOUNDS PT.1 ’90s Ambient (562 samples)Ambient Dawn (490 samples) AMBIENT SOUNDS PT.2 Majestic Bells & Mallets (444 samples)Spring Reverb & Tape Delay (533 samples) ATMOSPHERES & BACKGROUNDS Atmospheric Beds (369 samples)Noise, Crackle & Hiss (512 samples)Sounds of the City (371 samples) CLASSIC SYNTHS PT.1 Analogue Polys (625 samples)SH Collection (500 samples) CLASSIC SYNTHS PT.2 Analogue Poly Chord Hits (342 samples)Classic Synths: ’80s, ’90s, ’00s (678 samples)Hardware Arps (511 samples) CREATIVE DRUMS Cyborg Beats (514 samples)Lo-Fi Sampling (555 samples)Obscure Drum Machines (517 samples)Overloaded Beats (889 samples) ESSENTIAL DRUMS 808 and 909 (39 samples)Ultimate Cymbals (503 samples)Ultimate Kick Bundle (505 samples)Ultimate Snares & Claps (676 samples)Vintage Drum Machine Hits (548 samples) FX & TRANSITIONS PT.1 Filter Fun (496 samples)Gates ‘N’ Sidechains (287 samples)Total Transitions (260 samples) FX & TRANSITIONS PT.2 Destroyed synths (519 samples)Sci-Fi FX (501 samples) HIP-HOP, FUNK & SOUL Cosmic Soul (386 samples) Funk Keys (279 samples) Hip-Hop…

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universal audio launch next-gen apollo

Universal Audio have delivered two new Apollo desktop audio interfaces: the Apollo Twin X and Apollo x4. The Apollo Twin X is an evolution of the highly-acclaimed Apollo Twin MkII, and is available in both duo and quad-core formats for running UAD plugins. It’s a 10-in/six-out Thunderbolt 3 audio interface that inherits A/D and D/A conversion from the Apollo X rackmount devices, and comes with two Unison-enabled preamps that model the impedance characteristics, gain stage “sweet spots” and unique circuit behaviours of a wide range of sought-after tube and solid state preamps, guitar amps, and stompboxes. There’s a Hi-Z instrument input, too, plus eight channels of additional digital I/O via Optical ADAT/SPDIF. I/O silver lining The quad-core Apollo x4 takes things further by offering more I/O – it’s a 12-in/18-out audio interface…

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superlative’s sb01 synth is like a portable 101 from the future

While some companies are happy to create slavish emulations of classic synths, Superlative are taking a rather different approach. Previewed at Superbooth, the SB01 – pronounced Space Bee, apparently – might be inspired by Roland’s SH-101, but it’s also a forward-thinking analogue instrument in its own right. That said, sounds are generated with a 3340 voltage-controlled oscillator and 4-pole OTA filter for that distinctive SH sound. There are also analogue envelopes and modulation features on offer, as well as portamento. Things get interesting with the step sequencer, a new design optimised for “fluid live performance”. Patterns can be created by entering notes in order, with rests or slides. You can create patterns with up to 256 notes and save them in 64 different locations. What’s more, there are various ways to switch between…

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spitfire captures the bbc symphony orchestra in their “most ambitious project” so far

Sampling specialists Spitfire Audio have now released what they're calling their most ambitious project to date: a library that captures the sounds of the world-famous BBC Symphony Orchestra. Created in collaboration with BBC Studios, this required 84 sessions and 200 hours to record. It features 99 players and 55 instruments. Users can take advantage of 418 playing techniques that span strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. What’s more, there are 20 signals – 11 mic positions, five spills, two atmos and two mixes – for total control. Spitfire are calling this a “definitive orchestra, made accessible through cutting-edge technology”. BBC Symphony Orchestra is available now from the Spitfire Audio site and it's priced at $999/£899/999 euros.…