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Gardens Illustrated : Pots of StyleGardens Illustrated : Pots of Style

Gardens Illustrated : Pots of Style Gardens Illustrated : Pots of Style

Pots of Style 2019 is brimming with ideas for creating beautiful container displays that celebrate the seasons. This new special issue explains how best to combine plants in pots of all shapes and sizes and for gardens of all styles, with easy-to-follow designs from some of the UK’s leading plants people. Each display comes with a plant list, suggestions for containers and steps on how to achieve the look – with ideas for early spring, spring, early summer, summer and autumn into winter. You’ll also find suggestions for some of the most stylish containers, the best planting kit and practical advice on how best to grow plants in pots.

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This special collector’s edition of GARDENS ILLUSTRATED brings together a series of exclusively commissioned features giving detailed advice on how to create exceptionally beautiful containers. Put together by a group of talented designers and gardeners, including Jinny Blom, Sarah Price, Julia Wylie and Kristy Ramage, you can be assured that these inspiring plant combinations, step-by-step instructions and tricks of the trade will help you get the very best out of your container plantings. The oft-repeated mantra ‘right plant, right place’ applies as much to plants in pots as to those in the garden, so expert John Hoyland recommends 40 plants that not only look good but will thrive in container conditions, and we also list recommendations for some of the best specialist plant nurseries. In addition, to help you choose…

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JINNY BLOMA landscape and garden designer since 2000, Jinny runs a London practice that now attracts commissions from all over the world. In this special edition she shows us simple planting schemes for pots.SARAH PRICEFine art graduate Sarah was a gardener at Hampton Court Palace before taking a part-time garden design course. She has showcased her work widely and won several RHS medals.KRISTY RAMAGEAfter a degree in illustration, Kristy made automata before turning her passion for gardens into a career by working with garden designer Arne Maynard. She still loves to use her passion for making things whenever she can.JULIA WYLIEJulia has worked as a professional gardener for 15 years. She specialises in naturalistic planting and really enjoys rejuvenating existing schemes for clients who would like their gardens to evolve…

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40 best container plants

1 Aeonium haworthii ‘Variegatum’A beautiful succulent with cream and green rosettes. The mature leaves have a distinctive pink edge. Keep them dry and frost-free during the winter.HEIGHT 15-20cm SPREAD 15-20cm SEASON Year round AGM*2 Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’Rosettes of startling dark-purple, almost black, leaves that branch from a weedy stem. The leaves are darkest in full sun. Needs protecting from frost.HEIGHT 1.2m SPREAD 50cm SEASON Year round AGM*3 Allium senescensQuickly fills pots or shallow window boxes with deep-pink-ping-pong ball flowers that are surrounded by quirky, corkscrew leaves. Copes well with drought and heat.HEIGHT 15cm HEIGHT 10cm SEASON July AGM*4 Astelia chathamicaImposing plant with spiky leaves that look like they have been plated with silver. Grows best in shade in large pots that are kept dry in winter.HEIGHT 1.2m SPREAD 1.2m SEASON Year…

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do’s and don’ts

DO fill the bottom few inches of the container with crocs – broken terracotta pots or crushed polystyrene boxes – to help with drainage and reduce the amount of compost you need.DO use a good compost. Loam-based composts, mixed with grit or crushed bark, formulated for container growing, are far better than multi-purpose composts.DO feed your plants regularly during the summer months. Flowering plants should be fed once a week with a liquid fertiliser during their flowering period.DO add water-retaining crystals to the compost. Soil in containers will dry out much more quickly than in the garden and the crystals will help store water. Using a mulch will also help retain moisture.DO buy the best terracotta pots and containers you can afford. Cheap terracotta pots will flack or crack during…

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early spring


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fiery passion

Multi-stemmed olive trees make pleasingly wild subjects for pots. The uplifting silvery-grey leaves catch the weak winter sun and contrast with the acid green euphorbia and orange perennial wallflower. I generally plant the longer flowering purple wallflower Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’, because not many of my clients like orange as much as I do! Both are very attractive to butterflies and bees, and will flower on and off for most of the year, including late winter in sheltered places. The dark brown containers give a warm, earthy feel, but the plants would look equally good in large terracotta or silver metallic tubs.Get the lookPlanting and pruningIf you only have a small pot to plant up, then the Euphorbia will be fine on its own. I have seen it trailing from the…