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Glamour November 2018

Glamour is a magazine that translates style and trends for the real lives of American women. Our award-winning editorial covers the most pressing interests of our 12.4 million readers: from beauty, fashion and health to politics, Hollywood and relationships.

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editor’s letter

YOU’RE HOLDING IN YOUR HANDS OUR Future Issue; for these pages I asked our editors (and their favorite sources) to look into their crystal balls and make some predictions about how everything from our shopping habits to the halls of Congress will change in the next five to 15 years. I think we’ll be spot-on about many of them, but I’m just as sure we’ll get a few wrong. In some ways it’s like we’re living Moore’s Law (so named for Gordon Moore, who predicted in 1965 that computing speeds would double every two years), with the world turning faster and faster around us. Life is changing so quickly, with every industry (including ours) disrupted by new ideas and new inventions, it’s impossible to predict everything that’s coming next. So how can…

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behind the scenes

ON ANY GIVEN COVER shoot, there are always a lot of people—the photographer plus assistants checking the lights, a stylist mixing and matching clothes, hair and makeup artists spritzing hairspray or dabbing on gloss. “It really is a huge creative collaboration,” says Ashley Taliento, Glamour’s photo director. This month our crew was bigger—three stars, three times the makeup!—and the equipment was a little different too. We shot our cover (and the pictures on this page) on the new Google Pixel 3. “I’ve worked on countless cover shoots, and this one was one for the books,” says Taliento. “It was seriously a blast!”…

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you can’t contain amandla

THE SET OF THE HATE U GIVE COULD HAVE been a somber, hushed place. After all, the movie (and the book on which it’s based) centers on the effects of police violence after a local cop kills a black teen. But what Amandla Stenberg, 20, remembers is the music. She and an almost all-black cast and extras, many of them heavily involved in grassroots efforts to support Black Lives Matter, would rap between takes, breaking into Kendrick Lamar anthems like “Alright.” (Sample lyrics: “Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon’ be alright.”) People were able to be their full “authentic selves” on set, Amandla says, and that time between takes “was a celebration of our community and the ability we have to use our collective voice to…

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the five-year coat

Timeless Tweed With unexpected colors—a cornflower blue here, a buttery yellow there—this staple doesn’t feel at all stuffy. GLAMOUR PREDICTS BY 2020 YOUR FAVORITE PLAID MIGHT BE MADE OF…COFFEE GROUNDS. Tweed is traditionally woven from wool yarn. But that may not be the case for much longer: Recently Chanel began experimenting with paper yarns to create fabric for the house. Alternatweeds have also been sourced from plastics and even coffee grounds that, when specially processed, bind together to create yarnlike fibers. Full-on Faux Thanks to technical advances, what was once a second-rate substitute is now an ultra-luxe, ethically sound alternative. And these coats work for a winter wedding or the Saturday-errand shuffle. GLAMOUR PREDICTS BY 2030 THE ONLY PLACE YOU’LL BE ABLE TO BUY REAL FUR IS A VINTAGE STORE. In 2018 alone, Gucci, Michael Kors, Furla, and Versace…

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the t-shirt that could revolutionize fashion

THE IDEA OF ETHICALLY produced clothes that are also, you know, chic might not sound like a breakthrough today, but back in 2010, when Kristy Caylor launched Maiyet, she felt it was an uphill battle. “We were like, ‘We’re going to make this beautiful, artisan-made brand,’” Caylor, 38, recalls. “And people were like, ‘Sooo…does that mean you’ll sell it at Whole Foods?’” Now Caylor, who has a degree in engineering as well as an M.B.A., is applying that crystal-ball sense to a new venture: a T-shirt membership service called For Days, which bills itself as the first apparel line with a completely closed-loop production chain, meaning every new piece is recycled from previous collections; not a scrap of fabric goes to waste. Caylor cofounded the business with Mary Saunders, whom she met…

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will artificial intelligence change how you dress?

I LOVE TO SHOP AS MUCH AS THE NEXT GIRL, BUT A RECENT hunt for a dress to wear to a friend’s downtown-L.A. warehouse wedding left me spent. I was thinking something midi length, fitted without being too revealing, maybe floral? Glassy-eyed, I scrolled through page after page of options online, then I stormed laps through the mall. All the while I thought: This shouldn’t be so hard. In the future it won’t be. Within a decade artificial intelligence is poised to reinvent the shopping landscape. Think of a computer or device that knows not only your budget but also your measurements, what’s already in your closet, what events are on your iCalendar, and what’s trending on the runways—and uses that information to formulate the kind of nuanced suggestions that we…