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April 6, 2020

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up front & personal

THE BEST CELEB PHOTOS EVERY WEEK! LIVING ON THE WEDGE How rude — JENNIFER GARNER checks her bottom line during a day out in Brentwood WHATTA SNOOZER! Wide Awake singer KATY PERRY looks ready for a slumber party at an Aussie airport CARRYING A TORCH GERARD BUTLER — who played Greek king Leonidas in 300 — ferries the 2020 Olympic flame to Sparta SOLE MAN Barefoot JOAQUIN PHOENIX can’t be bothered with shoes as the Joker star steps out of a Beverly Hills karate class MODEL BEHAVIOR Crafty catwalker KENDALL JENNER can’t be fenced in — the rule-breaker handily hops a fence in West Hollywood CHROME DOME Old baldy CORBIN BERNSEN, who played L.A. Law’s dapper Arnie Becker, now looks like a scruffy slob!…

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kelly gets under ellen’s thin skin!

ELLEN DEGENERES is locked in a fierce war with upstart chatterbox Kelly Clarkson, who’s vowed to unseat the catty comic as TV’s talk show queen bee, insiders say! While Ellen currently rules the roost of gabby cluckers, she’s feeling Kelly’s heat and it’s triggering mood explosions, spies tell GLOBE. “Kelly’s been pushing her buttons and Ellen’s been cussing behind the scenes,” a source tattles. “She’s worried about ratings and Kelly getting ahead of her. What makes it worse is Kelly’s touting it all over town. “A lot of people think Ellen’s soft and mushy and a real pushover, but she’s not. She can get in a bad mood real fast.” The 37-year-old singer’s NBC talk show has been a ratings winner from the get-go due to her engaging personality. She believes Ellen’s “fallen flat,”…

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lyle waggoner hated wonder woman until the day he died!

WONDER Woman hunk Lyle Waggoner took a shocking secret to his grave — he hated the TV series about the Amazon superhero who made him famous! The muscular, six-foot-three, former high school wrestler and high jumper, who died at 84 after a battle with cancer, resented his character Gen. Steve Trevor, who constantly had to be saved by star Lynda Carter on the original ‘70s series, which was set in the 1940s. “Steve tried his best, but had to be rescued by Wonder Woman,” he once grumbled. Says a source: “Lyle felt he was eye candy” on the series. Ironically, that’s exactly how he started his showbiz career. After selling door-to-door in his native Kansas, he took the advice of customers and decided to give Hollywood a try. He lost out on playing Batman to…

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modern family dog bites dust

FANS of TV’s Modern Family have been clobbered with a double, emotional blow — the hit sitcom has wrapped its final season AND the show’s beloved pooch, Stella, has gone to doggie heaven! Played by French bulldog Beatrice, Stella was the TV pet of star Ed O’Neill’s lead character, Jay Pritchett. Beatrice, who replaced the first pooch to play Stella during the 2012 fourth season, died a few days after the series’ final wrap. Showbiz experts say Stella was the most famous TV dog since Frasier’s Jack Russell terrier, Eddie. Fans already devastated by the sitcom’s end flooded Twitter about Stella/Beatrice’s death, saying they’re “not handling it well.”…

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bowie’s bride ok with three-way!

THE late rock icon David Bowie plunged into a steamy yearlong affair with sultry former Harlem “madame” Laurita Watson and it was OK with then-wife Angela. “I was happy to share,” reveals 70-year-old Angela, who was wed to the Ziggy Stardust singer from 1970 to 1980. “I loved that her relationship with David made him feel good.” After running a brothel in Harlem, Laurita moved to London, where she became close pals with Angela and later dallied with David before opening a restaurant. Laurita, 82, describes their three-way romance as “very spiritual.”…

3 min.
desperate meghan & harry: take us back!

ROYAL runaways Prince Harry and Meghan don’t want to quit after all! After their petulant demand for freedom from royal duties, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confessed they made a “terrible mistake!” GLOBE has learned — and have pleaded with the queen to take them back! “As their last day as working royals loomed March 31, they realized they’re facing a harsh new reality — surviving as ordinary folks who have to work for a living,” a well-placed palace insider reveals exclusively. “They’ve been living in a fantasy world fueled by money-hungry Meghan. She convinced henpecked Harry they could take the world by storm and make megamillions if they ditched the royals.” Now they appear to be regretting their rash move. “Without their HRH titles,” adds the senior snitch, “their celebrity appeal is…