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Future Music May 2020

Future Music delivers the technique and technology behind the hits. Packed with inspiration for today’s modern musician there’s reviews of hot new gear, tons of tutorials to help you get the most out of your hardware and software, and exclusive In The Studio features where the stars take apart their tracks. Our Zinio edition does not include the DVD but DOES INCLUDE the full samples and tutorial files to download. Full details inside. Download does not include In The Studio With video. This digital edition is not printable.

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solace in synthesis

The world is going through some strange times right now, with lots of us shut up at home and – in the case of many musicians, DJs and those working in the live music sector – facing financial struggles. When facing uncertainty, it can be helpful to take some comfort from things that relax us, like making music. We’d be lying if we said we had the incredible foresight to plan this issue’s cover feature to time with the arrival of a new global pandemic, but this month’s guide to the best cheap and compact hardware synths is particularly well suited to gearing yourself up for a little social distancing. Maybe now is the perfect time to pick up a new, wallet-friendly noise maker (ideally from an independent retailer in need…

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AMBIENT SOUNDS PT.1 ’90s Ambient (562 samples) Ambient Dawn (490 samples) AMBIENT SOUNDS PT.2 Majestic Bells & Mallets (444 samples) Spring Reverb & Tape Delay (533 samples) ATMOSPHERES & BACKGROUNDS Atmospheric Beds (369 samples) Noise, Crackle & Hiss (512 samples) Sounds of the City (371 samples) CLASSIC SYNTHS PT.1 Analogue Polys (625 samples) SH Collection (500 samples) CLASSIC SYNTHS PT.2 Analogue Poly Chord Hits (342 samples) Classic Synths: ’80s, ’90s, ’00s (678 samples) Hardware Arps (511 samples) CREATIVE DRUMS Cyborg Beats (514 samples) Lo-Fi Sampling (555 samples) Obscure Drum Machines (517 samples) Overloaded Beats (889 samples) ESSENTIAL DRUMS 808 and 909 (39 samples) Ultimate Cymbals (503 samples) Ultimate Kick Bundle (505 samples) Ultimate Snares & Claps (676 samples) Vintage Drum Machine Hits (548 samples) FX & TRANSITIONS PT.1 Filter Fun (496 samples) Gates ‘N’ Sidechains (287 samples) Total Transitions (260 samples) FX & TRANSITIONS PT.2 Destroyed synths (519 samples) Sci-Fi FX (501 samples) HIP-HOP, FUNK & SOUL Cosmic Soul (386 samples) Funk Keys (279 samples) Hip-Hop Drum Machines…

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sonic shutdown

Unless you’re reading this from one of the increasingly rare corners of the earth remaining untouched, undoubtedly many aspects of your life will have been affected by Corvid-19. The electronic music realm is far from unaffected – in fact, many DJs, musicians and venues will be hit hard. Several major music festivals have already been postponed or cancelled for the year altogether. Coachella is now happening in the autumn, SXSW is off until next year, as is Ultra Music Festival and a number of other events. At the time of writing, Glastonbury is still hoping to go ahead, but it’s looking touch-and-go for many others. While this will obviously be hard for the teams involved – and the punters – what’s more alarming is the immediate effect on smaller clubs, gig venues,…

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ni reveal plans to make maschine a “start to finish” production platform

Native Instruments have offered an intriguing update regarding the future of their Maschine platform, noting that the ultimate goal is to “get to a point where you can produce tracks start to finish” when using it. Of course, there are already many people who use Maschine as far more than as a musical scratchpad, but NI’s statement implies that we could be approaching DAW levels of functionality somewhere down the line. Whether this will extend to a Maschine that works standalone rather than relying on a computer – as Akai’s latest MPC models do – also remains to be seen. The good news is that you might not have to wait long for at least some of this functionality to land, as NI also say that there will be features that enable…

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the mod dwarf puts effect and instrument plugins in a stage-ready stompbox

> The latest project from the creators of the excellent MOD Duo multi-effects box, MOD Dwarf, might look like a conventional guitar pedal but it’s actually rather more than that. Specifically, this little box can be loaded up with all the effects, amp sims, cabinets, virtual instruments and MIDI utilities that you need, and then taken to the stage. Originally conceived as a guitar product, the MOD Dwarf could also attract keyboard players, thanks to its class-compliant USB MIDI connectivity. You also receive two independent audio channels, three assignable knobs, three footswitches and three push buttons. Designed to offer the complexity and power of computer-based processing in a self-contained piece of hardware, the MOD Dwarf can utilise both free and commercial plugins that can be downloaded via a dedicated online shop. These…

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magix release acid pro 10, bundled with a free copy of xfer serum

We’re slightly confused as to how it differs from ACID Pro Next (which was announced last year but now seems to have disappeared) but Magix have announced that ACID Pro 10, the latest version of its loop-based DAW, is now available. This includes an “all-new” version of Zynaptiq’s Stem Maker audio separation technology, which lets you extract individual elements (drums, vocals etc) from mixed audio. Stem Maker 2 promises refined separation and better overall sound quality. There are also ACID Morph pads; assign audio tracks, instruments or busses to a pad and you can then morph sounds and effects, giving you a new creative option. The MIDI Playable Chopper, meanwhile, gets a new transient detection feature and enables you to play extracted samples, ACIDised loops or your own recordings from your MIDI…